IRA Kiki

Today I did grown ups stuffs.  I know I’m 34 but it’s so rare that my adult life actually consists of things that I didn’t do when I was 26 or whatever.  I had to go to the bank to handle rolling over a 401K that I had from Adidas.  Blah blah blah.  I was amazed about how little I knew and how little desire I had to know.  LOL.  Oh well it’s done.  Moving on.


Today’s Oldie:
Dom & KeatonTwisted CityMoving Shadow 2002
I caned this one to death when it came out.  Love it. 🙂

Random MovementPodcast 15


Mutt & Calculon – Easy on the Motion feat. Kevin King
Lenzman – Lose You VIP feat. Cliff
Submorphics – Belgrade Nights
Subz & Matik – Could We Be Wrong (remix)
SoulTec & MSdos – Herbie’s Groove
Lenzman – Bittersweet Part 2 feat. Riya
Submorphics – Revelation
Big Bud – Feeling Inside
Amaning & Stunna – Landslide (Blame remix)
Sinistarr – Chop Down
Telmo – Between Two Worlds (Phil Tangent remix)
Calculon & Flaco – All The Time
Undersound & Andy Sim – So Hush
Lenzman – Take It Back
Komatic – Make The Most of It (Technicolour remix)
BCee – Switchfoot
Andy Sim & Undersound – Sequence of Events
Brother & Squash – Warp Dub
Command Strange & Intelligent Manners – Talkin’ About Love
The XX – Infinity (Bachelors of Science remix)


Picky Kiki

I’ve been listening to a lot of really great mixes lately.  It makes me crave going to an awesome dnb night.  I’m  too old to go to raves.  I feel really uncomfortable hanging out with 17 year olds…  and I should!  LOL.  They are 17!

I really just miss our dnb nights in bars.  All I really want to do is sit in a bar with my friends and listen to some good dnb.

Before people start bombarding me with responses about where there’s all these good nights in the city blah blah, I work.  I’m not trying to go see you mix at 3am and I don’t want to always have to go to Smart Bar.  I’m talking about the cute nights we use to have all over the city in nice intimate bars.  I’m about to be 34 on sunday so I think I’m allowed to be as picky as I want about where I want to go listen to my music. 🙂

SebaNever Let You Go
I know this has been making the rounds for a minute but I still love it.

Today’s Oldie:
Shy FXCall WaitEbony Recordings 1996

NotionDnB Forum Podcast


01. Andyskopes & Mike Rea – ‘Once more with feeling’ – (Influence Records – ‘The Conduit L.P’ Dub)
02. D.Ridgway & Suree – ‘White lies’ – (N/A)
03. Blue Motion – ‘Miles away’ – (N/A)
04. NotioN – ‘Because’ – (Phunkfiction Recordings Dub)
05. Kodo – ‘Fading moon’ – (N/A)
06. Sam KDC – ‘Peace by piece’ – (N/A)
07. NotioN – ‘I walk a loney path’ – (Influenza Minus Dub)
08. Submorphics – ‘Bullets over Broadway’ (Kjell’s Broadway Junction Rmx) – (N/A)
09. NotioN & Second Self – ‘Step with it’ – (Influence Records – ‘The Conduit L.P’ Dub)
10. Atmospherix – ‘Brain damage’ – (N/A)
11. Lynx & Aaron Jay – ‘Walkie talkie’ – (Influence Records – ‘The Conduit LP’ Dub)
12. NotioN – ‘iota’ – (Phunkfiction Recordings Dub)
13. Mortem – ‘Warehouse’ – (Eternia Music Dub)
14. Original Ninja – ‘Syren’ – (N/A)
15. ATP – ‘Shibuya nights’ [Jungle VIP Mix] – (Bassdrive Tunes)

Job Hunt Kiki

So I’m back.  Minneapolis was great.  Now it’s time to get down to business.  I’m on the job hunt for a new bar/restaurant job.  Wish me luck. 🙂

Insideman – Thoughts Can Kill

Today’s Oldie:
Wax DoctorLogical ProgressionFace Records 1994

NotionBreakbeat Exploration Guest Mix #8


01. Submorphics – Revelation [N/A]
02. Dave Owen – Bit o’ that [N/A]
03. Vibes – Mystline ‘Tribute To Nujabes’ [N/A]
04. Brother – Work it out [N/A]
05. Submorphics – Strauss roller [N/A]
06. Vibes – Stu’s shoes [N/A]
07. Bass’Flo – Dreamwalker [OFFWORLD] Mount Everest EP
08. Bulb + N4m3 – From the moon [DUBKRAFT]
09. Blue Motion – Computer love [INFLUENZA] Blue Motion LP
10. NotioN – Because [PHUNKFICTION]
11. Atmospherix – Brightness [N/A]
12. NotioN & Second Self – Step with it [INFLUENCE]
13. Heavy1 – Lovin the dark [RUBIK]
14. Atmospherix – Dead soldier [N/A]
15. Linden – Stealth [N/A]
16. Dub Phizix – Dreamcatcher [N/A]
17. NotioN – Iota [PHUNKFICTION]

Blah Kiki

I seem to be bored a lot lately.  It’s understandable as I really don’t have anything to do ever but usually I seem to find stuff to occupy my time.  I guess now I’m just waiting for my trip to New Jersey for my nephew’s christening in two weeks.  Lately I can’t seem to wait to get out of Chicago.  I’m sure that feeling will go away once summer starts and there’s a bajillion things to do.  Fingers crossed.

Smote – Genteel Poverty (track is in player)
I guess this track is a little older but it’s new to me so I figured I’d post it anyways 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
Ram TrilogyNo RealityRam Records 1998
Love this record.  ❤

NotionLost Between Time Podcast #5


01. Anile – ‘Never together’ – (Deep Soul Music Dub)
02. Es.tereo – ‘Infinite’ – (Hidden Hawaii Digital Dub)
03. Triad – ‘Tripod’ – [5 year compilation CD] – (Horizons Music Dub)
04. CJ Weaver – ‘Saint’ – (N/A)
05. DLR & Ruckspin – ‘Safesecure’ – (Broken Audio Recordings E.P Dub)
06. Data – ‘The Brink’ – (Influence Records L.P Dub)
07. Pessimist – ‘Zulu’ – (Subsist Records Dub)
08. NotioN – ‘The Happening’ – (Vampire Records L.P Dub)
09. CityKings & BMK – ‘Petrify’ – (N/A)
10. Phace & Misanthrop – ‘Simplicity’ – [From deep space L.P] – (Neosignal)
11. War – ‘Shapeshifter’ – (Broken Audio Recordings E.P Dub)
12. LM1 & Linden – ‘Remember’ – (N/A)
13. NotioN – ‘Maraud’ – (N/A)
14. Bkey & DJ E – ‘Archive’ – (Vampire Records L.P Dub)
15. June Miller – ‘Strike anywhere’ – (N/A)
16. Pessimist – ‘Hydraulics’ – (N/A)
17. Submorphics feat. Self Says – ‘Step in the spot’ – (Westbay Recordings Dub)
18. Aaron Bond – ‘Changing fate’ – (N/A)
19. Blue Motion & Grimm – ‘Burning for you’ – (Blu Saphir Recordings Dub)
20. Edward Oberon – ‘Reckoning’ – (Influence Records L.P Dub)
21. dRamatic – ‘Flames’ – [The red and the black L.P] – (Red Mist Recordings)

Sore Kiki

Uff da as they say in Minnesota.  I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in yonks and I’m am so so so so sore.  Eek.  My arms just ache from all the weights I did yesterday.  It even hurts to move them as I type this.  Boo.  This will be as short as post as possible so I can go back to lying in my bed complaining and watching telly.

Notion Lost Between Time Podcast 4


01. CJ Weaver – ‘Stargazer’ – (N/A)
02. Blue Motion – ‘Neverending’ – (N/A)
03. Zyon Base – ‘Shifting sands'(Submorphics & Willesden Green Rmx) – (Think Deep Recordings Dub)
04. NotioN – ‘Because’ – (Phunkfiction Recordings Dub)
05. Triad feat. MC Fava – ‘Aftermath’ – (Deep Soul Music Dub)
06. Es.Tereo – ‘Have a dream'(Hobzee Rmx) – (N/A)
07. Sam KDC – ‘The iron gate’ – (Eternia Music Dub)
08. Pessimist – ‘Far away’ – (Diffrent Dub)
09. K-Dan & Sinistarr – ‘Apollo’ – (N/A)
10. June Miller & Anile – ‘Untitled’ – (N/A)
11. NotioN – ‘Backout’ – (Vampire Records Dub)
12. Linden – ‘Stealth’ – (N/A)
13. Insight – ‘Bomb factory’ – (N/A)
14. Sinistarr – ‘Anorak’ (Lynx Rmx) – (Nu-Directions Dub)
15. Sinistarr – ‘Fallbrook’ – (Prestige Music Dub)
16. Caine & Atmospherix – ‘Hustlin’ dayz’ – (N/A)
17. DBR UK – ‘Dont Want’ – (N/A)
18. NotioN & Second Self – ‘Step with it’ – (Influence Records Dub)
19. Dakosa – ‘Humanity’ (Touched By Records)
20. Sinistarr & Mixmaster Doc – ‘Durty’
21. Atmospherix – ‘Hallucinate’ – (N/A)
22. Linden – ‘Tradition’ – (N/A)
23. ARPXP – ‘Surrounded’ – (IM:Ltd Dub) – (Dubstep)

And She’s Back!

Hi!  My globetrotting has come to an end.  I’m a bit sad about it.  I have definitely figured out again, what I already knew,  that I love travelling abroad.  I’m an international chick and just tend to thrive better when I’m overseas.  I must figure out a way to get some funds so  I can do it more often.  I can’t honestly say that I was happy to return to annoying cold weather and no job, but alas it is what it is.

I am soooo behind in my dnb world.  Shame on me.  Since I forgot the powercord to my laptop I couldn’t even update the mixes on my ipod so I don’t even know what’s out there.  I am excited to get back on track though.

Do you guys ever listen to Ros & Reza’s Soul Addiction Bassdrive show?  I’m a new listener and I love it.  Really great chill vibes.  You should check it out.  It’s on every thursday from 9 – 11 am CST.

Notion – Because & I0ta (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreWaitingSignature Records 2004
Signature Records is an awesome label.  Period.  I’m sure I’ll get through all the releases in the oldie section at some point.  I remember how excited I was when the label first started.  Love Calibre… but you all know that already. 😉

MethodusKmag Promo Mix


Komatic – Seasons Sleep [Unreleased Dub]
Big Bud – Want You so Bad [SOUNdTRAX]
Calculon & ATP – The Coriolis Effect [Funkstar Dub]
Random Movement & Komatic – Accidental Causes [Unreleased Dub]
Calculon & Andy Sim – Evening Shadows [Funkstar Dub]
Glen E Ston & The Square – Close to You (Paul SG remix) [Influenza Media]
Madmen & Poets ft Ill Esha – Save Me [Fokuz]
Mage & ATP – Go Down [Forthcoming BassdriveTunes]
Carl Matthes – Never Away [Unreleased Dub]
Kasio – Bad Dayze [Forthcoming BassdriveTunes]
Paul SG – Organic Mode [Forthcoming BassdriveTunes]
Stunna – Sky High [Unreleased Dub]
Laura Claire – Probably Are (BMK & City Kings remix) [Powder Room]
So Flow – Thorn [Vibration Recordings]
Fusion – Sexual Flu (The Square and Dirrrty B remix) [Unreleased Dub]
Random Movement – Memory Loss [Unreleased Dub]
Flaco – Thinking of You [Unreleased Dub]
Jaybee & KDan – Love Affair [Forthcoming Vibration Recordings]
Reza & Clart – The Chances [Forthcoming Influenza Media]
Komatic – Now She’s Free [Unreleased Dub]
ATP – Shibuya Nights [Forthcoming BassdriveTunes]
Stunna – Back in Time [Outsider Recordings]

Witching Hour Kiki

It’s too early.  I’m freezing.  I’m bailing on the gym so now I’m just awake in the darkness with nothing to do.  I really have to come up with something to pass the time in these wee hours.

Baby D – I Need Your Lovin Rmx 2009
I’ve totally been waiting for a sample of this.  ❤ it.  The tunes are mislabeled so click on the 2Pac tune to hear the track.

Today’s Oldie:
Jonny LThe BellsPiranha 1999

Love these dudes.  Looking forward to listening to this one. 🙂
NotionLost Between Time Podcast 2


S13 – ‘Mono’ – (N/A)
Despot – ‘Concert’ – (N/A)
Triad – ‘Utopia’ – (N/A)
Joe Syntax – ‘In Lifeforce’ – (N/A)
Loxy & Genotype – ‘Cold Snap’ – (Cylon Recordings Dub)
June Miller – ‘Shai Hulud’ – (Cylon Recordings Dub)
Nusense & Grimm – ‘Anxiety’ – (N/A)
Felon & Displaced – ‘Onwards & Upwards’ – (N/A)
Sam KDC – ‘Betrayed’ – (Deep Soul Music – Dub)
Pessimist – ‘Whispers of Scandal’ – (S.P.Y Remix)
Linden – ‘Aurea’ – (N/A)
NotioN – ‘The Happening’ – (Dub – TBC)
Dan Marshall & Jamo – ‘Tainted’ – N/A)
Andy Sim – ‘Palm Trees’ – (Brother Remix) – (N/A)
NotioN & Dave Owen – ‘Cherished Words’ – (Digital Blus Dub)
Submorphics – ‘Say goodbye’ – (N/A)

Meteorologist Kiki

What a rubbish day it is outside.  Just once it would be nice to live in a place where the weather was consistent.  It’s hard to motivate yourself to leave your house when it’s murky, grey and spitting rain.

Notion & SubmorphicsPut It Down (track is in Notion player)
I’ve been loving this one for ages.  I’m glad there’s finally a sample to share.

Today’s Oldie:
Technical ItchThe RukusPenetration 2002

Gerard & Mutated FormsKiss 101 Drive By 07/06/09


S.P.Y. ‘Inner Soul’ (Innerground)
Atlantic Connection and Lynx ‘Danger Zone’ Submorphics.Remix (Westbay)
Marky & Random Movement ‘Gabriel’s Theme’ (Innerground)
Shapeshifter ‘Long White Cloud NU:Tone Remix (Brand:Nu)
Bassface Sascha ‘Devil’s Pie’ (White)
Jakes featuring TC ‘Swerve’ Marky & S.P.Y Remix (D Style)
Wiley Vs Utah Jazz ‘Rolex (The D&B Refix)’ (White)

[Mutated Forms In The Mix]

Command Strange – Vanila Dream
Calibre – In Denial
Mutated Forms – Storm In A Teacup
Die and Break – Get Some
Nero – Act Like U Know
Johny L – Piper
Serum & D-Sub – Warriors
Instra:mental – No Future
Majistrate & Nicol – Piranha
Nu:Tone – Balaclava
Serum & Bladerunner – Snake Fist
Lomax – Faith Massive
Mutated Forms – Thru The Centuries
D Bridge – On Ur Mind
Mutated Forms – Barriers
D Bridge – Wonder Where
Madd & Chris.Su – Repercussion
Mutated Forms – Jazz About U Instrumental Version
Kubiks & Recriminate – Opal Sky’s
Rawtee – Inmate 305
Nik Itch – No Doubt
Cubist – Come Closer
Netsky – Untitled
Calibre – All The While
Danny Breaks – Volume 1 Logistics Remix
Mutated Forms – Glory Days Netsky Remix
[end of guest mix]

Friction & K-Tee ‘The Bleeps’ (Shogun)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith ‘In The Music’ (Technique)
Prestige ‘Wasted’ (Stereotype)
Sub Focus ‘Follow The Light’ (Ram)
D Kay & Rawfull ‘Sequential Circuit’ (Brigand)
Sabre ‘Original Sin feat Tuere’ (Critical)

Neglectful Kiki

Hello.  Yes I’m rubbish.  I didn’t mean to neglect you.  I honestly didn’t realise that the main reason I was able to write in my blog everyday was because I spent all day sitting at the computer.  I’m seriously not home long enough to come up with the time to write posts these days.  I’m going to make an attempt to do them first thing when I wake up now.

My 4th was pretty cool.  Beatchemist and some of our Bassdrive buddies were here through the 4th so I kicked it with them at Juju’s and drank ate and watched the fireworks on Juju’s street… yes I did say street.  True Chicago style people just having firework wars from block to block.  Woot.

I’m still not to stressed out about not having a job.  I’m still optimistic that the situation will sort itself out.  I think that stressing about money is really annoying so I’ve just chosen not to do it.  The thing that is making me a wee bit depressed though is not having anything to do.  I’ve become quite adept at filling up my days with activities but when you wake up at the crack of dawn like I do, it makes for a pretty long day.  I guess it’s just nice to feel useful sometimes. *shrugs*

Anyways back to dnb land.  I’ve actually been listening to a lot of stuff but just haven’t written about it.  Lets get back on track Kiki!

BCeeCultural Shift (track is in Spearhead player)
I’ve actually been digging this one for a minute but as usual I didn’t know the name.

Spirit – Spark (track is in player)
Spirit is wicked.  ‘Nuff said.

Today’s Oldie:
EmbeeSecretsFuze Records 1997
Dirty oldie bizness.  Woot.

NotionScribbler Podcast July 2009

01. NotioN – Hurtful Solace [Cylon]
02. Despot – Winteria [N/A]
03. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Marlowe [N/A]
04. ASC – Reform [N/A]
05. S13 – Earth Ulro [N/A]
06. Kodo – Lakoto [Broken Audio]
07. Triad – Spellbound [N/A]
08. Squash – Mr Peg Leg [N/A]
09. NotioN – Iota [Phunkfiction]
10. Sam KDC – The Iron Gate [Eternia]
11. Insight – Psyche[Broken Audio]
12. Empire – Atmospherix & Sem [N/A]
13. Bal – The Trendy Track [Infulence]
14. Sol.ID & Subz – From Dark 2 Grey [N/A]
15. Mindmapper – The Seeker [Broken Audio]
16. Linden – Pulsar [Central Beats]
17. NotioN – Illicit [N/A]
18. Mindmapper – Resurection Hub [Broken Audio]
19. Nusense – Tuning In [N/A]
20. Dave Owen & Sconeboy – Coming Apart [N/A]
21. Dave Owen – Bit o’ That [N/A]
22. Submorphics & Pipeline – High Card [N/A]
23. Glen E Ston – Can’t Say Goodbye [Influence]
24. NotioN – Woeful [N/A]
25. Specific – The Way It Goes [N/A]
26. Eveson – Late Night Special [Samurai Redseal]
27. NotioN – Searching For An Answer [Nu Directions]

Kiki Is Ridiculous

It’s nice out, I’m antsy and I’ve got a ton of mixes to listen to AND it’s friday.  I plan on not doing anything productive for the rest of the day… we’ll see how my boss feels about that. 😉

BTK – My Soul For Your Love (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Nut Nut feat. Top CatSpecial DedicationCollective 1994

NotionVandal Podcast 8


01. Despot – No Future – (Eternia Music – Dub)
02. S13 – Earth Ulro – (Unsigned – Dub)
03. NotioN – Something more than this – (Eternia Music – Dub)
04. NotioN & Hobzee – Hidden life – (Celsius Recordings – Dub)
05. S13 & Intakz – Malawi – (Vampire Records – Dub)
06. Zyon Base – Shifting Sands – (Think Deep Recordings – Dub)
07. Survival – Burned Out – (Exit Records – Dub)
08. NotioN & Nusense – The end of hope – (Broken Audio Recordings – Dub)
09. Linden – Frogdarts – (Nerve Recordings – Dub)
10. Cern – Timeslip – (Samurai Music – Dub)
11. Survival – Seventh Sign – (Exit Records – Dub)
12. Nusense – Underground – (Unsigned – Dub)
13. DBR (UK) – Chasing Shadows – (Broken Audio Recordings – Dub)
14. Brother – My Love – (Unsigned – Dub)
15. Dave Owen – Send me your love – (Unsigned – Dub) 🙂
16. Submorphics – California Suite – (Unsigned – Dub)
17. NotioN & Submorphics – Put it down – (Vandal Digital – Dub)
18. NotioN – Someone’s – (Unsigned – Dub)
19. Majestics – Don’t Lie – (Unsigned – Dub)
20. Stereotype – One More Try – (Urban Chemistry Recordings – Dub)
21. Logarithmia – Feel Your Heartbeat – (Unsigned – Dub)