It’s NOT Your Birthday…

I moved to Chicago 6 years ago. I was 25 and ready to party. Compared to what my life was like back then, I’m prolly the most boring person ever now. I went to school from 8 to 4. Worked at this restaurant from 5 to 1230 or 1. Partied from 130 til 330. EVERY NIGHT. This is no joke. I barely sleep as it is now but back then I don’t know how I survived cuz I really never slept. This went on for like 3 years. I met Reisha and CC at that time and we partied non stop.

One year on Reisha’s bday we went to Sonotheque. She drank a gazillion drinks and passed out in the bar, like full on sleep on one of the couches style. They kicked her out and were like tell your friend she can’t sleep in here. LOL.

Mine and Reisha’s bdays are exactly two weeks apart. We went to Sonotheque on my bday too (this was when Sonotheque was the shit and I used to go there like every week) and the bouncer looked at Reisha and was like “Remember, it’s NOT your birthday, behave yourself.” It was hilarious.

The reason that I’m telling you this story is because yesterday you would have thought it was my birthday and not Bass By The Pound’s. LOL. I had so much fun. I didn’t even get out of control drunk or anything. I just had a really good time. Everyone was in a good mood. Submorphics had a really great set. Total Science killed it. I danced a bunch. Submorphic’s buddy Sinistarr came in to town for the show and hung out. Stunna joined in the festivities too. Juju fell asleep but then woke up and showed up at Lava and I was happy she came and kicked it. Really good turn out for BBP’s anniversary. It was just an all round good night. It’s nice to drink a bunch, hang out with your friends, listen to good music, have fun and not be hungover the next day. 😉

Human Factor feat. Emma BrammerThis Way
Nice simple tune. I like the basic pretty ones every now and again.

Today’s Oldie:
Dj Zinc Hear No EvilPolydor 2003
Love this one. The Marky & Bungle remix is great too but the original was really good to begin with. I’m a Zinc fan. He has good tracks. I don’t really like a lot of his newer stuff but I do own a lot of his records.

SpinnThe Cycle (Dec 5 ’08 Bassdrive Archive)
No tracklist. Just 3 hours of good tunes. He had a guest mix from Aaron Bond on there too which I was totally digging.

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