I’m Awake! I’m Awake!

I’ve had the worst insomnia lately, and it’s been really hard to get a move on in the mornings.  I trudge around my apartment as slowly as possible, and just groan and groan and groan.

This morning I really wasn’t feeling it and my iPhone knew it.  (You know Apple knows everything).  I hopped in the shower and pressed play on my speaker (one of my fave Xmas gifts ever) and this came blasting out.  I just laughed and lamented out loud “I’m awake!  I’m awake!”

The version that played off iTunes is from some compilation, so the tune just started right after the breakdown.  Oh it was so damn loud.

I have a pretty wonderful memory about this record.  It definitely wasn’t wonderful at the time, but now I think about it, it reminds me of some really fun times during my raving years.

I was a hardcore Bad Company Stan.  Who wasn’t?  I remember taking the bus to go pick up my copy of Planet Dust at the record store.  I couldn’t wait because I of course had been waiting FOR-EVA for it to come out.  I went there, picked it up, left immediately and was so excited to go home and mix it.  I then proceeded to get off the bus and leave my damn record on it.  I called the bus company (yes I did)  and they said I should call at the end of that driver’s shift, 8 hours later, and I could see if the record was still on there.  Um nope.

Being the most dramatic person I could be, was definitely my speciality in 2001.  I went into my apartment, sulked for like 10 minutes, left the house and got on the bus again and returned to the record store to get another copy.  I held on to this one for dear life.  I’d be damned if EVERYONE was going to be playing it that weekend without me.  LOL

I’m still dramatic af now, but dang, I really was killin’ it in ’01. 😛


Nocturnal Kiki

For a person that doesn’t sleep, adopting a nocturnal life prolly isn’t the best idea. *shrugs*  I’m slowly adjusting to going in to work at 5pm and getting off at 2am.  I really like being able to have time to do all the ish I want during the day.  If I could just learn how to sleep in, my life would be pretty cool. 😉

Did you listen to that EIB To You Shifty1 mix?  I loved it.  I ran extra hard to that one when I listened to it at the gym.
Listening to that mix made me feel really old.  I was definitely hogging the speaker and raving up a storm when those tracks came out.  Now I stand or sit around and nod my head.  I still enjoy the music immensely but I guess my bones are too creaky to actually bust a move.  Those tracks make me think fondly of my rave days and I’m glad I got to experience them. ❤

Metrik – Lightspeed (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Bad CompanySentientBC Recordings 2000

Random MovementPodcast 12
Talk about awesome pressie. We all know how much I love RM. This podcast is a beautiful gift wrapped up with a big fat red bow. I’m excited to listen.


01. Random Movement – The Intersection PM
02. Random Movement – Used Illusions
03. Random Movement – She Don’t Get It
04. Random Movement – Kids in the Sea
05. Random Movement – Time 2 Rock
06. Random Movement – Stare at the Sun
07. Random Movement – Bag O’ Wire
08. Random Movement – Yeah, That’s It
09. Random Movement – Struggle to the Grave
10. Random Movement & Switch – When You Reach
11. Random Movement – Sabina
12. Random Movement – Ruthless Machine
13. Random Movement – Reaching Deeper
14. Random Movement – Police State
15. Random Movement – All Wrong
16. Random Movement – Please Don’t Leave Me
17. Random Movement – Change For the Train Home
18. Random Movement – ‘Till Doomsday
19. Random Movement – Last Night’s Dream
20. Random Movement – Can’t Resist
21. Random Movement – Hotter Measures
22. Random Movement – Psychedelic Drainpipe
23. Random Movement – Roulette Addiction
24. Random Movement – Infinite
25. Random Movement & SPY – Forgotten Mother
26. Random Movement & MixMaster Doc – Itchatechnica
27. Random Movement & Dan Marshall – Current SItuation
28. Random Movement – Believe No Other
29. Random Movement – One Touch
30. Random Movement – The Student
31. Random Movement & Focus – Shattered Dreams (VIP)
32. Random Movement & Dave Owen – Child’s Play
33. Random Movement – Finally Feeling It
34. Random Movement – Morning Glory
35. Random Movement – Scarlet Trouble
36. Random Movement – Dancing With Devils
37. Random Movement – Lucky Guess
38. Random Movement & MixMaster Doc & Focus – My Sentiments
39. Random Movement – Her Song
40. Random Movement – The Intersection AM
41. Random Movement – The Loner Code
42. Marky & Makoto – Secret Place (Random Movement Remix)
43. Random Movement & MixMaster Doc – Follow My Own Path, Dig My Own Grave
44. Random Movement – Fessing Up About Nothing
45. Random Movement & MixMaster Doc – Rattled System
46. Marky & SPY & Random Movement ft Miri – Give Me Your Love
47. Random Movement – Porno Truck
48. Random Movement – What a Woman
49. Macc – Methods of the Small Thought (Random Movement remix)
50. Random Movement – Revealed
51. Random Movement – Face 2 Face
52. Redeyes, Random Movement & Mutt ft MC Mike Romeo – Groove Thing
53. Random Movement – Back In My Life
54. Peyo – That’s What You Do To Me (Random Movement Remix)
55. Random Movement – Hopeless Romantic
56. Random Movement & MixMaster Doc – To Create a Mood
57. Random Movement – When You Come Alive
58. Random Movement – Cutting Thru Hackney
59. Random Movement & Focus – Methods of Thought
60. Random Movement – Memory Lane
61. Random Movement – They Locked Me Down
62. Random Movement – Living in the Past
63. Random Movement – Lesson & Aftermath
64. Random Movement – Bandaids
65. Random Movement – De-Nomination
66. Random Movement – What To Do With Myself
67. Random Movement – Love Nights
68. Random Movement – Reasoning With The Weeds
69. Redeyes & Random Movement – How Many Ways
70. Random Movement – A Good Start is Saying No
71. Random Movement – Lifegiver
72. Random Movement – Swing That Thing
73. Random Movement & MixMaster Doc – Ruffled Feathers
74. Marky & Random Movement – Cat Girl
75. Random Movement & MixMaster Doc & Focus & Noah D. – Sacrifice
76. Random Movement – A Quick Thought
77. Dan Marshall – Smoke & Mirrors (Random Movement remix)
78. Random Movement – Misery
79. Marky & Random Movement -Gabriels Theme
80. Random Movement -See You On The Other Side (For Steven)
81. BCee & Lomax ft Deeizm – One Year On (Random Movement VIP)
82. Random Movement – Stars in the Dark
83. Random Movement – Randomhaus (John Julius Night – Find a Friend bootleg remix)
84. Random Movement – Opportunity
85. Random Movement & Switch – Images
86. Random Movement & MixMaster Doc – Big Changes
87. Random Movement – Red
88. Random Movement – Risk
89. Random Movement – Saturated Fats
90. Random Movement & MixMaster Doc – The Self-Aware Convection Oven

Interview Kiki

Just got back from an interview.  I think it went pretty well.  Fingers crossed. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreBrotherDefunked 2003

Bad CompanyEIB To You Shifty 1 (1999)
This makes me so excited that someone dug this from the bottom of the dregs.  The tracklist is like all of my faves rolled into one.  I’m downloading it as I type.  🙂


Side 1

00:00 Bad Company – Colonies
07:20 Bad Company – Dead Side
14:30 Everything But The Girl – Blame (J Majik VIP)
17:50 Bad Company – The Pulse
22:30 Ed Rush & Optical – Bacteria
25:10 Bad Company & Trace – Sneakers
28:30 Pressure Rise – Stranger (Bad Company Remix)
31:30 Stakka & K-Tee – Synthesis

Side 2

32:00 Bad Company vs Matrix – Jellyfish
Drum Kru – Rigmasher
Bad Company – Skin Tag
Fortran – Sardines (Bad Company Remix) (?)
Die – Drop Bear
Absolute Zero & Subphonics – The Code (Future Cut Remix)
Bad Company – 4 Days
Konflict – The Mummy
Bad Company – Brainscan
Bad Company – The Nine
Total Science – Vendetta
Bad Company – Sentient

The Longest Day

If you know me pretty well, you know I  have a penchant for watching bad tv.  I don’t know why.  I know it’s bad.  I’ll just watch it and have no qualms about it.  LOL.  I was an avid Dawson’s Creek watcher.  There, I’ve admitted it.  I had a crush on Pacey.  My favourite episode was entitled “The Longest Day” and it was the episode where everyone found out that Pacey and Joey had been secretly seeing each other.  The title of this post made me think of the Dawson crew.

I had a really long day yesterday.  I usually think my days are long when I have to fill them up with stuff to do but actually doing stuff for long periods of time is definitely worse.  I didn’t even go to the gym til 10pm.  I’m rusty on the work tip obviously!

Command StrangeVanilla Dream / Joint
I like both the tracks on this release.  Really nice summery vibe. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Bad Company4 DaysBad Company Recordings 1999
I’m really surprised that I hadn’t done this one already, but like I’ve said before, I try and stay away from the obvious ones and then I forget about them completely.  This track is when I fell in love with Bad Company.  I know everyone else would die for The Nine, but I honestly really am not that crazy about the track.  I think it’s okay, but 4 days?   I’ll dance in front of a speaker for that one for sure. 😉

Transient Energy – Dom & Roland @ Plan B 04/20/10


01. Consequence – Pseudo Echo [Exit]
02. Sabre – Peril [Critical]
>>> Spectrasoul – Mimic [Subtitles]
03. Noisia – Last Look [Metalheadz]
04. Dom & Roland – Glow Bug [DRP]
05. Instra: mental – Rogue [Darkestral]
06. Saburuko – Latency [Horizons]
07. Dom & Roland – Dekards Theme [DRP]
08. Dom & Roland – Jungle Beast [DRP]
09. Digital & Outrage – Red Letter [Funktion]
10. Dom & Roland – Chained On Two Sides [Moving Shadow]
11. Survival – Seventh Sign [Exit]
12. Survival – U457 (Born Adrift) [Exit]
>>> Instra: mental – No Future [Non +]
13. Dom feat Amon Tobin – Sylo [DRP]
14. Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch – Hide The Tears [Metalheadz]
15. Dom & Roland – Thunder [Moving Shadow]
>>> Dom vs Calyx – See The Light [Moving Shadow]
16. Fierce & Fresh – Innocence (Hive Remix) [Quarantine]
>>> Calyx & Teebee – The Quest (Break Remix) [Subtitles]
17. Noisia – Cold Veins [Moving Shadow]
18. Sabre – A Wandering Journal (Rockwell Club Mix) [Critical]
19. Dom & Roland – Breakout [Moving Shadow]
20. Instra: mental – Thugtronika [Exit]
21. Optical – The End Part 1 [31 Records]
22. Hive – Gemini [Violence]
23. Dom feat Rob Playford – Alternate Worlds [DRP]
24. Goldie & Commix – Envious [Metalheadz]
25. Raiden – 44 Calibre Killer [Barcode]
26. Dom & Roland – Moulin Rouge (Dieselboy, Kaos & Karl K Remix) [Moving Shadow]
27. Dom & Roland – Padrenasite (Recombined by Hive) [Moving Shadow]
28. Dom & Roland – Mind Feeders [DRP]
29. Dom feat Noisia – Taijitsu [DRP]
30. Dom feat Kemal – Ethnicity [Moving Shadow]
>>> DBridge – A Long Distance [Exit]
31. Dom & Roland – Remote View [Moving Shadow]
>>> Dom & Roland – Homicide [Moving Shadow]
32. Sabre – The Intrepid [Critical]
33. Dom & Roland – Half Life [DRP]
34. Dom & Roland – Mr Tuttles Nightmare [DRP]
35. Aquasky – Spectre [Moving Shadow]
36. Dom & Roland – Elektra [Moving Shadow]
37. Optical – High Tek Dreams [Prototype]
38. Bad Company – Spraycan [DSCI4]
39. Aquasky – Radium [Moving Shadow]
40. Dom & Roland – Imagination [Moving Shadow]

End Of Fuss Kiki

So Christmas is done.  No more people fussing about, which is nice.  I had a good one.  I really enjoyed the time with the fam.  I’m still in NJ.  My sisters are gone already.  Now it’s just me and mum left hovering over my nephew.  He’s still too adorable.  I took some pics but realised that I didn’t bring my cord to upload them so they’ll have to wait til I get back to Chi.

I’m going to Philly tomorrow and then New York on wednesday.  It’s nice that both places are just an hour train ride away.   I’m on a quest for more hanging out time but this time it’s with my friends.  Woot.  Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Command Strange – Get In To The Groove (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Bad Company feat. SageBreatheBC Recordings 2000

Chris Inperspective PF Radio Xmas Mix


01. All Alone (Vocal Mix)
02. Serial Thyme (Dub Mix) – Amen Brothers
03. Clothes
04. Chicken & Rice
05. Nowhere Fast (After Hours Mix) – Immerse Dub
06. Nothing To Say – Tulleric Recordings
07. Together
08. Justice – Aquisse (Chris INP Remix) – Modern Urban Jazz Dub
09. Rather Be
10. Thrush and Grump
11. It’s Been Fine
12. Heather’s Hot Waffles (Toasted Mix) – Exit Dub
13. Saw For Be

Gorgeous Kiki

It’s gorgeous outside again.  This is what I’ve been waiting for.  It’s hard to be annoyed when the weather is amazing.  Waking up to sunny, warm weather really sets a good tone for the day and therefore I’m in an awesome mood.

Kharm – Charade (track is in player)
I know I did a Kharm track yesterday but I was listening to the rest of the tracks in his player and was really digging this one too.

Hiten – Blot Out (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Bad CompanyPlanet DustPrototype 2001
I haven’t done a BC one in a minute.  I love that all these old BC tunes are just dancefloor bangers.  It’s like BC = instant rowdiness.  Dope.

Dj SykesDeepkut May 2009


01. Redeyes & Eveson – State of Mind – Channel82 001
02. Random Movement – Lesson & Aftermath – C.I.A Deepkut 013
03. Redeyes & Eveson – Hotwax – Channel82 001
04. Madmen & Poets vs. Paul SG – Close to Sin – forthcoming Focus LP
05. Eveson – Spirit Song – Unsigned
06. Eveson – Elysian Fields – Creative Source 055
07. Random Movement – Till Doomsday – C.I.A Deepkut 013
08. Alix Perez – Melanie – Shogun Audio 024
09. Paul SG – Traveller – Dub
10. Calibre – U could dance – Signature Records 014
11. Random Movement – ain’t going nowhere – Future Retro Recordings 008
12. Redeyes & Random Movement – how many Ways – Future Retro Recordings 007
13. Paul Sg feat. Pouya – Road to Freedom – Dub

Where Oh Where Has My Record Gone?

I have a lot of dnb records.  I’ve been buying them since 1994.  Needless to say sometimes if I can’t find a record it just stays missing for a long period of time.  LOL.  It’s even worse now because I don’t have my whole collection at my apartment, some is at my mum’s etc.  Everything from about 1999 onwards is pretty much at my place though.

I remember a couple of years ago I lost my MartynNxt 2 U.  I went through all my records and it was just missing.  When I used to play out a lot, I could at least entertain the notion that I might have lost it at a gig but I don’t really play out anymore so if I lose a record it HAS to be in my place!!  I remember Stunna helped me look and we just didn’t see it.  All the other Martyn records were there but no Nxt 2 U.  I found it a year later.  Just sitting on the shelf, peacefully, untouched and dust bunnied.

Why am I telling you this story?  Today’s oldie is a Bad Company record that I’ve been thinking about buying again because I was convinced it was lost.  It was one of my favourites on this one Virus double pack.  I seriously have been looking for that record since I moved to Chicago back in ’02.  I was convinced that I had lost it in the move from Minneapolis.  When I was at Gramaphone on Saturday I saw a used copy and almost bought it but decided I’d have one more look through my shit.  I went to go mix at Reisha’s yesterday and went through all my Virus stuff and the record was just there, just hanging out.  Where do they hide??? 🙂

Scenic & Advisory – Science Friction (track is in player)

Soulmatic – Self Belief (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Bad CompanySkin TagVirus Recordings 1999
Picking Bad Company on the regular for my oldies has rehashed my love for them.

AtomSonorous Mix Jan 2009

01. Atom – Robot Fight [INFLUENCE]
02. HLZ – Rarefied [SONOROUS]
03. Gunston – Sorrens Code [N/A]
04. Data – Reconnaissance [METALHEADZ]
05. Atom – Hidden Camera [SONOROUS]
06. S13 – Seppuku [N/A]
07. Atom – Breath In [N/A]
08. Naibu – Here Now [INFLUENCE]
09. Atom – Night Flight [SONOROUS]
10. Furney – Forwardbound [CAMINO BLUE]
11. Mixmaster Doc – Release [N/A]
12. Soul Intent – Studio Pressure [N/A]
13. Icicle – Hang On [SHOGUN AUDIO]
14. Lomax – Too Real [SOUL:R]
15. Bungle – Unknown [SONOROUS]
16. Bal – Red River Valley [N/A]
17. Sinistarr – Pole Position [SONOROUS]
18. Electrosoul System & Sunchase – Alluvion [CAMINO BLUE]

Cheap Like The Budgie

Uggg.  I got on the train this morning and completely forgot about the 50 cent fare hike.  Boo.  Is it possible for me to become more of a miser than I already am?  The city is getting expensive on the sneak tip.  10.25% tax is fucking ridiculous and $2.25 to get on the train?  Yikes.  Thank god my rent and my utilities are still on the low end.  Nothing like a monday morning gripe right?  😉

Recriminate – Linear (track is in player)

Xample feat. LomaxContra

Today’s Oldie:
Bad CompanyBrain ScanBad Company Recordings 2000
I can use so many tracks from the Inside The Machine LP as my oldies.  I really did love it.  I was just telling Stunna this morning that I’ve been craving old rowdy tunes.  I’ve been listening to this one on repeat for the past couple of days.  It’s great to run on the treadmill to.

Data@ Subtext on Bassdrive 1/4/09


01.   Commix – Underwater Scene [SOUL:R]
02.   Data – Delicate [INFLUENCE]
03.   SpectraSoul – Taken [CRITICAL]
04.   Atom – Excursion [N/A]
05.   Data – Reconnaissance [METALHEADZ]
06.   Data – Abstractions [METALHEADZ]
07.   SpectraSoul – Captive [CRITICAL]
08.   Lenzman – Detroit [N/A]
09.   Atom – 2012 [N/A]
10.   Data – Muted [METALHEADZ]
11.   Lomax – Too Real [SOUL:R]

Yawn… Like Literally

I’m really tired. Here we are with another unexciting morning and I’ve got nothing spectacular to talk about. Wait, it’s friday, I guess that’s spectacular. 😉 This will be a quick post. I’ve got ish to do for the boss.

Radicall feat. K-Tee – Emotive (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie:
Bad CompanyColoniesBad Company Recordings 2000
This was one of my faves on the Inside The Machine LP. I really thought it was such a great album.

Came across this mix on DOA. I listened to it already and totally enjoyed it. I also checked out his blog and it was a good read.

Olly DentonWinter 2008 Mix


01: Apathy: Survival vs D-Bridge: Exit Digital
02: Warped (Survival Remix): Saburuko: Horizons Music (Tease)
03: Cast A Cold Eye: D-Bridge: Exit Records
04: Sakura: Instra:mental: Darkestral Records
05: Herb Minus: Chris Inperspective: Nu Directions
06: Godsong: Cern: Deep Soul Music
07: Dreamworld (D-Bridge Remix): Physics: Blindside
08: All Around: Break: Symmetry
09: Moods: ST Files: Soul:r
10: Mourning Dawn: D-Bridge: Exit Records
11: Rogue: Instra:mental: Darkestral
12: Blowpipe: Data: Lucky Devil
13: Intervention: Instra:mental: Exit Records
14: Strange Owl Experiment: Noisia: Metalheadz
15: Haven: D-Bridge: Exit Records
16: Sleeper: Survival: Audio Tactics
17: Heather’s Hot Waffles: Chris Inperspective: Exit Records
18: Creatures of Habit: D-Bridge: Exit Records
19: U Could Dance: Calibre: Signature
20: Plastic Soul (D-Bridge Metal Soul Remix): Shy FX: Digital Soundboy
21: Freedom Club: D-Bridge: Exit Records
22: Enigma (Calibre Remix): Break: Quarantine Records
23: Drifting Away: Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch, Dekota Feat. Skitty: Osiris Music