Kiki Poppins

6 weeks?  Dang, wasn’t I just telling you there was 10 weeks like yesterday?  I guess not.

I’ve been pretty diligent about devoting time to packing up, cleaning and throwing shit out every weekend, so I’m on track and don’t think they’ll be any stressing out when the time actually comes.  We’ll see…

I’m having a pretty good morning and Bank is definitely helping contribute to that. 🙂


Bank – Moonshot
David Boombah, Rowpiece – Wish Upon A Star
Random Movement – Nobody’s Business
Kasper, Satl – Something Nice
Silence Groove – Slapper
Random Movement – Sleazy Bitch (Ivy Lab rmx)
Paul T, Edward Oberon – Somebody Else (VIP)
Random Movement – In Space, No One Can Hear You Funk
Need for Mirrors – Son of Sorrow
Andreez and DJ Chap – Hydra
Bcee – Come and Join Us (Klute Rmx)
Calibre – Under Bars
Lurch – Imperfections
Lurch – Count the Days
FD – Snowdrops
Hugh Hardie, Phaction – If Only
Hybird Minds – Touch (Tokyo Prose Rmx)
Silence Groove, Hugh Hardie – City Soul
Satl, Malaky – What You Waiting For
Protone, Roy Green, Lynu – Freshy
Random Movement – Goblin Jazz Banquet
Flowrian – Sunbeam



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