Thermal Underwear Kiki

This week went by so fast.  I’ve enjoyed how lowkey it was to be honest.  I’m not that good at raving til the break of dawn like I did last week. 😉  I plan on partaking in normal activities this weekend so it should be a good time.  Hopefully the cold doesn’t persuade me to just hole up in my flat.  Seriously it’s effing cold.

Today’s Oldie:
Alex ReeceBasic PrinciplesMetalheadz 1994

I really ❤ RM.  This is no secret.  He is definitely one of the people in dnb that I am completely on the same page as.  Love his tunes, love his mixes.  Woot. 🙂
Random MovementPodcast 2


Random Movement & Komatic – Accidental Causes
Mixmaster Doc – The Shakedown
Artificial Intellegence & DRS – Blind Eye
NetSky – Midnight Express
Heist – Acoustic Sheild
Redeyes – Oh Please
Eveson – Dead Man’s Chest
Bal – Venus In Furs
Kjell – Point Taken
Will Miles – Max Dome
Eveson – The Lost Isles
Bal – Out There (The Viking’s Theme)
Mixmaster Doc – Daze End
Naibu feat. Kiyomi – Fireflies (Seba Remix)
Edward Oberon – Bridge Out
Nu:Tone – Battle Theme
S.P.Y – Like a Dream


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