Yuletide Kiki

December, man.  Once Thanksgiving hits, the holiday season just speeds away from you.  I’m spending Xmas in California this year, and am totes looking forward to it.  I haven’t spent Christmas with that side of my family in years.

We got our first snowfall finally.  I always like to take a picture of it, because after the first one, it’s just a brown, gross, crunchy and slushy annoyance.


So many mix choices today!  I’ll start with this Total Science, while I go work out and then see where the rest of the day takes me.


Serum, Paul T & Edward Oberon – Take my Breath Away – V Recordings
Break – Overdub – Symmetry Recordings
Bcee & SPY – Is Anybody Out There (The Vanguard Project Remix) – Spearhead Records
Special Forces – Freeway – Metalheadz
Total Science, Digital & Spirit – Rumble – CIA Vs Phantom Audio
Total Science – Turn Around – CIA Records
Break – Strictly Entertainment VIP – Playaz Recordings
Break – The Flux – Symmetry Recordings
Total Science & Mako – A Simple Truth – Utopia
Nu-Tone – Missing link – Hospital Records
Total Science & Break – Big Time Winners – CIA Records 😍
Total Science & DLR – Too Close For Comfort – CIA Records
Alix Perez – Down The Line – Shogun Audio
Commix – Daggers Dub – ??
Commix – How You Gonna Feel – Metalheadz
Onemind – Pull Up – Metalheadz
Gremlinz & Overlook – Horns 2014 – ??
Riya ft Total Science, Frank H Carter III & Maverick Soul – Confessions (Break Remix) – Spearhead Records
Voltage – Jazz Tickles VIP – ??
Break – Free Your Mind (Remix) – Symmetry Recordings
Uncle 22 & Navigator – Choose One (Serum Remix) – Mac 11
Break & Total Science – Betamax – Symmetry Recordings
Dillinja – All Aboard VIP – Unreleased


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