Free Time Kiki

No homework to do. No work to catch up on. Who am I? Free time is amazing isn’t it? 😂

Decided to have a quick mix session before I go to my friend April’s birthday dinner. I just played all old High Contrast. That era of dnb was a-one. 🥰


I’m just here lesson planning and listening to tunes.

I love that V Recordings posted this mix from Dave Angel. He said he’d been hearing some great liquid tracks and wanted them to send him some tunes. Here’s the mix he did with them.

Memory Lane

I have no shame.  I totally walk and dance in the street, all the time.  There are many times that I’m listening to a mix and feel like I just “have to” (dramatic much?) bust a move.  The people of Togane already think I’m weird so I figure I might as well just go full throttle. 😛

I was dancing to Origin Unknown’s “31 seconds” also known as “Long Dark Tunnel” but officially known as “Valley of the Shadows” the other day and was thinking fondly of my first record purchases.

My first foray into buying records I bought 3 tracks.  “Valley of the Shadows” (a used copy that I was shocked and appalled that somebody was getting rid of.  I was late to the party and didn’t start buying records til ’97, so I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to own it, so thank you whoever you are that let it go.)  Roni Size’s “It’s Jazzy,” and Conquering Lion’s “Code Red.”  I matched beats (badly) with those 3 records for ages until I could scrounge up enough money to go back to the record store and buy more.

I decided to have a little nostalgia party with these three tunes the other day.  Good memories.




Speechless Kiki

I seem to have found a good time to write my entries.  The only problem is that doing them the second I wake up means that I have no good banter.  LOL.  I’m just groggy as hell and can only focus on what mix is gonna help me get my morning activities done.  🙂

LynxChess Funk

Today’s Oldie:
Dj KrustJazz NoteV Recordings 1994

Dj PreshaSamurai Music Podcast 2


Bliss N Tumble – Lethal But Steady (Optical Remix)
Heavy 1 & Makoto – Water Line – ??
Mad Rabbit feat Mia S – Ground Zero – ??
Panic Girls – Blue Lights (dBridge Remix)
Calibre – ??
Lynx – Chess Funk – Detail
Spirit – Juggernaut – Inneractive
Spirit – 3 In 1 (Need For Mirrors Remix) – Inneractive
Ulterior Motive – Frozen Sky – Reinforced
Tokyo Prose – LPK Sound – Samurai Red Seal
Genotype & Shortcut – Broken Toe – ??
Eastcolours – Acidized – ??
Menace – The Crooked – ??
Future Cut – 20/20 (Future Cut Remix) – TOV
Shortcut – Anaconda – ??
Icicle feat SP:MC – Dreadnaught – Shogun Audio
Jubei & Vicious Circle – Cloak & Dagger – Critical
Marcus Intalex – Wacky Races – Soul:R / 21
Mad Rabbit – Mob Justice – ??
Dub Phizix – Out There – Ingredients
Heavy 1 – Rimless Puzzle – ??
Marcus Intalex – Electric Synthphony – ??
Madrabbit & Shortcut – Radiation – ??
Soul Intent – Fuzz Face – ??
3 Way – Sgt General – Dope Dragon
Anile & Dakosa – Settle The Score – ??
Cern & Teknik – Wasabi – Project 51
Nymfo – Sideways In Time – CIA
Tokyo Prose – Missing Out Missing In – ??

Kiki The Pseudo Full Time Employee

I really only have 2 shifts at Smallbar but I’ve managed to pick up shifts each week that make it seem like I work there 5 days a week.  LOL.  Hey I’m broke.  Gotta do what you can right?  Everyone knows that if you need a shift covered, Kiki is a shoe in. 🙂

L.A.O.S.Fire On Water


Today’s Oldie:
Dj KrustBurningV Recordings 1994

Dj DruidThe D.R.U. Show Episode #35 August 10, 2010


Sinistarr – Anorak (Lynx Remix)
Need For Mirrors – Gallows
Mindmapper & Fre4knc – Rushed [Cdr]
Jubei – Carbon
Rockwell – Full Circle
Icicle – Minimal Funk
Mindmapper & Fre4knc – Ghoti [Cdr]
Enei – Brick
Spectrasoul – Absentis


Seba – Planetary Funk Alert
J Majik – Shiatsu
DJ Die & Roni Size – 11.55
Roni Size – Brown Paper Bag
Natural Born Chillers – Rock The Funky Beat
Tango & Ratty – Inventa
DJ Zinc – Bring Da Danger
Ed Rush – Technology (Boymerang rmx)
Source Direct – Mind Weaver
Nemesis feat. DJ Kane – System
Fortran – The End (part 2)
Teebee – Warfear
Nasty Habits – Liquid Fingers (Goldie rmx)
Calibre – Fire and Water
Ed Rush & Optical – Glass Eye
Tech Itch – Soldiers
Digital & Spirit – Phoenix
Loxy & Ink – Twisted 3rd Mind
Dom & Roland – Chained On Two Sides
Seba – Legion
Future Cut – Whiplash (Lemon D rmx)
Seba & Paradox – Move On
Rob & Goldie – The Shadow (process mix)

Working Girl Kiki… Finally

My weekend was all about work.  I trained at Smallbar.  I think I’m gonna like working there.  It definitely helps that I already know most of the staff there anyways.

I start my 5 week temp assignment today.  This is going to cut into my blogging time dammit. 😉  I’ll still try and post though.

Madmen & PoetsAbove the Rim (Naibu Remix)

Today’s Oldie:
Roni SizePhizicalV Recordings 1994

Dj PreshaSamurai Music Mix for April 2010


Tokyo Street Gang – Spellbound (Consequence Remix) – Dirty
ASC – Fade Away Seasons Feat Consequence – Nonplus
Spinline – Jetpack – Tactile Vinyl
Klute – Fools Love – Commercial Suicide
Calibre – Leave – ??
Eveson – Vice Point – Samurai Red Seal
MJ Cole – Sincere (Logistics Remix) – ??
Luca – Saint Bond – Samurai Red Seal
Lenzman Feat Riya – Open Page – Metalheadz
Calibre – Jungle One – Samurai Red Seal
BTK & S.P.Y – Save Me – C.I.A.
Calibre – Thrust – Samurai Red Seal
Teknik & Cern – Wasabi
Ulterior Motive – 5098 – Subtitles
Borderline – Informed – ??
Zero T & Ulterior Motive – Breach – Subtitles
Need For Mirrors – Shuttle Music – ??
Judda & Krakatoa – Solid Shout – Deepkut
Subterra – Guttermouth – ??
ASC – Lost For Words – Non Plus
Calibre – In A Dream – ??
Need For Mirrors – Sick In The Head – Footprints
Nymfo – Engraving – ??
Nymfo – Greetings Starfighter – Samurai Music
S.P.Y. & Total Science – Venus Prime – Subtitles
Calibre – Dream Of U – ??
Tokyo Prose – 2 Thirds – Samurai Red Seal
Rockwell – Full Circle – Shogun
Synkro – Letting Go (dBridge Remix) – Autonomic

Computer Repair Kiki

So I fixed my laptop.  Yes, I too am shocked.  LOL.  I took it apart.  Read up on some shit.  Asked a friend a couple of questions and voila.  It works.  I can tell you I was nervous as shit taking the thing apart.  I’ve taken stuff apart before and then ended up having to throw whatever it was away cuz I’ve just destroyed it.  Don’t think it was an easy task.  I had to take it apart and put it back together three times before it worked.  I guess third time is the charm.  I am just happy that I don’t have to buy a new one and that I am not having to use that old ass laptop anymore.  Yay.

Mjazzy – Zumbi Dos Palmares (track is in player)
Lovin this one.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj MarkyTudoV Recordings 2001

Vibration RecordsPodcast


01. Blue Motion – “Neverending” – (Vibration Records)
02. Chromatic – “Radiant” – (Unsigned)
03. Breakage – “Posers” – (Digital Soundboy)
04. 2ndCityBlue – “Breeze” – (Unsigned)
05. So:Flow ft. Bean – “Colours of Laughter” – (Vibration Records)
06. Electrosoul System – “Sputnik” – (Camino Blue)
07. Lenzman – “Fade Away” – (Soul:R)
08. A.T.P. & Freshman – “Northern Lights” – (Unsigned)
09. A.T.P. – “Nociception” [Insideman V.I.P. Remix] – (Vibration Records)
10. Insideman – “Genetic By Design” – (Vibration Records)
11. Jaybee – “This Version” – (Unsigned)
12. So:Flow – “Walking Backwards, Looking Forwards” – (Vibration Records)
13. Unquote feat. Grimm – “Paint My Wings” – (Unsigned)