Last Minute Kiki

Ugh. I hate making these Google Forms quizzes. I wait until the last minute and then drag it the fuck out. Smh. I’m so annoying. 😂 I’m going to be 44 on Saturday and still haven’t sorted out how to be less of a procrastinator.

The weather is finally cooling down here in LA. This week’s installment of Loz Contreras & Myras’s radio show is exactly the vibe I’m going for as I knock out these tests. 🥰

Life & Kiki

To be completely honest, I never imagined that I would know as many people as I do, that have taken their own lives.

Just heard this track for the first time yesterday when I was listening to Loz Contreras and Myras’s Old Red’s Drum & Bass show.

Very beautifully sung by Riya. Proceeds from the track going to a great cause.

CALM – Campaign Against Living Miserably


Nothing much to report as we go into month 7 of quarantine. I’m just lying on my bed staring at the ceiling like an emo teenager.

Yay for Loz Contreras having a radio show I can mope and zone out to for 2 hours. 😍

Obsessive Kiki

I have an unhealthy habit of obsessively listening to tunes on repeat.  I doubt I’m the only one, but it does seem a bit cuckoo at times.  Itunes is already snitchin’ on how many times I’ve listened to Drake’s “Blem” 😁  I don’t want to divulge how many times I’ll repeat a song, cuz it might bring forth the white coats, but just know it’s a tad ridic. 

I do the same thing with artists I like.  (Real talk though, doesn’t everyone?)  I’ll go through a period of time where I’m listening to them, and only them.  I’ve been doing that a lot with Loz Contreras lately.  I have about 5 mixes that I’ve been rotating in my car for the past two weeks.  Make that six, I’m adding this one. 😉


Submorphics – Lost In Lights (Feat. Christina Tamayo)
RoyGreen & Protone – Arrivee
FD – Serious
Artificial Intelligence– Dreams Of Freedom
SpectraSoul – Second Chance
Fluidity – Fear Nothing
LIZ-E – On My Mind
Macca DNB & Loz Contreras – Better World (Lenzman Remix)
James Blake – Modern Soul (Submorphics Remix)
Lenzman – Waves
Pola & Bryson – Diamonds Fall (Feat. Loz Contreras)
Macca & Loz Contreras – Falling
Pola & Bryson – Monument
Loz Contreras – Tunnel Vision (Feat. David Albury)
Lenzman & Submorphics – Bayview
Ill Truth & Michael E.T. – Hollow Game
Villem (Mute) & McLeod – Perfect Solution (Feat. MC Fats)
Macca & Loz Contreras – Mean What You Say
MC DRS – This Ain’t Love (Feat. Calibre)
Phil Tangent – Bardabunga
Macca & Loz Contreras – Always Yours (S.P.Y Remix)
High Contrast – Tread Softly
Spectrasoul – Alibi
Calyx & Teebee – Elevate This Sound
Anthony Kasper & Soul:Motion – Cut Loose
Macca & Loz Contreras – Far From Home (Feat Hannah Eve)
Vector, Macca & Loz Contreras – Lose Myself (Feat. Charli Brix)
Technimatic & LSB – Rotary Motion
Philth – Your Love (2016 Re-Master)
Macca & Loz Contreras – Wanna Be Your Lover
Calibre Dnb – Amen Tune (Feat. DJ Marky)
Macca & Loz Contreras – Something Special
Villem & Phase – Uno
Random Movement – Sleazy Bitch
Calibre – Hard Times
Maverick Sabre – Come Fly Away (Ivy Lab Remix)

Cheerful Kiki

Just got back from Philly.  I went for my uncle’s memorial.  Despite the sad circumstances, I was happy I got to see a lot of my family.  I have a huge family and I really enjoy the time I get to spend time with them.  Also got to see my homie Daniela, which was a definite win.

The cheerfulness continues because the weather is nice, and yesterday was the first day of spring.  I didn’t even complain about going back to the gym this morning, after not going for a week — mostly because I had this awesome Loz Contreras mix to work out too. 😍


Lenzman – In My Mind
Mohican Sun – Lost Village
Halogenix – Too Good
Fluidity – Deeper Vibe
Alex Perez – Had I Known
Bcee – Breathe In
A.I – Nobody
Random Movement – Future Fondler
RoyGreen & Protone – The Storm
Hola & Bryson – Moments Notice
Macca & Loz Contreras – Wanna Be Your Lover
Redeyes & Mutt – Sugar
LSB – Capture My Heart
Fluidity – Move On
Ivy Lab – Live One Your Smile
Break – Let It Happen
Phase & Villem – Thru My Soul
Spectrasoul – Always
Paul T, Ed Oberon & Serum – Take my breath Away
Noisia – Motion Blur
Submorphics – Without You
Redeyes – Out Of My Head
Macca & Loz Contreras – Better World (Lensman Remix)
Calibre – Archive
Zero T & Alix Perez – Threads
Random Movement – Her Song
Phil Tangent & Need For Mirrors – Polaroid
DRS & Patife – I Will



Guess who’s 8?

Happy Bday DnB & Kiki!

I’m glad I decided not to scrap this blog.  I like having a place to wax nostalgic about my love for dnb whenever I feel like it.  That was why I started it in the first place! ❤

I know this mix is old but it’s still so good and it’s what I felt like listening to today. 🙂


Loz Contreras – Baby It’s You
Total Science – Soul Patrol
A.I – Movin’ On (DJ Marky & Bungle Remix)
Random Movement – Good Enough
Total Science, S.P.Y & Riya – Piano Funk
Command Strange – Rock Steady (Lenzman Remix)
Random Movement – Can’t See You
Dave Owen – Deep Breathin’
Intelligent Manners & Malaky – Get Funky
Technimatic – Looking For Diversion
Macca & Loz Contreras – Wanna Be Your Lover
Satl – Joy
High Contrast – Make It Tonight
Satl – B.L.O
Intelligent Manners – Love Is Love
Chris Turner – Liquid Love (Kasper Remix)
Loz Contreras – Disco Kiss
Macca & Loz Contreras – Players Ways
Zero T & Icicle – Go 4 Yours
Makoto & MC Conrad – Golden Girl (Lenzman VIP)
Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line (S.P.Y Remix)
Dave Owen – Yo Girl
Malaky & Satl – For Your Love
Submorophics – Long Been Gone
Loz Contreras Vs. Apex – Favela Stories/Space Between
LTJ Bukem – Atlantis (I Need You) (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Remix)
DJ Marky – Silly
Impish – The Groove
Macca & Loz Contreras – Honey Sugar




Aged Kiki

Yep, it’s my bday.  Another year older.  Wiser?  Maybe. 😉  School is school, work is work.  Same ‘ol, same ‘ol.  I am getting used to my ridiculous routine of work, study, work, study though so I don’t really have much to complain about.  I’m gonna hang with my buddies tonight and enjoy the bday.  Hopefully I get a chance to write again soon.

Komatic – Rectified

Submatic – Love Your Time

Pro LuxeMy Hands Are Wings Again

Loz ContrerasSienta

A SidesDOA Mix October 2011
3 hour mix from A Sides??  Yes please.  You have to go to the page to download the mix.  Read the interview and then scroll to the bottom for the link.  🙂


1. Kemistry – Goldie
2. Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix) – Omni Trio
3. Black – Bangin Tunes 3
4. Terrorist – Ray Keith
5. Must Feel – Cool Hand Flex
6. Flammable (Cloud 9 Remix) – Johnny Jungle
7. Being With You – Foul Play
8. It’s A Jazz Thing (Ladies Mix) – Roni SIze & DJ Die
9. Music Box – Roni SIze & DJ Die
10. Dub Plate – Ray Keith
11. Return To Atlantis – LTJ Bukem
12. Breakin Free – Slipmatt
13. Warp Drive – DJ Crystl
14. Space Funk – Digital
15. Watch Out – D’Cruze
16. Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Remix) – Boogie Times Tribe
17. Dubplate (Original) – What’s My Code
18. Hit Man – Marvelous Cain
19. Set Speed – DJ Krust
20. Remember The Roller – Dr S Gachet
21. Champion Sound – Q Project
22. Presha III – Studio Pressure
23. Babylon – Undercover Agent
24. Your Sound – J Majik
25. Jump MK II – Studio Pressure
26. Drone – Dom & Roland
27. Soul In Motion – DJ Krust
28. Metropolis – Adam F
29. Just A Vision – Marcus Intalex
30. Human Nature – Makoto & Specialist
31. Back 4 More – Influx Datum
32. Make It Tonight – Hi Contrast
33. Plastic Soul – Shy FX
34. Deep – Nu Tone
35. Piper – Johny L
36. Side Winder – Photek
37. Together – Logistics
38. Space Invaderz (J Majik Remix) – Hatiras
39. Mistical Dub – M.I.S.T
40. Bring It On – Keaton & Hive
41. Friday – Dillinja
42. Bloodshed – S.P.Y
43. Cutslo (Explicit Remix) – Ed Rush & Optical
44. Forms – C.A.B.L.E
45. Waterboard – Optiv
46. Garbage Man – Calibre
47. Some Things Never Change – Dj Lynx
48. Miryad – Fierce & Survival
49. Did You Forget – TC
50. Dreams Of Life & Death – dRamatic & dbAudio
51. Circles (dRamatic & dbAudio Remix) – Adam F
52. Return To The Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y Remix) – LTJ Bukem
53. One DJ – A Sides
54. One DJ VIP – A Sides
55. Jelly & Ice Cream – DJ Die
56. Borderline – Fierce & S.P.Y
57. Real Badman – Evil Quest
58. Banther Herd – Drum Cypha
59. Rodigan – Mr Joseph
60. Patience VIP – Jubei
61. Innocent – Serum
62. Why They Wanna Keep Us Down – Serum & David Boomah
63. Touch Me – Cyantific
64. Special Dedication (Sigma Remix) – Top Cat
65. Waste Gash – Mutated Forms
66. Insecticide – Gridlok
67. Feedback – Fierce & Vicious Circle
68. Shake Down – Dub Phizix
69. Leviathan – NRanges & Uberman
70. Ugly Ducking – Calibre
71. Ultranova – Marky & S.P.Y
72. Clipper Man – Calibre
73. Temperature’s Rising (FT MC Fats) – A Sides
74. Monster – Original SIn
75. Tap Ho – TC
76. Levels – Crystal Clear & Stapleton
77. Touching Cloth – Twisted Individual
78. Fortress (VIP Mix) – DBR
79. The Editor – Dub Phizix
80. Fury – Fierce & S.P.Y
81. Skylark – Vicious Circle & Nocturnal
82. Being With You (Digital Hunters & Insight Remix) – Foul Play
83. Epic – Mikal
84. I’ll Be Gone (Ft David Boomah) – Acuna