Tulum Kiki

Man! I’ve already been back from Mexico for 17 days?? It doesn’t seem like that at all. Covid really took me out. I’m in somewhat tip top shape again and back on the bullshit… begrudgingly.

Locus. I had a really really really lovely time. Much thanks to my homegirl Alley Cat for letting me be her +1. I loved her set so much! Not only did she play D Kay and Lee’s Wax’d, but she played a dope SPY remix of Piper. I guess it made the rounds last year, but that was my first time hearing it. It sounded amazing on that sound system in the forest. I love the Jonny L remix and SPY’s version does not disappoint. She also played an Alibi remix of Kosheen’s Hide U that was new to me and it was 🔥🔥🔥! I’m aware that some of these tunes have probably been making the rounds for a minute, but you know me, I am a bit rubbish at keeping up with the latest releases, so sorry if I’m late to the party on some of these gems.

I keep trying to pick a favourite set, but I can’t. The days were so fun and it was just a blast to be in super nice weather and listening to loud dnb. I loved LSB and Workforce’s sets from the day venue. Fabio and Dom & Roland killed it. I love the cenote venue. Such a vibe. Saturday night I raaaaaaved. 😂 I definitely danced for 8+ hours. Klute absolutely smashed it. I didn’t know the majority of the tunes he played, but it all just sounded amazing and I was so here for it. Kemal and Rob Data and Ed Rush and Optical were everything you wanted it to be. I left backstage for their sets and very much appreciated brockin out with my old JVC homies that were there as well. Shouts to MC Brace and Virgo. We deffo got our proper stomp on. 🥰

All the emcees were on point. Everyone brought it! I started feeling ill on the last day, but I’m happy I got to enjoy the majority of the festival. I was sorry to hear about all the issues some festival patrons were having with cartel and police. I was with the artists since I was staying with Alicia, and we didn’t really hear about everything that was happening til way after it happened. I had a fantastic time, but I do feel that next time safety for the festival patrons should be the number one priority.

I don’t think I will go again if they have it next year. The main reason I had so much fun is because I got to hang out with Alley Cat who is a good friend and I didn’t have to deal with any bullshit. That was my second time going to Tulum, and even though it was wonderful, I don’t think Tulum is spectacular enough for me to spend money to go there a 3rd time. There are heaps more places all over Mexico that are even more fantastic and a lot less expensive.

All in all, a fab time with some great people and amazing music. 💕

I’ve spent the whole week writing thesis chapters. I know it’s old, but this Workforce remix has matched my temperament for the past couple of days. Such a great tune.


Mixtape Kiki


I used to have so many rave mixtapes.  I gave most of them to my friend to add to his amazing Rave Archive website, but I still have about 20 of my own personal mixes that I have been meaning to convert to mp3, and just never got around to it.  

I came across them again when I was cleaning out some boxes, and have been having a field day just listening to them while cleaning, lesson planning, avoiding going outside in 5° weather, etc. So many good memories and so many good tracks.

I expected the sound quality to be super shitty but I guess they kept well and they still sound surprisingly decent.  I also expected the mixing from Code Blue circa late 90’s to be cringe-worthy, but they weren’t half bad…  even if I do say so myself.  😝

Here are some oldies that I heard that I’m definitely digging out when I go have a mix session after I finish writing this post.  😻


I have eaten a lot of sardines this year.  I live next to Kujukuri, which is famous for its sardines, and have eaten them fresh many times. おいしいですね。

The only reason I’m talking about sardines is because I’m currently listening to the Ed Rush & Optical track.

I only teach one lesson on Wednesdays, so I spend the rest of the day lesson planning.  Currently got a pretty awesome Ed Rush & Optical soundtrack going. ❤


Bacteria = forever winning — Biggin’ up the chair dancin’ massive


F*@$%** U Fall Semester 2011, Love Kiki

Seriously so happy that there’s only 7 more days of this semester left.  It’s been the hardest, most depressing, most stressful 4 months ever…. dramatic much?   Yes, but I don’t care.  😉  I’ll be celebrating my freedom next week after finals with the rest of my dnb peeps at Plan B.  Expect to see me wilding out since I’ll have the next month off of school.  Woot.

VelocityLight In Nightmare
So into Velocity right now.  I’m probably late jumping on the bandwagon, as I always am, but seriously his shit is so dope.  Big up Japan!

Technicolour – Winter Rose
This track is the bizness.  So good.

Random Movement & Ben SoundscapePerpetual
I like the sounds that these two come up with.  Quality tune.

Today’s Oldie:
Ram TrilogyMindscan (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) – Ram Records 1999
Sick. ❤

FaironneMatter of Awareness
I love this dude.  His mixes are always sick.  I can just sit and zone out to them as I have been with this mix as I studied.  Wicked selection.


01. Physical Illusion – Talk To You / Fokuz Rec.
02. Against – Hidden Element & Against / Soul Deep Rec.
03. Command Strange – Sweetest Goodbye / Celsius Rec.
04. Schematic – Wherever I Am / Liquid Brilliants Rec.
05. Random Movement & Ben Soundscape – Many Things / Intrigue Music
06. Blu Mar Ten Feat. Stray – Blind Soul / BMT Rec.
07. Robert Manos – Madness / Secret Operations
08. Seba & Paradox Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – The Light / Critical Music
09. Derrick & Tonika – Follow The Stars / Fokuz Rec.
10. Inside Man – Venezuela / Vibration Rec.
11. Blu Mar Ten Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Whisper / BMT Rec.
12. Command Strange – Give It To Me / Fokuz Rec.
13. René Lavice – Spile / Rubik Digital
14. Marcus Intalex – Virgo / Dispatch Rec.
15. Komatic – Rectified / Celsius Rec.
16. Lenzman – Diamonds / Sun And Bass Comp.
17. Physical Illusion – So Naive / Soul Deep Rec. Dub
18. Chris Sabian – Self Belief / Phuzion Digital
19. Advisory & Scenic – Moving Deeper / Offworld Rec.
20. SpectraSoul – The Gift / Shogun Audio
21. Mr. Joseph – Sounds Cryptic / Telluric Rec.
22. Random Movement – 2 Dogs Down / Influence Rec.
23. Clarity – Omni Blue / Point Audio
24. Against & Hidden Element – On Cloud Nine / Celsius Rec.
25. Command Strange – Dreams / Fokuz Rec.
26. Sunny Crimea & Physical Illusion – After Midnight / Respect Rec. Dub

Bad Student Kiki

I’m up at the crack of dawn because I didn’t do my homework and it’s due at 4 today.  Surprise, surprise.  Is it possible to teach myself to be more disciplined?  I reallly have been trying but maybe you really can’t teach an old (emphasis on the old ;)) dog new tricks!

Chase & Status feat. DelilahTime (Enei Remix)
Love this.  Nice remix.

Heavy 1Xiphactinus (Lenzman Remix)

SPY & Total Science – Magic Hour

Today’s Oldie:
Optical & Ryme TymeGhostbusterVirus Recordings 1999
Sick tune.  Always.

Random MovementPodcast 22


Bungle – Blue
dRamatic & dbAudio – I’m for Real
Command Strange – Bingo
dRamatic & dbAudio – Tru Vigilante
?????? – What Would You Do (Flaco remix)
Dave Owen & Jaybee – I Can’t Wait
Command Strange – Time For Miracles
Brother – After All
S.I.N & Mutated Forms – Right Now
LM1 – Zero Gravity (Jaybee Remix)
Dave Owen – Blazin’ Arrow
Loz Contreras – Rocking You
Command Strange – Because The Days Are Cold
Imagery & Liam Motive – The Commute
Phil Tangent – Forgiveness
Komatic – Seasons Sleep
Zion I – Venus (Bootleg)
Dave Owen – Eyes On Me
Brother – Deception
Command Strange – Mr. Lonely

Hooray Kiki

Yay!  I have successfully completed my first semester of grad school.  Now I have 2 weeks off before summer session starts and I plan on thoroughly enjoying those two weeks, starting tonight.


If you’re in Chi come on out.  I’m mixing from 11 to 12.  Should be good times people, so don’t miss it.


Today’s Oldie:
Ed Rush & OpticalThe Medicine (Matrix Remix) – Virus Recordings 1999

MethodusStepping Forward Podcast #2


. Mikal – Take You Away – Stepping Forward Dub
. DJ Linky – Brady Bunch – Luv Disaster
. ATP & Forge – Let You Go – Dub
. Lynx ft. Delhia – Everyday – Detail Recordings Dub
. Sevin – Lost In Translation – Stepping Forward Dub
. J Dilla – King (Sinistarr DnB Bootleg) – Dub
. Severity Zero – Second Thoughts – Stepping Forward Dub
. Mikal – Experience – Stepping Forward Dub
. Jaybee & Grimm – Only You – Dub
. Marcus Intalex ft. Calibre – Meltdown – Soul:R
. SoulTec – Waterlilies – Steppin Forward Dub
. Muwookie ft. James Hooke – Breath – Stepping Forward
. Random Movement – Risk – Rubik Records
. Jaybee & Sinistarr – Should I (Heavy1 Remix) – Rubik Records
. Sinistarr – Aquamech (Calculon Remix) – Dub
. Clinikal – Queen Bee – Steppin Forward Dub
. Godfather Sage ft. Blak – The Vanishing – ?? – Stepping Forward Dub
. Marcus Intalex ft. Riya – Regrets – Soul:R
. Mad Rabbit – Cafe 420 – Stepping Forward

Spring Break Kiki

So much for Spring Break. I have a ton of work to do. 😦

Wish I was going to Miami with my dnb peeps and enjoying some sun and good music.  Have fun without me!!

Lots of good stuff out still.  I keep listening to all these mixes while I study and am geeked about all the good tunes.

Blue Motion & Grimm feat. Remo – Walking Away

EBK, Octane & DLR feat. Gusto – Mainframe

Today’s Oldie:
Ed Rush & OpticalFixationVirus Recordings 1998
I can’t believe I hadn’t posted this one.  It’s one of my faves from the Wormhole album.  (That’s not really saying much cuz I pretty much love every track on that album. )  I just got reminded of it listening to that Renegade Hardware History Session mix.

FabioRadio 1 D&B Show 03/21/11


Icicle featuring SP:MC – Dreadnaught [Shogun Records]
DJ Die & Interface – Slow Down [Symmetry]
Flaco – Isla Verde [White]
Fresh – Arkanoid [RAM Records]
Amaning – Waters of Mars


Calibre – Untitled

Logistics – Together (VIP mix) [Hospital Records]
Netsky – Tomorrow’s Another Day [Liqweed]
Dub Physics – Oi Mate Your Glasses Have No Lenses In


Pendulum – Plastic Worlds [Breakbeat Kaos]
Ozone – Unknown
A-Sides – Ain’t Nobody
Skeptical – Euphoria [Vampire Records]


Usual Suspects – Killer Bees


Loadstar – Hit The Ground [RAM]

Loadstar – Space Between [RAM]
Dramatic & DBAudio – I’m For Real [Liquid V]


Original Sin – Original Badboy
Subzero – Poon [Ganja Recordings]

SpectraSoul – Reminisce [Shogun]
Shookz & Devise – Independent Light

Jungle Rave Kiki

I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately.  The tune is ok.  Not really my type.  But then it breaks down into this wicked jungle rave at the end and I’m obsessed.  It totally takes me back to my raving days of yore.  I think I keep reflecting back to that time cuz I’m so busy right now and I would long for those days where all I would do was brock out to some rowdy jump up and hug the speakers.  Fast forward to about 3:20 and everyone starts raving.  I have the actual mp3 and it’s a full on minute of lovely dnb rowdiness.  Love it. 🙂

Back to my homework. 😦

I’m really digging these Renegade Hardware History Sessions.  Totally brings me back to what made me fall in love with dnb in the first place.  I totally owned this Renegade Hardware tape pack that this mix is from.  I’m glad I now have the mp3 of it.  Win.

OpticalRenegade Hardware History Sessions


01. Optical – To Shape To Future (Remix) (Metalheadz)
02. DJ Reality – Detroit Blues (RH) -rewind-
03. Kraken – Side Effects (Underfire)
04. Optical – Slip Thru (Virus)
05. Optiv & Bulletproof – Camouflage (1210) -rewind-
06. Roni Size – Snapshot (Full Cycle)
07. Ed Rush & Optical – Fixation (Virus)
08. Konflict – Messiah (RH)
09. Ed Rush & Optical – Medicine (Virus)
10. Ed Rush & Optical – Dozer (Virus)
11. Konflict – Beckoning (RH)
12. Bad Company – Skin Tag (Virus)
13. Bad Company – The Nine (BC)
14. Shimon – Hush Hush (Ram)
15. Ed Rush & Optical – Sicknote (Virus)
16. Ed Rush & Optical & Fierce – Custlo (Lokuste Mix) (Prototype) -rewind-
17. Sonic & Silver – Rocket Launcher (Virus)
18. Ram Trilogy – Titan (Ram)
19. Moving Fusion – Thunderball (Ram)
20. Ed Rush & Optical – Gasmask (Virus)
21. Absolute Zero & Subphonics – The Code (RH)
22. Ed Rush & Optical feat Ryme Tyme – Resurrection (Virus)
23. Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix) (Virus)

Dedicated Kiki

Hey rain, kick rocks!  It’s grey and gloomy and so not cute.  I want the sun to come out and play again dammit.

I can’t believe it’s thursday already.  Going back to work hasn’t seemed that strange to be honest.  I think I was just sick of being in my apartment so I’m glad to be able leave everyday.  I’m embracing my 9 to 5 status. 😉

Eveson – Get Your Swerve On (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
OpticalGrey OdysseyHigher Ground 1997

NymfoBSE Podcast 11


01. vicious circle – condors – quarantine
02. s.p.y. – xenomorph – metalheadz
03. nymfo – matchstick – commercial suicide
04. cern + teknik – wasabi – project51
05. octane + dlr – back in the grind – dispatch
06. noisia + phace – floatin zero – invisible
07. bse + dkay – bullet in the head (gridlok remix)
08. heist – captured – metalheadz
09. nymfo – flying fortress – state of mind music
10. raiden – m82 (spirit remix) – voodoo
11. nymfo – sidewise in time – cia records
12. rockwell – my war – shogun audio
13. mj cole – sincere (logistics bootleg)
14. calibre – steptoe – signature recordings
15. spy + nymfo – amsterjam – dub
16. ulterior motive – 2098 – subtitles music
17. total science – squash (spy 2010 remix) – cia records
18. black sun empire + nymfo – kempi – bse recordings

Christmas Shopping Kiki

I’m going to attempt to finish my Christmas Shopping today.  Woot.

Camo & KrookedNo Soul

Today’s Oldie:
Ed Rush & OpticalDozerVirus Recordings 1998

Soul IntentFuture Proof Podcast #5


01. Mindscape – Reefer (Vampire dub)
02. Digital & Outrage – K Zero 9 (Backlash)
03. Grafix – Burning Flesh (n/a)
04. Insight – What Do I Care (n/a)
05. Edward Oberon – The Reckoning (Influence dub)
06. Soul Intent – Cowboy Town (Cylon dub)
07. Skitty – Y (n/a)
08. Nether – Beating Me (31 dub)
09. Atom – The Plot (n/a)
10. Soul Intent – Let Go (Ingredients dub)
11. Survival – Body Snatcher (n/a)
12. Zero T & FD – After All (n/a)
13. Skeptical – Euphoria (n/a)
14. Dillinja – Silverblade (Skitty relick) (n/a)
15. Morphy – Disco (Nerve??)
16. NC-17 & Bladerunner – Dead Pit (n/a)
17. Trisector – Wiretrapped (Vampire dub)
18. Jubei & SPY – Project 1 (Nothing Venture, Nothing again EP – Headz dub)
19. Tokoyo Prose – All You Want (Samurai Music dub)
20. Eveson – The Alchemist (N/a)
21. Paradox – Planet 3 (Good Looking 30)
22. Derrik & Tonika – Lunapack (Age Of Outsiders Vol.3 – Outsider)
23. Requiem – Synaethesis (Age Of Outsiders Vol.3 – Outsider)
24. Soul Intent – Igloo ((Age Of Outsiders Vol.3 – Outsider)