Neglectful Kiki

Hello.  Yes I’m rubbish.  I didn’t mean to neglect you.  I honestly didn’t realise that the main reason I was able to write in my blog everyday was because I spent all day sitting at the computer.  I’m seriously not home long enough to come up with the time to write posts these days.  I’m going to make an attempt to do them first thing when I wake up now.

My 4th was pretty cool.  Beatchemist and some of our Bassdrive buddies were here through the 4th so I kicked it with them at Juju’s and drank ate and watched the fireworks on Juju’s street… yes I did say street.  True Chicago style people just having firework wars from block to block.  Woot.

I’m still not to stressed out about not having a job.  I’m still optimistic that the situation will sort itself out.  I think that stressing about money is really annoying so I’ve just chosen not to do it.  The thing that is making me a wee bit depressed though is not having anything to do.  I’ve become quite adept at filling up my days with activities but when you wake up at the crack of dawn like I do, it makes for a pretty long day.  I guess it’s just nice to feel useful sometimes. *shrugs*

Anyways back to dnb land.  I’ve actually been listening to a lot of stuff but just haven’t written about it.  Lets get back on track Kiki!

BCeeCultural Shift (track is in Spearhead player)
I’ve actually been digging this one for a minute but as usual I didn’t know the name.

Spirit – Spark (track is in player)
Spirit is wicked.  ‘Nuff said.

Today’s Oldie:
EmbeeSecretsFuze Records 1997
Dirty oldie bizness.  Woot.

NotionScribbler Podcast July 2009

01. NotioN – Hurtful Solace [Cylon]
02. Despot – Winteria [N/A]
03. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Marlowe [N/A]
04. ASC – Reform [N/A]
05. S13 – Earth Ulro [N/A]
06. Kodo – Lakoto [Broken Audio]
07. Triad – Spellbound [N/A]
08. Squash – Mr Peg Leg [N/A]
09. NotioN – Iota [Phunkfiction]
10. Sam KDC – The Iron Gate [Eternia]
11. Insight – Psyche[Broken Audio]
12. Empire – Atmospherix & Sem [N/A]
13. Bal – The Trendy Track [Infulence]
14. Sol.ID & Subz – From Dark 2 Grey [N/A]
15. Mindmapper – The Seeker [Broken Audio]
16. Linden – Pulsar [Central Beats]
17. NotioN – Illicit [N/A]
18. Mindmapper – Resurection Hub [Broken Audio]
19. Nusense – Tuning In [N/A]
20. Dave Owen & Sconeboy – Coming Apart [N/A]
21. Dave Owen – Bit o’ That [N/A]
22. Submorphics & Pipeline – High Card [N/A]
23. Glen E Ston – Can’t Say Goodbye [Influence]
24. NotioN – Woeful [N/A]
25. Specific – The Way It Goes [N/A]
26. Eveson – Late Night Special [Samurai Redseal]
27. NotioN – Searching For An Answer [Nu Directions]

2 thoughts on “Neglectful Kiki

  1. unemployment is the perfect time to start learning reason or logic or whatever,,cmon you no deep down you want to right 🙂 hehe,,anybody whose as deep into the beats as yourself just has to do it imn my opinion 😉

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