Mixtape Kiki


I used to have so many rave mixtapes.  I gave most of them to my friend to add to his amazing Rave Archive website, but I still have about 20 of my own personal mixes that I have been meaning to convert to mp3, and just never got around to it.  

I came across them again when I was cleaning out some boxes, and have been having a field day just listening to them while cleaning, lesson planning, avoiding going outside in 5° weather, etc. So many good memories and so many good tracks.

I expected the sound quality to be super shitty but I guess they kept well and they still sound surprisingly decent.  I also expected the mixing from Code Blue circa late 90’s to be cringe-worthy, but they weren’t half bad…  even if I do say so myself.  😝

Here are some oldies that I heard that I’m definitely digging out when I go have a mix session after I finish writing this post.  😻

Nightmare Kiki

Starting new things is always scary.  I start my new job today and I was dreaming of getting fired all night.  Lame.  I’m sure it’ll be fine. 😉

How was everyone’s holiday?  Mine was awesome.  Quality fam time.

I came back to a lot of mixes floating around which is always good in my book.

Mikal – This Moment

Today’s Oldie:
Jonny LTwo Of UsXL Recordings 1996
Old Jonny L is awesome.  This track is dope.

Calculon sent me the link to this one.  It was my treadmill soundtrack this morning.  Good Mix. 🙂
CalculonRubik Podcast 7


01) Naibu – Yunmee – Santorin
02) Caine and Atmospherix – Hustlin’ Dayz – Rubik
03) Mutt and Calculon feat Kevin King – Easy on the Motion – Rubik
04) Calculon feat Kelly Dean – Premonition (Stunna Remix) – Rubik
05) ATP and Dave Owen – Way Back When – Rubik
06) Alicia Keys – Unthinkable (Lenzman Remix)
07) Die – Ghetto Bizness – Clear Skys
08) Bladerunner – Back to the Jungle – Critical
09) Break – Time after Time – Symmetry
10) Survival – Why
11) Heavy1 – The Deep Note
12) Synkro – Vacant – Smokin Sessions
13) Pawn feat Calculon – Escapism
14) Heavy1 – Asianova – Rubik
15) Austin Speed – Stardust
16) Martyn – Vancouver – 3024
17) Submorphics – Can’t Understand – Westbay
18) Home Video – Every Love That Ever Was (Bachelors of Science Remix)

Motown Kiki

This gorgeous weather is great motivation.  I’ve already done numerous things this a.m., which is quite productive for me.  I know I wake up super early but that doesn’t usually mean I do anything.  LOL.  I usually just lay around and stare at the ceiling thinking about what activities I can do to fill up my day.

Tonight I’ll be going to The Burlington for Flosstradamus’s oldie night.  It’s pretty fun to just have a drink and listen to some Motown music.  I like that night alot.

I need to go get my bike tuned up so I can start riding it again now that it’s nice out. I love riding around the city in nice weather. 🙂

Keza, FD, HydroCanopy (track is in Keza and FD players)

Today’s Oldie:
Jonny LSymbiosisXL Recordings

Dj AbrahamLAOS Mixtape


01 Q-Project – Milk & Honey
02 Danny Byrd – Sweet harmony
03 Dharma Intent – You can see it
04 Dc Breaks – Fever (feat Cat Knight)
05 Basement Jaxx – Twerk (Sub Focus rmx)
06 L.A.O.S. – So good (dubplate)
07 Smooth – Under the moon
08 London Electricity – The Great dnb swindle ( Logistics rmx)
09 Absolute zero & Subphonics – The Code (SKC rmx)
10 Dc Breaks – Mankind (2010vip )
11 Netsky – Hold on to love (Cyantific rmx)
12 Drumsound & Bassline Smith – (Mafia VIP)
13 Culture Shock – Imax
14 L.A.O.S. – Fire on water
15 Netsky – I Refuse (Shockone rmx )
16 Original Sin – Your love(feat Fexie Muiso)
17 L.A.O.S. – Blueprint of the universe
18 Camo & Krooked – Looking Back
19 L.A.O.S. – Hush now20 Helium – Engage
21 Rox – No going back(Dc Breaks rmx)
22 Platinum – Trippin (Nero rmx)
23 Camo & Krooked – Just hold on
24 L.A.O.S. feat Riggz – Zeros & Ones
25 Dkay & Lee & Waxd Vip
26 Phace & Misanthrop – Non Human
27 U.N.K.L.E. – Reign (L.A.O.S bootleg)

Witching Hour Kiki

It’s too early.  I’m freezing.  I’m bailing on the gym so now I’m just awake in the darkness with nothing to do.  I really have to come up with something to pass the time in these wee hours.

Baby D – I Need Your Lovin Rmx 2009
I’ve totally been waiting for a sample of this.  ❤ it.  The tunes are mislabeled so click on the 2Pac tune to hear the track.

Today’s Oldie:
Jonny LThe BellsPiranha 1999

Love these dudes.  Looking forward to listening to this one. 🙂
NotionLost Between Time Podcast 2


S13 – ‘Mono’ – (N/A)
Despot – ‘Concert’ – (N/A)
Triad – ‘Utopia’ – (N/A)
Joe Syntax – ‘In Lifeforce’ – (N/A)
Loxy & Genotype – ‘Cold Snap’ – (Cylon Recordings Dub)
June Miller – ‘Shai Hulud’ – (Cylon Recordings Dub)
Nusense & Grimm – ‘Anxiety’ – (N/A)
Felon & Displaced – ‘Onwards & Upwards’ – (N/A)
Sam KDC – ‘Betrayed’ – (Deep Soul Music – Dub)
Pessimist – ‘Whispers of Scandal’ – (S.P.Y Remix)
Linden – ‘Aurea’ – (N/A)
NotioN – ‘The Happening’ – (Dub – TBC)
Dan Marshall & Jamo – ‘Tainted’ – N/A)
Andy Sim – ‘Palm Trees’ – (Brother Remix) – (N/A)
NotioN & Dave Owen – ‘Cherished Words’ – (Digital Blus Dub)
Submorphics – ‘Say goodbye’ – (N/A)

Don’t Sweat It Kiki

I’m back!  Minneapolis was really great.  I love hanging out with my peeps and the wedding was awesome.  Good times.

Summer is here.  It’s ridiculously hot.  Yesterday was 90 and I was sweating my ass off.

I’m really busy. Unemployment brings about a lot of tasks to complete, resume, employment agencies etc.  Also my place is a complete tip and my girl CC is coming so that needs to be handled ASAP!

Basically I got to get my ass in gear. 🙂

Madmen & Poets – Inner Fears (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Jonny LTroublePiranha 2002

NaibuFastlane Show @ BRadio June 2009


01. Naibu feat. Kiyomi – Fireflies (Seba Remix) (Horizons)
02. Naibu – It Took A Long Time (Creative Source)
03. Zyon Base – Knife In The Water (Red Mist)
04. Zero T – Satin Range [N/A]
05. Spinline – Calcutta VIP [N/A]
06. Henree & Hiten – Apologies (CIA Deepkut)
07. Naibu – Discrete (Horizons)
08. Fellowship – Dark Flower Remedy (Playaz)
09. Nucleus – Return To Forever (Reinforced)
10. Ganja Kru – New Frontiers (Tru Playaz)
11. Goldie feat. KRS One – Digital (Boymerang Remix) (FFRR)
12. Seba – 34 Alpha (Secret Operations)
13. Breakage feat. Rohan – Ruff Dub (Bassbin)
14. System – The Divers Dream (Warm Communications)
15. Wings – Wings (Reinforced)
16. Kharm & LM1 – Inversion (Naibu Remix) (Levitated)
17. SKC – Epilogue [N/A]


Apparently Smart Bar with Goldie headlining was the place to be in Chitown last night.  I went to go see my buddy  Submorphics and he killed it.  Like seriously.  I even danced… yes I actually did.  Some wicked sounds.  The place was packed, people dancing etc.  I didn’t stay for Goldie. I’m not down to be up until the wee hours of the morning when I have to work the next day…  remember what happened last time! Plus I’ve seen him so many times so I didn’t mind dipping out early.  Is 1:00 a.m. early?? Anyways, I haven’t been to a dnb show at a club like that in a while.  Good times.

I am actually relieved friday is here.  Unlike the past couple of weeks I feel like this one has gone by exceptionally slowly.

Have a good weekend.

Squash & Brother – Brain Train (track is in Brother player)
I was under the impression that I had already said that I like this tune but as I was looking at Brother’s page I realised I hadn’t.  I’ve been digging it for a hot minute.  It’s sultry.  Loves it.

Today’s Oldie:
Jonny LIntasoundXL Recordings 1998
This track is just dirty.  I love it.  So dope.

Dj MarkyMarky’s Podcast 16


  1. Lynx & Kemo – Deez Breaks
  2. Die & Break – Get Some
  3. Random Movement – Kids In The Sea
  4. ?
  5. Mistical – Time To Fly
  6. SPY – Moving In Circles
  7. Commix – Bear Music
  8. Interface – Get Low
  9. Drumagick ft Dynamite MC – The Drummer
  10. Stunna – Back In Time
  11. Random Movement – Waterlogged
  12. Total Science ft MC Conrad – Soul Patrol (Marky & SPY Super Jungle VIP)
  13. The Futures – Aint No Time Fa Nothin

Iceberg Kiki

I feel like until it’s full on been 10 degrees everyday for like a month, I will constantly be commenting on the weather.  www.weather.com says it’s 10 degrees but feels like -8.  Boo.

Christmas is next week.  I gotta get my shopping done!

Had a really nice weekend.  Ready to attack this week full force.

M25 – I Want Impressions I’m definitely digging this one.  Heard it on Bassdrive last week and then Komatic played it again this a.m)

Stone Snake – Breathless (Heard this one on Komatic’s show too.  Track is in the player.)

Today’s Oldie:
Jonny L See RedXL Recordings 1998 This is my most favourite Jonny L tune ever.  So dope.  So fun to mix.  Loves it.

Electrosoul SystemMixmag Podcast #20


01 Black Rain – Uptempo (Strobe remix) / Scale
02 Aaron Jay & Lynx – Wait For Me / 31 Records
03 Electrosoul System – Traffic / Unreleased
04 Dissident – Pseudo / Tam Records
05 Oak – Morning Structure / Brand Nu
06 Mykra – Chimes / Fokuz
07 Electrosoul System – Deep Blue / Soundtrax
08 Electrosoul System – Nine Planets / Kos.Mos.Music
09 Bop – Skeptikos / Kos.Mos.Music
10 Future Engineers – Bionics (Electrosoul System space trip mix) / Kos.Mos.Music

Libra What What!

It’s my birthday in two weeks. I love this time of year. I’m an autumn baby and love this season to bits. The greyness, the leaves all over the ground. Awesome. I pretty much dream of weather where I can wear just a hoodie year round but instead will settle for the months of September and October.

My bike has a flat tire. Lame.

Robot Redford & M. Sauer – Missing Out – I’ve been hearing this on a lot of mixes. I really like this tune. Track is in the player

Future Sound of Cambridge Vol. 3 – Some nice tracks on there from the likes of Nu:Tone, Logistics and Commix. A couple of tunes that I’ve talked about before are on there. Dunno if I’ll be picking it up… Watch someone’s gonna play one of these tracks out and I’ll hear it on a loud sound system and be annoyed I didn’t buy it. Story of my life. 🙂

It’s the kind of day where you really want to just sit at home and be all cozied up on the couch. Alas I’ll be at my desk.


Today’s oldie: Jonny LMoving Thru Air (Optical Remix) – XL Recordings 1998 I definitely was quite the Optical fan back then. I will fully admit that I had an all out dnb crush on him. I think mentally I was just on this gritty plane where I wanted my music to be raw and disgruntled yet melodic but not loud and noisy and to me Optical’s production was just that. Really great tune.

Another BBS Bookings installment. Woot woot. 😉

CalculonBBS Bookings Podcast 13


01. Mosus – Whistle Back – CIA
02. Calibre – Sokitume – Signature
03. SPY – Seeing Thru Stars – CIA
04. Subwave – Think – Shogun LTD
05. Spectrasoul – Dark Hour – Critical
06. Proximal – ? – Shogun LTD
07. Mijahoto – Jaz Gal – Jerona Fruits
08. Break – Enigma (Calibre Rmx) – Quarantine
09. Eveson – Hotwax – Channel 82
10. Flaco – Run Away – Rubik
11. Calculon – Road Less Travelled – Fokuz
12. Well Being – Darling Heart – Fokuz
13. BHX Industries – She Says – DUB
14. Lomax – Come and See – DUB
15. Prime8 – Karma – BIOS
16. Santogold – Unstoppable (Bootleg Remix) – White Label

I just want to send a very special bday wish out to one of my favourite people in the whole world…

Happy Birthday Stunna!!

Golden Oldies

I had a nice weekend despite the ridiculous rain.

Yesterday I mixed for an obscene amount of time. I went through my records and just picked all the old tracks that I wanted to play which turned into a session including Bad Company, Ram people, Lifting Spirits, Matrix and so forth that went on for about 3 hours. I had a blast. Then I did a session of newer stuff which went on for about another 3 hours. I also did a four turntables session for the first time with Caleb. That was also a blast. He has an insane record collection so we just did a set of old skool house rave classics from early 90s onward. Pretty awesome. I was at Reisha’s house from about 230pm til iike 10. LOL. Caleb has a pretty nice studio and we can play as loud as we want. He also won this dj competition recently so he got these brand new ridiculously awesome monitors that just make it like you’re having your own little rave in the studio. Basically I just hung out and ate food played with the baby and listen to loads of music.

I’ve decided I’m going to start picking an old track for the day. It won’t necessarily have to be dinosaur years old, just not from 2008. 🙂

Today’s is the Groovrider Remix of Jonny L’s Piper.

Jonny L – Piper (Grooverider Remix) 1997

I don’t really have a new tracks to talk about today. Still obsessing over Carl Matthes & Bionic 1’s – Let It Go. Can’t get it out of my head. There still is no sample but it’s a favourite on Bassdrive so I’m sure if you tune in there someone will play it.

Toodloo for now

Paul ResetStudio Mix September 08


  1. Redeyes – Conart [SPEARHEAD]
  2. Roni Size & Die – Music Box (Sigma Remix) [FULL CYCLE]
  3. Calibre – Sokitume [SIGNATURE]
  4. Commix – Talk To Frank (Break Remix) [METALHEADZ]
  5. A Sides – Tokiado [EASTSIDE]
  6. Kantyze – Civilised [N/A]
  7. Break – Destiny Comes Ringing [COMMERCIAUL SUICIDE]
  8. Noisia – Crescent Sun (Chris.Su Remix) [HABIT]
  9. Black Sun Empire – Crash Bunny (Dose Remix) [CITRUS]
  10. Linden – Frog Darts
  11. Total Science – Overdraft [METALHEADZ]
  12. Zen – Shoot Em Up [FLIPMODE]
  13. The Qemists feat Mike Patton – Lost Weekend (Got Your Money Remix) [NINJA TUNE]
  14. Morphy – Hermies
  15. Demo – OD [HUMAN]
  16. Thought – Cirk [N/A]
  17. Yorkee – Routune [N/A]
  18. Polar – Lectric [CERTIFICATE 18]