I wish I had exciting things to tell you today but I don’t. LOL.

Going to Seminar tonight. It’s their 11th anniversary. Woot woot. Total Science is playing along with my buddy Submorphics. Should be a good night.

Will Miles 1 Week Later Been hearing this one for a while. It’s out on vinyl now.

Today’s Oldie:
Vinyl SyndicateMan Of StealUrban Takeover 1998
Hmmm. I can’t say I really cared for the whole Superman theme to this tune but I did kinda like the bassline. In my rave days, any rowdy bassline warranted me dancing in front of a speaker. I really wasn’t too picky. LOL. Remember when there were all these weird novelty jungle tracks that had theme songs from tv shows and shit? I’m happy that era never made a come back. I don’t actually own this record but for some reason today I was thinking about a rave I went to where everyone was going gaga over this tune and figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it as my oldie. 🙂

BreakDOA Mix 12/03/08


01. Sabre ”Try Your Luck” (Dub)
02. Break ”Hooked Up” (Symmetry)
03. Proxima & Nymfo ”HardDrive” (Dub)
04. Whizz & Daze ”Transit Zone” (Dub)
05. Break ”Adrenaline” (Symmetry)
06. Spinline ”Razzia” (X-Tinction Agenda)
07. Nico / Fierce / Break ”Draw” (Quarantine)
08. Dose & Menace ”Pick Up” (Samurai)
09. Break ”Is This What You Want?” (Symmetry)
10. Vicious Circle ”Access All Areas” (Critical)
11. Spectrasoul ”Tectonic” (Dub)
12. Break ”Traits” (Symmetry)
13. Loxy & Cern ”Juggernaught” (Revolution)
14. Break ”Evil Twin” (Symmetry)
15. Break ”Wine” (Dub)
16. Break ”Let It Lie” (Revolution)
17. Klute ”Trust Me” (Dub)
18. Nymfo ”Follow The Signs” (Dub)
19. Break Feat. Kyo ”Last Chance” (Symmetry)
20. Total Science ”S.O.S.” (Dub)
21. Break ”In Between” (Symmetry)

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