DnB you are so versatile. Β I zone out to you when I’m planning a bunch of lessons and, Β I zone out to you when I know I have no intention of planning said lessons. Β This morning it’s the latter.

Thanks Juju for the reminder, I am now in full-blown Atlantic Connection mode.

It’s gorgeous outside this a.m. and I’m only planning on listening to tunes from 2006 – 2007 today. πŸ™‚

Queen Bee Kiki

Is the Queen Bee the busiest?Β  I’m pretending she is, cuz that’s me.Β  Work, school, work, school, work, school… you get the gist.Β  With my schedule like this, this summer might not be as cool as I want it to be.Β  😦  I’m going to try my damndest to at least have some fun though.Β  There are way too many patios calling my name!Β  That’s my favourite part of summer, meeting my friends for some drinks and just kicking it on a patio in the nice weather.

Reisha moved in and that’s awesome.Β  It’s nice to live with someone who you’ve been friends with for 8 years.Β  I will miss Caroline though.Β  She was a good roomie.

We had a taste of summer for a couple of days and now it’s back to grey, 66 degrees and rainy.Β  Can you say boo?Β  Ultra lame.

You know what’s not lame?Β  Dnb!Β  I’ve been compiling lists upon lists of tunes that I’m digging.Β  There’s so many!Β  I’m really lovin what’s out right now.Β  I need to attend a big show so I can hear them on a loud sound system.

Remember, I’m still catching up on listening to the mixes I’ve downloaded, so if a tune is old to you, it’s new to me, since I’m only just now hearing it. πŸ™‚

SkepticalCold One (Jubei Remix)
Is this out??Β  I need it! How come I’m only hearing it now??Β  My obsession with Jubei continues.Β  Loves him.

Will Miles – Sounded Like A Dream
This tune rules.Β  Lovely, summery, liquidy vibe.Β 

Komatic & TechnicolorThose Feelings

Need For Mirrors – Punch Drunk

Sick.  ❀

Ayah MararFollow You (Artificial Intelligence Remix)
This I definitely need to hear on the dancefloor.Β  Makes me wanna brock out every time the bassline kick in.Β  Loves it.

Today’s Oldie:
Atlantic ConnectionRocksteadyWestbay Recordings 2007
I’m in a girly mood today.Β  Nice melody.

Jerona FruitsPodcast Vol. 17


Andyskopes – Must stay strong (Jerona Digital)
Sinistarr – Mainstay (Metalheadz)
Heavy1 – Xiphactinus [Lenzman Rmx] (DMND)
Icicle – Nausea (Shogun)
The Burbs – Zone out (Jerona Fruits Dub)
??? – Breathe [Stunna Rmx] (Dub)
Joe Syntax – Sightlines feat Jono Mcleery (Medschool)
Wilkinson – Everytime (Ram)
The Burbs – Abadon (Jerona Fruits Dub)
The Burbs & Wutussi 87 – Do the dam (Jerona Fruits Dub)
SPY – Turn the lights off (Hospital)
The Burbs – My Shadow (Jerona Fruits Dub)
Noisia & Phace – Program (Vision)
Taxman – Dreamland (Playaz)

Toothache Kiki

Oh man.Β Β  The past couple of days have been quite rough.Β  I have an infected tooth.Β  I need to get it extracted.Β  I’ve been in an excruciating amount of pain since thursday.Β  The infection has caused some hearing loss which I’ve been dealing with since then too. 😦  I am so not a happy camper.Β  Things are a little bit better today cuz I actually went to the dentist and he gave me some antibiotics and we made an appointment to say sayonara to the tooth when the infection is gone.Β  TMI?Β  Probably.Β  LOL.Β  I guarantee you no one cares that much about my teeth. πŸ˜‰

James BlakeLimit To Your Love (Lynx Remix)
I’m definitely late on this James Blake bandwagon.Β  His voice is sexy.Β  This Lynx remix is on point.Β  I like it whenever Lynx does remixes that have this vibe.Β  It gives me that Distance Zero melancholy feel. ❀

Today’s Oldie:
Atlantic ConnectionDon’t Love YouDispatch Recordings 2006

KomaticRubik Podcast 8


Komatic – Seasons Sleep (rubik dub)
Dramatic & dbAudio – Green Box (ingredients dub)
Kjell – Dependence (rubik dub)
Drifta & Dean C – Sway (technicolour remix) (blu saphir)
I Wannabe – Miracle of the 21st Cetury (rubik)
Technicolour & Komatic ft. Jayma – Vermillion (technique dub)
Kjell – Lincoln Place (rubik dub)
Technicolour – Parsons Green (Komatic remix) (dub)
June Miller ft. Mindmapper – Quartz Controlled ( )
Godfather Sage & SGNL – Swan Dive (Calculon Remix) (rubik dub)
Komatic – Make the Most Of Now (Technicolour Remix) (spearhead dub)
Subterra & Bazil – Cold Shoulder (nu directions dub)
Calculon – Odessa (ASC Remix) (rubik dub)
Komatic – Assembled Conciousness (dub)
Komatic – When You Come Home (dub)
Technicolour – The New You (spearhead dub)
Random Movement – Risk (rubik dub)
The Fugees – Fugee – La (sevin remix) (dub)
Komatic – The Open Choice (dub)

Au Revoir 2009

I’m making an executive decision and doing my end of year top tracks today.Β  I’m going to Philly today and then I’m not taking my laptop with me to NY tomorrow so that really leaves me no time to write.

Here is my repeat of end of year disclaimers…

My list is always going to be kinda bogus.Β  LOL.Β  The tunes I blogged about towards the end of the year are still fresh in my mind and therefore get more attention than the ones I blogged about back in the beginning of the year cuz I’m not sick of hearing them yet.Β  The list is in no particular order.Β  I have been told that I have strange taste in some dnb track so my list means absolutely nothing.Β  It’s just a compilation of songs that I personally liked over 2009.Β  We also must take into account that the latter half of the year I wasn’t as diligent about writing tracks down due to the loss of my job so I’m not as up on new tunes as I used to be.Β  This list is just of tracks that I would have been happy to keep on my ipod for the past 365 days.

End of disclaimer. πŸ˜‰

I mulled over my list for ages.Β  I started out with 70 tracks and could only cut it down to 30 this year.Β  LOL.Β  I really tried to narrow it to at least 20 but I really like all the tracks on the list, so 30 it is.Β  Eek.Β  This will be a long post. πŸ™‚

Kiki’s Top 30

01. Utah JazzSurvival of the Fittest

02. Atlantic Connection & Grimm – Better Man (track is in Grimm player)

03. Alix Perez feat. Spectrasoul & Peven EverettForsaken

04. Klute – 174bpm (track is in player)

05. Random MovementWaterlogged

06. Total ScienceSoul Patrol (Lenzman Remix)

07. Beatchemist – This Close (track is in player)

08. Stunna – Generation Gap (sorry no sample :()

09. Dave Owen – Sending My Love (sorry no sample :()

10. Bal – Red River Valley (track is in player)

11. DBridgeWonder Where

12. NaibuTigresse (track is in Fokuz Recordings player)

13. Marcus IntalexAirbourne

14. A.I.Blind Eye

15. Quantrek & Heavy 1Independent (track is in Quantrek player)

16. BCeeGlitter Balls

17. SpectrasoulIn Profile

18. LogisticsJungle Music

19. CalibreLazy Rock

20. Mikal – Just Disappears (track is in player)

21. Jubei – Outcast (track is in player)

22. Metrik – Time to Change (track is in player)

23. CalibreRingtone

24. Kjell – Lincoln Place (track is in player)

25. CalibreTru Beat


27. dRamatic & dbAudio – Neyo Remix (track is in dbAudio player)

28. Mr. SizefGarmoniya Mirov

29. Stanza & GrimmBy My Side

30. CalibreLove’s Too Tight to Mention

Happy New Year!

Hang Out Kiki

Yesterday consisted of a ridiculous extended hang out session.Β  LOL.Β  I loved it.Β  I also love that Jeremy and George are still here for 3 more days.

Short post today.Β  Have a good weekend.

Atlantic Connection & Grimm – Better Man (track is in Grimm player)
This track is lovely.Β  I love the vocal.Β  It has this warm sultry feel to it.

Today’s Oldie:
Nu:ToneVital OrganSOUL:R 2003
This is one of my fave Nu:Tone tracks.Β  I feel like it’s a nice, happy-go-lucky roller.Β  πŸ™‚

Dj HypeKiss 100 09/10/09


Hour 1

Dwele – I Think I Love You (Drum And Bass Bootleg) – Dub
Original Sin – Kiss – Playaz
Alix Perez – Fade Away – Shogun
Netsky – Everyday – Liqweed Ganja
Sean Paul – So Fine (Tc Remix) – Vp
Pinchers – Enemies Bootleg – Dub
Potential Bad Boy – Gangsta Roll Remix – Dub
Roni Size – Windrush (Heist Remix) – V Recordings
20 Years of Hype Classic Selection
Primary Source – Lovin You – Reinforced
Randall – The R – Reinforced
Dj Hype – The Chopper – Suburban Base
Andy C – Roll On – Ram

Hour 2

Original Sin – Therapy – Playaz
Noisia – Deception – Ram Dub
Crystal Clear & Netsky – Come Back – Dub
D Kay And Dj Lee – Tuning (D Kay Remix) – Chronic
Logistics – Eastern Promise – Hospital
Hlz – Venomous Dub – Dub
Utah Jazz N Soulmatic – Disc – Oh! – Dub
Spy – Sub Dub – Soul:R
Break – Bass Shower – Shogun
Zen – Boom Box – Dub
Clear Skyz – Jabba Wokky – Clear Skyz
Hazard – Taktix – Playaz

Toodloo ’08

So I made my top 25 of 2008. I feel like it’s a bit nonsense to do this because a) I cheated and just did it from May onwards cuz that’s when I started my blog and have detailed documentation of all the tracks I liked and b) I obsess over tracks so much there’s no way I like a track that I heard in May as much as I do one I like today cuz of the whole “playing on repeat constantly” factor. So this dodgy mash up top 25 will just have to do. πŸ˜‰

I was going to try and pick a favourite for the number one spot but that is just utterly impossible for me. So here they are in no particular order whatsoever. Some I couldn’t track down mp3s for because they haven’t been released yet or whatever so I apologise for the lack of samples.

Top 25

01. Calibre Alone In A Crowd

02. BlameStay Forever

03. Q ProjectTearsMarky & Bungle Remix

04. Dan Marshall – Words Can’t Explain (no sample)

05. Dan Marshall – Same ‘Ol (no sample)

06. SpecificTell Me

07. Chase & StatusTake Me Away

08. BreakEnigmaCalibre Remix

09. Atlantic Connection & LynxDanger Zone Submorphics Remix (track is in AC player)

10. Survival & Chris InperspectiveThe Right Way

11. Chris Inperspective Biffy’s Not Here

12. NaibuHere & Now (track is in player)

13. Tyler StraubEasy Does It

14. Spherique – Falling Leaves (track is in player)

15. Calibre U Could Dance

16. Lenzman & Redeyes – Thieves In The Night (track is in Redeyes player)

17. MJ Cole – Sincere Bootleg

18. Sinistarr – Detroit Diesel (track is in player)

19. M25 – I Want Impressions (track is in player)

20. Random Movement – Used Illusions (no sample)

21. SpectraSoulDark Hour

22. Stunna & Tyler StraubWeak (no sample)

23. Carl Matthes & Bionic 1Let It Go (track is in Carl Matthes player)

24. B-complex Beautiful Lies

25. S.P.Y.Seeing Through Shadows

I hope everyone has a good New Year’s Eve. I’m just having people over my place and chillaxing. I don’t like dealing with the NYE crowd. I’m noticing that I really am slowly slipping into senior citizen status as a majority of the time I would much prefer to stay at my house and have people visit me than go out. LOL. I guess I’m just getting ready for when I get put in a nursing home.

BlameESP Mix December 2008
(no tracklist)

Manic Monday

“It’s just another Manic Monday o oo o”

I loved that Bangles song. What girl in the 80s didn’t? Susanna Hoffs was the shit. Don’t get me started on Eternal Flame. LOL.

I actually had a really great weekend. A lot of hanging out went on.

Saturday I had to go to Chuck E. Cheese for my Jessica’s kid’s bday. What a nightmare that place is. My child will NEVER have a party there. The other parents kept saying to me, “this is probably making you decide you don’t want kids” but actually I wasn’t thinking that at all. The place itself was horrible not necessarily the children. Bad kids are bad because of bad parents that has nothing to do with not wanting kids. Chuck E. Cheese’s atmosphere is just chaotic on it’s own, that’s why I thought it was insane. I needed a nap after only being there for an hour and a half!

Hung out with Dan and Jay. Dan’s heading home to Romania for the holidays and I haven’t seen Jay in ages so it was nice to spend some time with them.

Hung out with Reisha, mixed a pretty nice old skool set and played with her baby.

Spent all day hanging out with Stunna yesterday after I picked him up from the airport drank and talked about dnb. I talk about Stunna a lot because he’s one of the few people that doesn’t mind rambling incessantly about dnb with me. Submorphics come in at a close second as he has become quite tolerant of my aim convos and doesn’t seem to mind keeping me company at work. LOL.

Told you a lot of hanging out went on.

Beatkonexion feat. Mike Romeo – Soldiers (track is in the Mike Romeo player)

Lynx & Atlantic Connection – Danger Zone (Submorphics Remix) (track is in the AC player) I didn’t really like the original of this. It was ok. The remix is dope though. Very sexy.

Today’s Oldie:
Mental PowerPurple (Barcode Remix) – Formation 1997
I had Formation Records nostalgia and mixed a little Colour Series/Country Series/VIP box set in my old skool set on saturday and was like ooh I gotta put the Purple Remix as my oldie for monday. This one goes out to my buddy Rob from my JVC crew. We were both big fans of this track.

Influenza Media keeps cranking out these mixes! I have no problem with that at all. πŸ˜‰

HobzeeExclusive Mix For Influenza Media


01. Brother – Lower East Side
02. Specific – Out Of Reach
03. Henree – Wild Cherries
04. MISTICAL – Eject
05. NotioN & Hobzee – Hidden Life
06. Eveson – Naughty
07. Commix – Bear Music
08. Hobzee & Zyon Base – A Knife In Water
09. Calibre – Ringtone
10. Mixmaster Doc & Random Movement – Rattled System
11. Henree & Lynx – Hypothesis
12. Sol ID & Subtone – Depth Perception
13. MJ Cole – Sincere Remix
14. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Red Letter (Suvival Remix)
15. Calibre – Hypnotise
16. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Sad Song (forthcoming INMD003 – 10/01/2009)

Work Work Work

How is it that I’ve been so busy?

Had a really good weekend.

Lots more work to do so I better hurry up and get to the post, right?

Loving that Ant TC1 and Survival mix I posted on friday. Awesome tracks.

Also loving the new Redeyes EP.

Redeyes Presents: The Night Is Over EP (Cruise Ship To The Stars and Sugar with Mutt are my faves)

S.P.Y. Seeing Through The Shadows (I really like this one. It totally has this eerie gritty feel to it.)

Atlantic ConnectionPeace of Mind (I’m so late on this tune but I’d actually never heard it before until this weekend and I love it. I’m mad that I slept on it though. I’ll have to try and get a copy)

Komatic – Beijing (It totally has that Autumn (V Recordings) feel to it. Very Pretty. Track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie: Dj DieAutumn (Commix Remix 2004 Liquid V) I remember when I got that Planet V album. 1999 was a good year for dnb I tell ya. This album was sooooooo good. So many awesome tracks. I really liked the feel of Dj Die’s original but I remember I wasn’t really that in to the bassline. I thought it was ok but didn’t think it was up to the calibre of the essence of the track as a whole. I would just play the intro and then mix out once the bassline kicked. 5 years later, enter Commix… I love remixes that still use the same elements of the original and just enhance it by filling in blanks etc. Commix did such an awesome job with this remix. Really great track all round, both original and remix.


My Obsession with Paul Sg continues. πŸ˜‰

Paul SG b2b w/ CainePromo Mix October 2008


01. paul sg & caine_crystal tears_unsigned
02. paul sg & caine_faces dissapeared_unsigned
03. subwave_think_shogun audio
04. calibre_sokitume_signature
05. spectrasoul_tectonic_dsm
06. paul sg & caine_faux pas_unsigned
07. enei_the straight way_unsigned
08. paul sg & caine_operate_unsigned
09. naibu_back engineering_avalanche rds
10. paul sg_redline_unsigned
11. paul sg_tears runnin_unsigned

Music Makes Me High

Remember that song?

I’ve been music heaven. I’ve had a ton of shit to do and I’m just listening to mix after mix and knockin out my work. Awesome.

I’ve listened to some really good mixes. The Vandal Podcast below is awesome and I’m still listening to the Zetek and I really like the Atlantic Connection I posted the other day too.

Heard some new ones I heard.

Atlantic ConnectionWonderful Life

Break & SurvivalWarnings

I gotta get back to work.


Ney FaustiniVandal Podcast 05


01. Prime8 – Sound Of Summer (Cybass Remix) [Aperture dub]
02. Marcus Intalex & St Files – Universe [Metalheadz]
03. Zero T – Reasonable Doubt [C.I.A]
04. Translate – She Is Mine [Promo Audio Liquid dub]
05. Cybass Feat. Miss Drop – Joy [dub]
06. Subwave & ESS – Universal Dimension [Syntax Audio]
07. DJ Glide & Danoo – Summer Breeze [Influenza Media dub]
08. Simplification – Out Of Time [Promo Audio Liquid dub]
09. C.A.B.L.E. – Significant Other [C.I.A. dub]
10. State Of Mind – Floor Fourteen [Syntax Audio]
11. Sabre – Riverside (Zero T Remix) [Lucky Devil]
12. Icicle – Spartan [Shogun Audio]
13. Spirit – Spellbound [Metalheadz]
14. Bungle – The Source [Critical dub]
15. Mathematics & Tactile – Memories [Social Studies]
16. Apex – The Yearning VIP [Horizons]
17. Ney Faustini – 4 All [Syntax Audio dub]
18. Bungle & Index – Left Behind [dub]
>> Ed Rush & Optical – Gro-Bag [Virus]
19. Calibre – Roundhouse [Signature]

Queen of the Dairy

I love ice cream. Most people do. The only person I know who doesn’t get excited to delve into a pint of ice cream for no good reason whatsoever is my friend Reisha. My biggest complaint since I moved to the Chi six years ago was that there wasn’t a Dairy Queen within walking distance from my house. My old place in Minneapolis was a block away from one and it was the highlight of many a day. When Jessica and I heard that they had opened one on Damen we was ecstatic! I will definitely be getting a Dairy Queen ice cream bday cake this year, trust!

We finally made our way there last night. The service was not the best but then Jessica made the good point that when have you ever gone to a Dairy Queen and gotten impeccable service! LOL. I seriously was on cloud 9. I got a French Silk Blizzard and it seriously might have been the best thing I’ve tasted all year. (I’m sure you’ve come to terms with my exaggeration problem so I doubt it was the best thing I’ve tasted all year but we’ll just go with it for today) I was looking for a pic of Dairy Queen to post and one of the web pages I came across was the nutritional content of Dairy Queen items…. 1410 Calories in that French Silk Blizzard. Yikes. I’m not really that weight conscious and what not but dang, it’s seems a little insane to spend 2/3 of your recommended daily calorie intake on a blizzard. It was good but again, dang.

I’m becoming more boring by the minute. It’s a sad day when the most exciting thing I have to tell you about last night is my gluttonous trip to Dairy Queen. πŸ˜‰

Yesterday on Bassdrive chat they were having an old skool conversation about Andy C. I joined in for a mo. Basically anything Andy C/Ram affiliated after 2002 is so not really my thing, but all that stuff before then, man, so awesome. I have been buying more Ram Records lately though since Chase and Status are on there and I like their tunes every now and again. Take Me Away FTW.

Ever since I listened to that Optical tape on the Internet Rave Archive I’ve been totally craving old dnb tracks. I really am going to try and organize my records this weekend, or at least start it.

Here’s a couple of my Andy C/Ram faves.

Ram Trilogy – Human Future

Adam F – Circles (Andy C Remix)

I’ve been naughty. I’ve been listening to the same mixes over and over and haven’t been as tuned into Bassdrive so I actually am not too up on the new ish. I’ll be better I promise. πŸ™‚

In the meantime I’m loving this Saburuko.

SaburukoTitanium/Love Is The Devil

TechnicolourLe Corbusier (I love the other track Half A Chance as well. I had mentioned it before but didn’t have a sample at the time. Just an awesome release all round.)

Toodloo for now

Atlantic Connection2008 Studio Mix

😦 no tracklist