Mixtape Kiki


I used to have so many rave mixtapes.  I gave most of them to my friend to add to his amazing Rave Archive website, but I still have about 20 of my own personal mixes that I have been meaning to convert to mp3, and just never got around to it.  

I came across them again when I was cleaning out some boxes, and have been having a field day just listening to them while cleaning, lesson planning, avoiding going outside in 5° weather, etc. So many good memories and so many good tracks.

I expected the sound quality to be super shitty but I guess they kept well and they still sound surprisingly decent.  I also expected the mixing from Code Blue circa late 90’s to be cringe-worthy, but they weren’t half bad…  even if I do say so myself.  😝

Here are some oldies that I heard that I’m definitely digging out when I go have a mix session after I finish writing this post.  😻


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