End Of Fuss Kiki

So Christmas is done.  No more people fussing about, which is nice.  I had a good one.  I really enjoyed the time with the fam.  I’m still in NJ.  My sisters are gone already.  Now it’s just me and mum left hovering over my nephew.  He’s still too adorable.  I took some pics but realised that I didn’t bring my cord to upload them so they’ll have to wait til I get back to Chi.

I’m going to Philly tomorrow and then New York on wednesday.  It’s nice that both places are just an hour train ride away.   I’m on a quest for more hanging out time but this time it’s with my friends.  Woot.  Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Command Strange – Get In To The Groove (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Bad Company feat. SageBreatheBC Recordings 2000

Chris Inperspective PF Radio Xmas Mix


01. All Alone (Vocal Mix)
02. Serial Thyme (Dub Mix) – Amen Brothers
03. Clothes
04. Chicken & Rice
05. Nowhere Fast (After Hours Mix) – Immerse Dub
06. Nothing To Say – Tulleric Recordings
07. Together
08. Justice – Aquisse (Chris INP Remix) – Modern Urban Jazz Dub
09. Rather Be
10. Thrush and Grump
11. It’s Been Fine
12. Heather’s Hot Waffles (Toasted Mix) – Exit Dub
13. Saw For Be


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