Job Hunt Kiki

So I’m back.  Minneapolis was great.  Now it’s time to get down to business.  I’m on the job hunt for a new bar/restaurant job.  Wish me luck. 🙂

Insideman – Thoughts Can Kill

Today’s Oldie:
Wax DoctorLogical ProgressionFace Records 1994

NotionBreakbeat Exploration Guest Mix #8


01. Submorphics – Revelation [N/A]
02. Dave Owen – Bit o’ that [N/A]
03. Vibes – Mystline ‘Tribute To Nujabes’ [N/A]
04. Brother – Work it out [N/A]
05. Submorphics – Strauss roller [N/A]
06. Vibes – Stu’s shoes [N/A]
07. Bass’Flo – Dreamwalker [OFFWORLD] Mount Everest EP
08. Bulb + N4m3 – From the moon [DUBKRAFT]
09. Blue Motion – Computer love [INFLUENZA] Blue Motion LP
10. NotioN – Because [PHUNKFICTION]
11. Atmospherix – Brightness [N/A]
12. NotioN & Second Self – Step with it [INFLUENCE]
13. Heavy1 – Lovin the dark [RUBIK]
14. Atmospherix – Dead soldier [N/A]
15. Linden – Stealth [N/A]
16. Dub Phizix – Dreamcatcher [N/A]
17. NotioN – Iota [PHUNKFICTION]


2 thoughts on “Job Hunt Kiki

    • agreed. love this mix too. good tracks. i have to keep up on the mixes or i wont have anything to run to on the treadmill. lol. it’s a sad day when i have nothing to listen to at the gym. the music there blows. 😉

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