Computer Repair Kiki

So I fixed my laptop.  Yes, I too am shocked.  LOL.  I took it apart.  Read up on some shit.  Asked a friend a couple of questions and voila.  It works.  I can tell you I was nervous as shit taking the thing apart.  I’ve taken stuff apart before and then ended up having to throw whatever it was away cuz I’ve just destroyed it.  Don’t think it was an easy task.  I had to take it apart and put it back together three times before it worked.  I guess third time is the charm.  I am just happy that I don’t have to buy a new one and that I am not having to use that old ass laptop anymore.  Yay.

Mjazzy – Zumbi Dos Palmares (track is in player)
Lovin this one.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj MarkyTudoV Recordings 2001

Vibration RecordsPodcast


01. Blue Motion – “Neverending” – (Vibration Records)
02. Chromatic – “Radiant” – (Unsigned)
03. Breakage – “Posers” – (Digital Soundboy)
04. 2ndCityBlue – “Breeze” – (Unsigned)
05. So:Flow ft. Bean – “Colours of Laughter” – (Vibration Records)
06. Electrosoul System – “Sputnik” – (Camino Blue)
07. Lenzman – “Fade Away” – (Soul:R)
08. A.T.P. & Freshman – “Northern Lights” – (Unsigned)
09. A.T.P. – “Nociception” [Insideman V.I.P. Remix] – (Vibration Records)
10. Insideman – “Genetic By Design” – (Vibration Records)
11. Jaybee – “This Version” – (Unsigned)
12. So:Flow – “Walking Backwards, Looking Forwards” – (Vibration Records)
13. Unquote feat. Grimm – “Paint My Wings” – (Unsigned)


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