Iceberg Kiki

I feel like until it’s full on been 10 degrees everyday for like a month, I will constantly be commenting on the weather. says it’s 10 degrees but feels like -8.  Boo.

Christmas is next week.  I gotta get my shopping done!

Had a really nice weekend.  Ready to attack this week full force.

M25 – I Want Impressions I’m definitely digging this one.  Heard it on Bassdrive last week and then Komatic played it again this a.m)

Stone Snake – Breathless (Heard this one on Komatic’s show too.  Track is in the player.)

Today’s Oldie:
Jonny L See RedXL Recordings 1998 This is my most favourite Jonny L tune ever.  So dope.  So fun to mix.  Loves it.

Electrosoul SystemMixmag Podcast #20


01 Black Rain – Uptempo (Strobe remix) / Scale
02 Aaron Jay & Lynx – Wait For Me / 31 Records
03 Electrosoul System – Traffic / Unreleased
04 Dissident – Pseudo / Tam Records
05 Oak – Morning Structure / Brand Nu
06 Mykra – Chimes / Fokuz
07 Electrosoul System – Deep Blue / Soundtrax
08 Electrosoul System – Nine Planets / Kos.Mos.Music
09 Bop – Skeptikos / Kos.Mos.Music
10 Future Engineers – Bionics (Electrosoul System space trip mix) / Kos.Mos.Music


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