Janitor Kiki

My new roomate moves in on saturday so I’m in full on cleaning mode.  I’m using this as the perfect opportunity to move stuff around too.  Alas I am also figuring out that the reason that some things are in the places that they are is because they can’t really go anywhere else.  🙂

Dbridge – Wonder Where (track is in player)


Today’s Oldie:
Mask & SwabeCame & Conquered Dope Dragon 1998
Yeh yeh yeh.  Dope Dragon made it’s way back to the oldies.  What can I say?  I really loved that LP.

The SquareStudio Mix Vol. 5


01. On The South – m25, The Square & First Function (Jynx Remix) [Silk]
02. Palm Trees – Andy Sim [Think Deep]
03. I Want It – Remembrance & Microbe [Human Soul]
04. Without U – Peyo & Sks
05. Eleven Yards – Paul Sg [Unsigned]
06. Only U – Stunna & Grandmarquee [Unsigned]
07. Slings & Arrows – Paul Sg [Think Deep]
08. Reconstruction – Arje [Beat Addicted]
09. Good Enough – Trifonic (Glen E Stone & The Square RMX) [Unsigned]
10. Hit The Ground – Fred V [Point9 Audio]
11. Green & Blue – Paul Sg, Eros & Atmospherix [Vibez]
12. Imagination – Andy Sim ft. Naomi Hayley [Unsigned]
13. Dust Storm – Lm1 & The Square [Unsigned]
14. Still Standing – Abm (The Square & Dirrrty B RMX) [Universal Music]


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