Work Work Work

How is it that I’ve been so busy?

Had a really good weekend.

Lots more work to do so I better hurry up and get to the post, right?

Loving that Ant TC1 and Survival mix I posted on friday. Awesome tracks.

Also loving the new Redeyes EP.

Redeyes Presents: The Night Is Over EP (Cruise Ship To The Stars and Sugar with Mutt are my faves)

S.P.Y. Seeing Through The Shadows (I really like this one. It totally has this eerie gritty feel to it.)

Atlantic ConnectionPeace of Mind (I’m so late on this tune but I’d actually never heard it before until this weekend and I love it. I’m mad that I slept on it though. I’ll have to try and get a copy)

Komatic – Beijing (It totally has that Autumn (V Recordings) feel to it. Very Pretty. Track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie: Dj DieAutumn (Commix Remix 2004 Liquid V) I remember when I got that Planet V album. 1999 was a good year for dnb I tell ya. This album was sooooooo good. So many awesome tracks. I really liked the feel of Dj Die’s original but I remember I wasn’t really that in to the bassline. I thought it was ok but didn’t think it was up to the calibre of the essence of the track as a whole. I would just play the intro and then mix out once the bassline kicked. 5 years later, enter Commix… I love remixes that still use the same elements of the original and just enhance it by filling in blanks etc. Commix did such an awesome job with this remix. Really great track all round, both original and remix.


My Obsession with Paul Sg continues. 😉

Paul SG b2b w/ CainePromo Mix October 2008


01. paul sg & caine_crystal tears_unsigned
02. paul sg & caine_faces dissapeared_unsigned
03. subwave_think_shogun audio
04. calibre_sokitume_signature
05. spectrasoul_tectonic_dsm
06. paul sg & caine_faux pas_unsigned
07. enei_the straight way_unsigned
08. paul sg & caine_operate_unsigned
09. naibu_back engineering_avalanche rds
10. paul sg_redline_unsigned
11. paul sg_tears runnin_unsigned


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