Yawn… Like Literally

I’m really tired. Here we are with another unexciting morning and I’ve got nothing spectacular to talk about. Wait, it’s friday, I guess that’s spectacular. 😉 This will be a quick post. I’ve got ish to do for the boss.

Radicall feat. K-Tee – Emotive (track is in the player)

Today’s Oldie:
Bad CompanyColoniesBad Company Recordings 2000
This was one of my faves on the Inside The Machine LP. I really thought it was such a great album.

Came across this mix on DOA. I listened to it already and totally enjoyed it. I also checked out his blog and it was a good read.

Olly DentonWinter 2008 Mix


01: Apathy: Survival vs D-Bridge: Exit Digital
02: Warped (Survival Remix): Saburuko: Horizons Music (Tease)
03: Cast A Cold Eye: D-Bridge: Exit Records
04: Sakura: Instra:mental: Darkestral Records
05: Herb Minus: Chris Inperspective: Nu Directions
06: Godsong: Cern: Deep Soul Music
07: Dreamworld (D-Bridge Remix): Physics: Blindside
08: All Around: Break: Symmetry
09: Moods: ST Files: Soul:r
10: Mourning Dawn: D-Bridge: Exit Records
11: Rogue: Instra:mental: Darkestral
12: Blowpipe: Data: Lucky Devil
13: Intervention: Instra:mental: Exit Records
14: Strange Owl Experiment: Noisia: Metalheadz
15: Haven: D-Bridge: Exit Records
16: Sleeper: Survival: Audio Tactics
17: Heather’s Hot Waffles: Chris Inperspective: Exit Records
18: Creatures of Habit: D-Bridge: Exit Records
19: U Could Dance: Calibre: Signature
20: Plastic Soul (D-Bridge Metal Soul Remix): Shy FX: Digital Soundboy
21: Freedom Club: D-Bridge: Exit Records
22: Enigma (Calibre Remix): Break: Quarantine Records
23: Drifting Away: Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch, Dekota Feat. Skitty: Osiris Music

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