Nap Time

Last night went well. There’s something about that Lava booth that just makes me hear that much better. I had fun and was totally satisfied with my set. 🙂

I should write a whole bunch more but I’m super tired.

We’ll catch up tomorrow.


Today’s Oldie: Bad CompanySon of Nitrous (BC Recordings 2000) Classic noisy banger. I played it last night. Not really much else to say. Total anthem sums it up.

Robot RedfordPromo Mix 2008


01. Decem – True Lies

02. Robot Redford – Walking With Boof

03. Brother – Bird In A Cage

04. Robot Redford vs. M.Sauer – Missing Out

05. Lm1 – Ambient Traveller

06. Robot Redford – Life

07. Mos Def – The Panties (soulTec and joey remix)

08. Robot Redford – Nautica VIP

09. Technicolour – Good News Green

10. Robot Redford – When You Hold Me

11. A Rogue Soul – Peddler

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