Kiki + Friday = <3

I have totally been a crappy blogger the past couple of days. 😦 This week has been super busy for me so I’m actually happy to see the weekend show it’s beautiful face.

There’s a lot of stuff going on for me today. Not only is it Reisha’s bday but she’s also graduating from college AND it’s Ike’s going away party which is also a combo bash for Stunna’s bday. Yikes, that’s a lot of stuff.

Today’s Oldie: Kraken – Side Effects (Underfire 1999) This track is ridiculous. I remember people going insane over it. I was one of them.  So sick!  Great fun to mix and just grimey.  Love it!


Ant TC1 & SurvivalLive @ Diesel Music Radio 09/22/08


Stress Level, Ant TC1, & Atlantic Connection feat. MC Conrad – The Key
Commix – Bear Music – HOSPITAL
Atlantic Connections – Situations (Zero T Remix) – DISPATCH
Hiten – Blot Out – RED SEAL
Random Movement – Til Doomsday – CIA
Saburuko – Warped (Instra:mental Remix) – HORIZONS
Optical – Millenium – VIRUS
System & Phil Source – Fearless
Chris Su & Ant TC1 – The Vendetta – COMMERCIAL SUICIDE
Nu:Tone & Logistics – Trademark – HOSPITAL
Calibre – Sockitome – SIGNATURE
Zero T – Refusal (Calibre Remix) – INTEGRAL
Sabre – One Man Jettison – DARKESTRAL
Stress Level, Ant TC1 & Julen – Revelations – SAMURAI
Cern – Lifes Curse – RENEGADE HARDWARE
Break & Survival – Sick – DISPATCH
Marcus Intalex – Dat Music – SOUL:R
Ramadan Man – Blimey – HESSLE AUDIO
Mute – Suspense
Break – Jungle Step – SYMMETRY
Survival – The Beginning – CRITICAL
Cern – Sparrow Hawk
Data & Dj E – Skin Walkers – REVOLUTION
Menace – Resistance
Survival & Alix Perez – Untitled – AUDIO TACTICS
??? – Rubber Room
Survival & Silent Witness – Closer – AUDIO TACTICS
Cern & Loxy – Juggernaut
Jubei – Borrowed Time
Stress Level, Ant TC1 & Chris Su – Waves (Survival Remix) – DISPATCH


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