Witching Hour Kiki

It’s too early.  I’m freezing.  I’m bailing on the gym so now I’m just awake in the darkness with nothing to do.  I really have to come up with something to pass the time in these wee hours.

Baby D – I Need Your Lovin Rmx 2009
I’ve totally been waiting for a sample of this.  ❤ it.  The tunes are mislabeled so click on the 2Pac tune to hear the track.

Today’s Oldie:
Jonny LThe BellsPiranha 1999

Love these dudes.  Looking forward to listening to this one. 🙂
NotionLost Between Time Podcast 2


S13 – ‘Mono’ – (N/A)
Despot – ‘Concert’ – (N/A)
Triad – ‘Utopia’ – (N/A)
Joe Syntax – ‘In Lifeforce’ – (N/A)
Loxy & Genotype – ‘Cold Snap’ – (Cylon Recordings Dub)
June Miller – ‘Shai Hulud’ – (Cylon Recordings Dub)
Nusense & Grimm – ‘Anxiety’ – (N/A)
Felon & Displaced – ‘Onwards & Upwards’ – (N/A)
Sam KDC – ‘Betrayed’ – (Deep Soul Music – Dub)
Pessimist – ‘Whispers of Scandal’ – (S.P.Y Remix)
Linden – ‘Aurea’ – (N/A)
NotioN – ‘The Happening’ – (Dub – TBC)
Dan Marshall & Jamo – ‘Tainted’ – N/A)
Andy Sim – ‘Palm Trees’ – (Brother Remix) – (N/A)
NotioN & Dave Owen – ‘Cherished Words’ – (Digital Blus Dub)
Submorphics – ‘Say goodbye’ – (N/A)


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