Morning Mood

Summer semester is over! Hallelujah!

Lesson planning and listening to some Bank. 😊

Dan Guidance – Overdrive (Random Movement Rmx)
L-Side – Point of View
Evasion, Conman – Circle
Dunk – Drunk (Zero Zero Rmx)
NC-17 – Jugular (Creatures Rmx)
Bungle – Parallels
Messiah – Losing Your Love
1991, Empara MI – We All Need Somone
Silence Groove – Care More
Maykors, Neekir – Fly Away
Edan, Berrow – Wooden Rainbow
A-Sides, King Kapisi – Step 2 The Fire
DJ Hybrid, Trez – Comeback (Trex Rmx)
NC-17 – Carte Blanch (Myth Rmx)
NC-17 – Deep Blue (Myth Rmx)
Random Movement, Kasper – Tomato Bisque
Ben Soundscape – It’s All Music
Maykors, Neekir – Simplest
Random Movement – Modelo Fumunda
Silence Groove – Cheeky Growler
Submorphics – Lucinda
Random Movement – Booty Shake, Booty Quake
LSB – Bell Tune
Bcee – Not by Sight
Random Movement – Dooky Boogs
Submorphics, Satl – Dawn of Rebirth
Tatora – FWM
Trex, T>1 – Spirit Level
Dawn Wall – Fears
A-Sides – Fall
DLR – Squeeks
Qant – Amnesie
DLR – Don’t Come Too Close
Molecular – Figure It Out
Alix Perez, Verbz, Mr Slipz – The Rain
Bcee – If I Had To Die For Someone
Operon – Got No Trouble
Phil Tangent – Querencia
Submophics – Shadow Red
Piano Jazz – LSB
Bluefootal – Journey To The Valley of Nothingness
Dustkey – Keep Yourself Warm
Stunna, Indivision – The Red Son
In:Most – Her
FD – Heaven & Earth –
Donnie Dubson – Assemble
Calculon – Premonition
Calibre, High Contrast – The Other Side
Will Miles – West Grace
Utah Jazz – Runaway (Nu:Tone Rmx)
Unknown – Best I Ever Had (Bootleg)
Un-Cut – Midnight
Technimatic – Gravity Reading



That emoji is my current mental state. I’m not sad, I’m just trying to make it through the day. I think since I booked my ticket and know that I’ll be headed to London soon, anxiety wants to kick it with me all damn day and I’m like “Okay, I guess you can come.”

Anyway, I’m listening to a Bank mix and lesson planning and he played this amazing oldie.

I haven’t listened to this track in ages. Such a lovely tune. Hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I did.

SKG, Vektah – Humdrum
Zero T, Need For Mirrors – Liar Liar
Satl – Never Far
Krust – It’s A Lot (Calibre Rmx)
GEST – Shame
Dustkey – Over the Moon
Dunk – Electric Lady
Ink, Loxy – Skitzaphonic
Sustance, Visages – I’ll Be There
Lupo – Retrograde
Black Barrel – I Love You
GEST – Deja Vu
Artsea – Finding Solace
Black Barrel – Bad Trip
Conrad Subs – Tape Packs and Speaker Stacks
Benny Page, Skibadee – Ride
Finnadrift – Vibin At The Track
Dylan, Ink – Need You (Calibre Rmx)
Kojo, Pola & Bryson – Closer to Home
Low:r – Love Hearts
Makoto, Ruth Royall – New Love
Satl – Give Up
Zero T, Aaliyah Espirit – Something Got Me
Joliliffe – Between The Spaces
Operate, Duskee, Degs – Diamonds
Satl – Takeshi
Synkro – Gagaku (Frederic Robinson Rmx)
Echo Brown – Block Work (VIP)
Mystific – Morally Alive
Mystic, Confusious – Like This
Artsea – Path to Never
Tokyo Prose, Satl – Hazards
Drs, Satl – Beautiful Struggle
Fixate – Hold That Thought
Influx Datum – Dayz of Glory
Dub FX – Run (Random Movement Rmx)
dBridge – Inner Disbelief
Commix – Trojan
Bungle – Northern Dub
Break – Time After Time
Bachelors of Science – The Ice Dance (Lenzman Rmx)
Air.K, Cephei – Desire (Break Rmx)
Goldie – Truth (Zero T Rmx)
Mutt – The Motions
SpectraSoul – Silence (Feat. LSB)
Rowpieces – Sweetish
Phase 2 – Kiana
Monika – Freedom
Legion & Logam – When Stars Fall
Kredit – Coincidence
Krakota, Urbandawn – Laguna
Kasper – Scorsese
Halogenix – Shank
FD – Top 2 Bottom
Dustkey, Petroll – Blow Fire
dRamatic, Command Strange – Try To Understand (L-Side Rmx)
Carl Matthes, Tyler Straub – Avani

Kiki Will Do it Later

My character flaw is procrastination. It’s so annoying to be aware of it and still not manage to correct it. I’m writing tests that I should have written over the weekend. Now I’m up way too early trying to sort it cuz I’m behind. smh

Fortunately there’s a new Bank mix to zone out to. 🥰

Bank · Bankbeats July ’20


Bank & Cnof – Solstice (forthcoming!)
Bungle – Bad Math
Alix Perez – Concrete
Arcatype – Mind Loop
Sabre, Stray, Halogenix, Frank Carter III – Oblique
Marcus Visionary – Real Warrior (L-Side Rmx)
Shy FX, Gappy Ranks – Warning (Bou Rmx)
MC Spyda, Origin One, K.O.G. – Tribute (Zero T Rmx)
Unknown Artist – Lovely (Bootleg)
Askel, Elere, D.E.J.A – Losing Game
Sequent, Skruff, – Ethereal
Hidden Agenda – Dispatches #2
Hidden Agenda – Dispatches #1
Machine Drum – Braided Leaves
Alix Perez – Black Spirit
Bank – Breathless (forthcoming!)
Dava – Lazy Days
Visages – Memories

Zero T – Jazz Tone
DuoScience – Moments 😍😍😍 oldie but goodie
Dillinja – Hard Noize (Break Rmx)
Maduk – Love Like This feat. Champion
Joshua, Geety – Sun Shining
DuoScience – Black Jack
Monologue – WahWah
Deft – New York’s Finest VIP
Technimatic- Mirror Image (Phaction Rmx)
Facing Jinx, Wreckless, Alexsia Louca – Here With You
Wreckless, Conscience – Don’t Care
DuoScience – Sunday
Motiv – Glass Heart
Illmatika, Mr. Joseph – Already Know You
Askel, Elere, Crystal Alice – Honestly
Askel – Portmanteau
Arcatype – Canopy
Riya, Hugh Hardie, Phaction – Obsession
Sevin – Swings & Roundabouts
DuoScience – Sun Morning
Low:r – Hook A Duck
Facing Jinx, Tom James – Remember To Breathe
Bungle – Moving Pages
FD – Dedication
Carter – Closer Look
Askel, Elere – Distance VIP
Nelver, Aperio – Constellations
Squent, Skruff – Should I
Henry – Paradigm
Henry – The Future is Broken
Henry – Frozen
Arcatype – You Know
Arcatype – Interval Dub
Calibre – Second Sun
Breakage – Settle
Random Movement – Her Song
Brother – Grace
Kredit – Future Funk
Bcee, S.P.Y. – Is Anybody Out There?
Makoto, Hugh Hardie – Bluebird


Liquid Kiki

I had such a good evening yesterday.  I just mixed records in my living room and hung out with my roommate.  Still love all my vinyl so much.  

Threw on a mix when it was time to get some work done.  Really love this month’s Bankbeats.  Sooooo many good tunes.


Halogenix – Don’t You Know
Flowrian & Simstah – Gargamelle 
Euphorics & Phase 2 – Neon Sunset
Calibre – Butter Love
Break – Sunset Dub
DRS, GLXY – Rain Dance 
Calibre – Taciturn
Peyo – Routine
ALB, Phaction – Apart of You
Alibi – Scuffed
Lynx – Whistlestop 
Breakage – Ric Flair Strut
Alibi – Debris
Calibre – Venus & Mars 
Calibre – Proof Positive
Monty – Spatia
Monty & Alix Perez – Vergo
DLR – Dafunk
Liquitek, Electrosoul System – Whatever Makes You Tribal
Alix Perez – Numbers
Will Miles – Want Not
Dreazz, Mackadena, Emery – Too Fly
System & Wise – Snowfall
Flowrian & Simstah – You Knew
Hybrid Minds – Lost (Pola & Bryson Rmx)
St. Files, Marcus Intalex – Nightfall
Loz Contreras, Macca – Against the Wall (FD Rmx)
Halogenix – The Night
SpectraSoul – Move On
Submotion Orchestra – All Yours (S.P.Y. Rmx)
Technimatic – Bristol (Break Rmx)
Tokyo Prose – Tell Me 
Random Movement – Sabina 
Random Movement – Please Don’t Leave Me
Random Movement, Jaybee – Good Enough
Tokyo Prose – Brilliant Corners
InnaSelf – Emotions in Reverse
Commix – Emiley’s Smile
Command Strange – In Love
Artificial Intelligence – Missing Piece
Calibre – Kiya
Calibre, Zero T – Diamonds and Pearls
dBdrige, Calibre – Ponderosa
Zero T – Little Pieces
Bootleg – Modern Soul
Dan Marshall – Crazy (Zero T Rmx)



Happy New Year!  Sorry it’s so late.

I went home for Christmas and had a dandy old time, despite the negative temperatures.  Dang the Midwest is cold!  I welcome my new life as a Californian with the 70+ degree winters.  

I’m behind on listening to mixes, but def. welcome any chance to listen to Bank rinse out the latest goodies. 


Halogenix – Her Waves VIP 
Arcatype – Cascade 
GLXY – Butterfly Effect (feat. Hugh Hardie & Visionobi) 
Critical Event & Tremah – Feel Alright 
Nelver – Save Yourself 
Dossa & Locuzzed – Funkyfied 
Potential Badboy – Bun Up (feat. Yush) 
Apache, Humanature, Wavefields – Propa 
Kumarachi – Ng 
Dawn Wall – Problems 
Artificial Intelligence – 1000 Souls 
Bank – Against The Grain 
Bert H – Street Spirit (feat. High N Sick) 
Cnof – Soulful Baby 
Hybrid Minds – Never Change (feat. Grimm) [GLXY Remix] 
GLXY – Proposition (feat. James Robb) 
Bank – Give It Up Girl (Mastered By Cygnus)
Bank – Misty Blue 
Total Science – What I Need 
Monika – Crystal Clear (feat. Princess Slayer) 
GLXY – Lucid 
Kumarachi – Someone 
MilkyWay – Mint 
Silence Groove – Autumn Plains 
Humanature & Tarz – Connection 
Dynamite MC, Serum, T.r.a.c. – Late Night Connection 
Bank – Like Jelly (Mastered By Cygnus) 
Phase 2 – Bridge to Nowhere 
Malaky – Resolution
Halogenix – Silver Sword 
Nelver, Emtee – Untold Soul 
Camo & Krooked – If I Could [SpectraSoul Remix] 
In:most – I Know 
In:most – Her 
Lyra, In:Most – Yesterday 
Djah – Path Forever 
Monty – Say to Me 
The Vanguard Project – U MK ME FEEL 
Unknown Artist – Capulet Vip 
GLXY – Lonely (FD’s Roll Out Remix) [feat. Belle Humble] 
Composite – Imbue (feat. Charli Brix) 
MilkyWay – Future Is Here 
Bank – Droppin’ Bombs (Scott Allen Master) 
Bank – HP Sauce (Scott Allen Master)

Itchy Feet Kiki

As an ESL instructor, explaining idioms is always a challenge.  I’ve taught units on idioms before, and the “itchy feet” one always gets loads of scrunched up faces.  😂  Anyway, I’m going on hols in two weeks, and I’m pretty pumped to get my travel on.  I’m due for an adventure. 😝

The weather is gorge right now.  I’m excited to have a productive morning, since I logged into Soundcloud, and the first thing in my stream was Bankbeats.  😍

Phaction – Signature Moves (Feat. Hugh Hardie)
Artificial Intelligence – Nobody
S.P.Y. – Soldiers
Phaction – Tonight
Scott Allen – After All (Paul SG)
Nympho & Phase – Bristol Bombay
Phaction – Should Have Known
Bungle – Cocooned
Bungle – Constant & Clear
D Bridge – Not What You Want
Becky Hill – Rude Love (SpectraSoul Rmx)
Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – So Close
Addiction & Villem – Makes Me Feel Fine
Cybass – Floating Dreams
Dave Owen – Blazin Arrow
Paradox – Drum Machine (2017)
Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – The Need
Alix Perez & Sabre – Solitary Native
Contract Killers – The Life Moments – Soundwall VIP
A-Sides MCMC – Keep Steppin’ (Unreal 2012 Rmx)
S.P.Y. – Alone in the Dark
A-Sides – Undeniable
Dan Marshall – Crazy (Zero Tolerance Rmx)
DJ Chap – Old Times
Arch Origin – Recovery
Never Left – Alix Perez
Blu Mar Ten, Stray – Blind Soul (Bcee Rmx)
Dan Marshall – Smoke and Mirrors (Random Movement Rmx)
Stunna & Place 42 – Relative
Clarity & Eastcolours – Someone to Count On
Calculon – Road Less Traveled
Bungle – Blue
Blue Sonix – This Feeling (High Contrast Rmx)
CLS & Wax – Backwards
CLS & Wax – Leisure
Alix Perez & SpectraSoul – Synergy

Bank & Kiki

I love having reliable go-tos.  Bank is one of my fave go-tos.  I know if I listen to a mix of his, there’ll be tons of good tunes, great mixing, and it will put me in a good mood.  Big ups to you and your new Bassdrive show Bank! 👏👏👏

Stray – Blink
Command Strange – This Night
Calibre – Echoes
Dawn Walls – Twin Falls
Macca & Los Contreras – Better World
Macca & Los Contreras – Wanna Be Your Lover
Pole & Bryson – Call of the Night
Random Movement – Three Days Straight
Dawn Wall – Mantis
Alix Perez – Losing You
Spectrasoul – Second Chance
Halogenix – Shank
InsideInfo – Glimpse
Enei, Foreign Concept, Peta One – Forgotten Planet
Calibre – Give It Up
BrokenDrum – Smile (Random Movement Rmx)
Innaself – Emotions in Reverse
Random Movement – Dreaming (Calibre Rmx)
Bert H & High N Sick – Hourglass
Pola & Bryson – Talk to Me
Pola & Bryson – Run From You
Dawn Wall – Holing On
Intelligent Manners – All By Myself
Intelligent Manners, Command Strange – Flirt
SpectraSoul – From the Jaws
Lenzman – Starz
Random Movement – Still Aint Changed
DJ Marky, S.P.Y. – Mystic Sunset
Unknown Artist – Finally (Kumarachi Rmx)
Will Miles – Pull Me Downs
Bungle – Leaving Sao Paulo
Will Miles – Healing
Western Sea & Cnof – Quiet Happiness
Turn the Tide – Macca and Los Contreras
Utah Jazz – Runaway (Nu:Tone Rmx)
Intelligent Manners, Nuage – Ball and Chain
Pennygiles – These Feelings (Zero T Rmx)
Hybrid Minds – Kismet
Switch, Icicle, Alix Perez – This is How
Zero T – Roxy Music


I’m mad clumsy.  I trip over any, and everything.  I tripped yesterday, and I thought I just stubbed my big toe, but now I think I sprained it.  It’s difficult to walk, and hurts like a mofo.  I’m just sitting at work sulking, wincing and listening to old, pretty dnb tunes.

Noël Kiki


Happy Christmas to you and yours!  🎄🎄🎄

I’m headed out to California today.  Gonna spend the holiday with my fam over there. 



A.I. – Nobody
Zero T, Beta 2 – Strike Back
Bcee, S.P.Y – Is Anyone Out There? (Vanguard Project Rmx)
Serum, Paul T, Edward Oberon – Take My Breath Away
1991 – Steezy
Bungle – Astral Travel
Insideman – Never Wrong
Blu Mar Ten – Rollcage
Simplification – Love Forever (Random Movement Rmx)
A.I. – Dreams of Freedom
Blu Mar Ten – Signs of Life
Raw Q & T.R.A.C. – Style
Souncycles – Make a Change
Random Movement and Focus – Shattered
Submorphics – Rejected
Calibre – Can’t Stop This Fire
Random Movement & Jaybee – Good Enough
DBridge & Calibre – Pondersosa
Nu:Tone – Our House (Calibre Rmx)
Commix – Be True
DJ Die – Autumn (Commix Rmx)
Commix & Logistics – Everyday


Spoilt For Choice Kiki

Did you listen to this already?  Soooooo good.  So many mixes, so little time. 💜💜💜


Enei, Charli Brix – Homeworld (Break Rmx)
Bert H, High N Sick – Salat
Satl, Kasper – In The Sun
Dave Owen – Jukin’ N Jivin’ (feat. Impression and Anita Magenta)
Samuel Riser & Jenna G – Red Velvet (Dave Owen, Jaybee, ZeroZero, Brothaman Rmx)
Move Mode, GLXY – Sill Here feat. Elizabeth Swan
Children of Zeus – Still Standing feat. DRS (Lenzman Rmx)
Changing Faces, M.Bass – Brighton Love
Move Mode, Collosus – The Valley
Edlan – Rewind
Pola & Bryson – Flat Jam
Changing Faces – Dusk
Humanature – Without You
Bachelors of Science – On The Line (Random Movement Rmx)
Bank – Old Reels (OUT NOW!)
Bank – Dawn Summit
Utah Jazz, Random Movement – Be Right Here
Insideman – Venezuela
Paul T & Edward Oberon – Fifteen