Shop Til I Drop

I’m going shopping today. I have not done Christmas shopping. I had decided that I would just leave it til this weekend and then I thought about it and was like “Are you crazy?” I hate being around loads of people. I have space issues and it’s gonna be nutso on the shopping circuit this weekend so I’m going to attempt to get my done over the next couple of days.

Tiki Always On My Mind – Mosus & Zero T Remix (track is in the Mosus Player)

Today’s Oldie:
Friction & Nu BalanceRobocopTrue Playaz 2004
See, I don’t only like Liquid Funk prettiness. I can dig a rowdy dancefloor anthem every now and again. šŸ˜‰

Format Next Level Show 95BFM 12/13/08


Naibu – Worn Out [HORIZONS]
Atlantic Connection – Dangerzone (Submorphics Remix) [WESTBAY]
Calibre – Don’t Mind
Spectrasoul – Peninsula [SHOGUN AUDIO]
Physics – Dreamworld (D Bridge Remix) [BLINDSIDE]
Enei – The Lock
Survival – Moving 2 fast
Break – Is This What You Want? [SYMMETRY]
Stress Level & TC1 – Revelations [SAMURAI]
Damage Inc. – Homework [CIA]
Teebee – Human Reptile [SUBTITLES]
Zero T & Beta 2 – Bizzy Time (Break Remix) [CIA]
Icicle – Hang On [SHOGUN AUDIO]
Sintez – Secret Club
Mosus + SPY – Cold 909s
Enei – Teardrop VIP
Blame ft Selah – Because of you
Fourward – Cadence
Heist – Imparla
State of Mind – Division 10
Black Planet – Enough Talk
Break & Survival – Sick [DISPATCH] 90min
Icicle & Nymfo – Adrift [CRUNCH]
Trei – Vibrations
Dose & Menace – Pick Up [SAMURAI]
Fourward – Red Raindrops
Undertow – Erosion?
Dieselboy & Evol Intent feat. Ewun – Midnight Express [HUMAN]

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