Strange Days Kiki

The past two days have been really odd.  LOL.  The flat tire situation didn’t work out like I hoped and I ended up getting stranded at my brother’s house.  It finally got fixed last night so I guess I’ll be heading home from my south side getaway today and tend to getting a new tire.  Oh and it’ friday.  Geez, what an odd week.  I don’t have any plans for this weekend.  Like I said before I’m just on some countdown bizness til I leave for London on wednesday.  Woot. 😉

Aaron JayInfluence Records Podcast December 2009


Mode – Riley (DUB)
Flaco – Set you off (Jaybee remix) (DUB)
Andy Sim – Meander (DUB)
Sinistarr – Fallbrook (DUB)
Clart and ATP feat Elijah John & dBAudio – So Close (DUB)
A-Sides – Follow the Groove (Eastside Records)
Flaco – Untouchables (DUB)
Mutt – Sarah’s Smile (DUB)
DJ Chap – Bohemia (DUB)
Redeyes – Oh Please (DUB)
Atom – The Ally (DUB)
Dave Owen – Yo Girl (DUB)
A-sides (Feat MC Fats) – Rebel Rouser (DUB)
Random Movement – Hopeless Romantic (DUB)
Derrick & Tonika – Monologue
ATP – Shibuya Nights (DUB)
Notion & Dave Owen – Woeful (DUB)
Eveson – Lazy Blue (DUB)
Mr Joseph – Insecure Girl (DUB)
Edward Oberon – Paradise (DUB)
Mr Explicit – Philadelphia Sunrise (DUB)
Paul SG – Touch (DUB)
Redeyes & Sinistarr – Solar 9 (DUB)
A-sides (Feat Break) – Definite (DUB)
Calibre – Light Years (Creative Source)
Spirit – Two Tone (DUB)
Data – Mask of Sanity (DUB)
Atlantic Connection – Jobos (DUB)
Notion – The Happening (DUB)
? – ? (Naughty DUB)
Serum & Bladerunner – Images (Critical)
Calibre – Crazy (Creative Source)


Impatient Kiki

I finished my Christmas shopping.  Yay.

Had a pretty fun weekend.  Holiday season is awesome.  I’m leaving on wednesday.  Can’t wait. 🙂

Aaron JayKnowledge Mag Guest Mix December 2009


  • Yo Girl – Dave Owen (DUB)
  • I’m Thinking of You – Flaco (DUB)
  • Meander – Andy Sim (DUB)
  • Sounds Kryptic – Mr Joseph (DUB)
  • Touch – Paul SG (DUB)
  • Solar 9 – Redeyes & Sinistarr (DUB)
  • Hopeless Romantic – Random Movement (DUB)
  • Follow The Groove – A-Sides (Eastside)
  • Dreamline – Mr Explicit (DUB)
  • Untitled – Atlantic Connection (DUB)
  • The Happening – Notion (DUB)
  • Paradise – Edward Oberon (DUB)
  • The Aftermath – Flaco & Glen E Ston (DUB)
  • Two Tone – Spirit (DUB)
  • Mask of Sanity – Data & Dynamic (DUB)
  • Oh Please – Redeyes (DUB)
  • Butterflies – A-Sides (MJ Tribute – DUB)
  • Feeling Kinda Blue – Dave Owen (Influence) still lovin this one ❤
  • Friendship Kiki

    2 of my best friends are coming today.  As I’ve said before, I have a really tight knit circle of friends.  They are all my buddies from Minneapolis, we’ve been friends for about 13 or so years.  We are all scattered about now and only a few remain in Minneapolis but we are really good about planning holidays and going to visit each other and what not.  It’s awesome whenever we get to spend time with each other.  I know that my relationship with them is what makes me a better person.  It sounds sappy and corny but when my parents moved to Bangladesh when I was younger and I was nowhere near my brothers and sisters that do live in the states, these people were my family and that’s why I gush about them constantly.  They helped me realise how awesome friendship is and what it means to be a good friend.  My weekend will be filled with lots of hanging out and yummy meals and we all know that’s all I live for these days.  LOL.

    Metrik – Forward Approach (track is in player)

    Eros & SurakEnd of Time (track is in Eros player)

    When I first started doing this oldie section I didn’t want to do all the obvious classics first. Now I’m just absent minded and forget to include them period.
    Today’s Oldie:
    Shy Fx feat. UK ApacheOriginal NuttahS.O.U.R. 1994
    This track is so ridiculous it makes me speechless.  I remember going to raves back then and hearing this on a loud system and just seeing everyone lose their shit, me included.  So sick.  This is one record I unfortunately do not own.  I’m gonna look for a copy after I finish this post even though I think it’s blasphemous if you own a copy and dare sell it. 😉  This track is so the essence of my introduction to jungle.  Big big big ups to Shy Fx for this one.

    Aaron JayInfluence Records Podcast 5 September 2009


    01. Atom – Black Cherry (Influence Dub)
    02. Mr. Joseph – Untitled (Dub)
    03. Eveson – The Traveler (Dub)
    04. Triad – Last Gasp
    05. Seba – Pressure Point (Dub)
    06. Notion – Step With It (Influence Dub)
    07. Bal – White Heat (DUB)
    08. A-Sides – Butterflies (MJ Tribute)
    09. Flaco – Set You Off (Dub)
    10. Serum & Bladerunner – Walk The Walk (Dub)
    11. known artist – Jazm-Work It Mashup
    12. Eveson – Deeper Green
    13. Mr. Joseph – Kiss And Make Up (Influence Dub)
    14. June Miller – Bright Eyes (Dub)
    15. Cern – Eastern Gates (Dub)
    16. Soul Intent – Babel (Creative Source Dub??)
    17. Data – Tapeworm (Dub)
    18. Dave Owen – Feeling Kinda Blue (Influence Dub)
    19. Edward Oberon – Paradise (Dub)
    20. Bachelors of Science – Song For Lovers (Lynx Remix) (Horizons Music)
    21. Mr. Joseph – Things I’ve Seen (Dub)
    22. Mosus & SPY – Drop Shadow
    23. Spirit – Close Your Eyes (Dub)
    24. Subject 13 & Amelia – Twisted Angel (Seba & Krazy Remix)
    25. Mutt – Tearout Redeem
    26. K-Dan – Truth (Dub)
    27. Lynx & Kemo – Global Enemies (Flaco Remix)
    28. Breakage & Rohan – Ruff Dub (Bassbin)

    Work Schmork

    I had a nice 3 day weekend.  I went to 4 bbqs over the past 2 days and still managed to get some lazing around in.  Back to work…. boo.

    I’ve been waiting for this track.  Aaron Jay played it a lot last year and I love it.  The 31 Records EP it’s on has got some other good tracks on it too.

    Subterra – Celestial (track is in player)

    Today’s Oldie:
    SebaWaveformsLooking Good Records 1999
    Awesome oldie.  So pretty.

    Dj Druid & SilvahfonkThe D.R.U. Show 05/18/09


    Scenic & Advisory – Don’t Tell Me [dub]
    Druid & Undersound – ?? [dub]
    Stunna – Sky High [dub]
    Glen E Ston – One Life (Decem Remix) [dub]
    LJ High & Lady Bluez – The Infinite Mind [dub]
    Loxy & Isotone – Ancients
    Zero T – Why Would You
    Druid – Colors Shifting


    Mixmaster Doc – Drippen Off
    Ben Westbeech & Die – Come Closer
    Tactile – Caravan (Ant TC & Stress Level Remix)
    June Miller & Nymfo – Automatic Reply [dub]
    Mutt – Its Pouring Once Again
    Deepflow & Fusion – Magneto [dub]
    Sabre & Zero T – Deadly Rumours
    D Bridge – True Romance
    Phantom Audio – Remote Control
    The Square – You & Me
    D Kay – Be Free
    Equinox – Skofi


    Mark Wilkinson – Where Do I Go
    Lenzman – Bright Lights
    Infest & Quasy – Azul [dub]
    Broken English – Trying (Calibre Remix)
    Andy Skopes – Yeah You Know
    Nymfo – Follow The Signs
    Stunna & Grand Marquee – Silent Dub
    Calibre – Go Back To Go Forward
    DubOne – Never Forget
    Eveson – Sweet Wonderful
    Break –  All Around
    Blame & Selah – Because Of You
    Contour – Angels In Shadows
    Subwave – Dreamcatcher
    Madcap – Tribes [dub]

    BBQ Kiki

    It’s Memorial Day.  No work.  Woot.  I’m going to stop by a couple of bbqs and pig out.  You should do the same.

    Will Miles feat. Sopheye – Love Come Back (track is in Sopheye player)

    Utah Jazz & SoulmaticDisc-oh (track is in Innerground player)

    Paul SGGrey Skin

    Today’s Oldie:
    Omni TrioRenegade Snares (High Contrast Remix) – Moving Shadow 2003
    I’m extremely persnickety when it comes to remixes.  I love the classics so much.  If you don’t think you can do just as good of a job, don’t touch it… please.  We were just talking about how awesome this remix is in the Bassdrive chatroom the other day.  Love it.  So so good.

    Aaron JayKongkast #88


    01. She Got Me – Glen E Ston and Flaco (INFLUENCE RECORDS DUB)
    02. Model Way – Calibre (Signiture)
    03. Bucktown – Andy Skopes (DUB)
    04. Cold World – Lenzman (DUB)
    05. Follow my own path, dig my own grave – Mix Master Doc and Random Movement (DUB)
    06. Snow – Seba (DUB)
    07. The Trendy Track – Bal (INFLUENCE RECORDS ‘The Out There’ EP DUB)
    08. Organizer – Spectrasoul (DUB)
    09. Remendy – Calibre (Signiture)
    10. Dead Mans Chest – Eveson (DUB)
    11. This is drum and bass – K-Dan (DUB)
    12. Close Call – Beta 2 (DUB)
    13. Guiding Star – Delta and Format (INFLUENCE RECORDS DUB)
    14. Red Glass – Digital Hunters – (Inner Ground DUB)
    15. My Sentimental Moods – Makoto (Creative Source DUB)
    16. Ringtone – Calibe (Signiture)
    17. Cold Days – Jaybee (INFLUENCE RECORDS DUB)
    18. Can’t say goodbye – Glen E Ston (INFLUENCE RECORDS DUB)

    Senior Citizen Kiki


    It is amazing to me that I have naturally eased into my senior citizen status.  The funniest part is that it doesn’t even bother me anymore.  LOL.  I don’t really like to go out.  I prefer making dinners with my friends at each others houses instead of going out to the bar.  I can’t be arsed to talk to people I don’t know.  The list goes on.  I am comfortable with my new status now where as before I think I was a bit frightened by it.  I’ve had a good run.

    Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying I’m never going out again, it was more of an observation of my recent behaviour.  I used to go out at least 3 to 4 times a week, now I’m down to maybe 1 outing and I have no qualms about spending the whole weekend without setting foot in a bar.  Yesterday I came home from the gym, made honey dijon chicken with roasted potatoes and asparagus, talked on the phone, watched some telly and then went to bed and was as happy as a clam with my activities.  Whereas if that was me circa 2002 I would be trying to find something to do and would be lucky if I made it home before 4am… (On a weeknight!!  Clutch the pearls!)

    Silent Witness – Relay (track is in player)

    Today’s Oldie:
    TactileChanging SlowlyTimeless Recordings 2006
    Definitely not old enough to be a real oldie but I was listening to a mix in my car the other day and this was on it.  Love it.

    mSdoS & Aaron JayLiquid DnB Sessions Ep. 15


    01. Acropod – Magnetic cube (dUb)
    02. Donnie Dubson – 6 AM (Digital Colours Recordings)
    03. Jody Watley & Aris Kokou (aka Intersperse) – Candlelight (dUb)
    04. Sabbia & Operon – Harmony (Addiction Rec dub)
    05. Atmospherix,Eros & Grimm – Lay Back (dUb)
    06. Desperate – Believe in your love (dUb)
    07. Hobzee & Zyon Base – Sad Song (Influenza)
    08. Dj Clart – If you want this (Golden Orb)
    09. Dave Owen – High Steaks (dUb)
    10. Eveson – Brooklyn (Influence dUb)
    11. Paul sg & Caine – Electrosoul master (dUb)
    12. Submorphics – California Suite (dUb)
    13. Marky and Drumagick – Super Bass (Beatmasters dUb)
    14. Big Bud – Soulsista (Soundtrax dUb)
    15. Fabio Kura – Soulfood (dUb)
    16. Simplification – The Trilogy (Blu Saphir Rec dUb)
    17. Robot Redford – To See Her (Jnrblue reEdit) (dUb)
    18. Steez – Formular (Razor Mix) (dUb)
    19. Dj Trax – Shady (???)

    Aaron Jay
    01. Mr. Joseph – Necessary (DUB)
    02. Calibre – Model Way (Signature)
    03. Dave Owen – Feeling Kinda Blue (Influence DUB)
    04. Atom – Red Snapper (Influence DUB)
    05. Bal – The Trendy Tune (Out There EP -Influence DUB)
    06. Seba – Snow (DUB)
    07. Commix – Breaking Through (DUB)
    08. Lynx – The Semitones (Soul:r)
    09. Mix Master Doc & Random Movement – Follow my own path dig my own grave (DUB)
    10. Mr. Joseph – Winter Cold (DUB)
    11. Bladerunner & Explicit – It’s Taking Over Me (DUB)
    12. Calibre – Remedy (Signature)
    13. Digital Hunters – Red Glass (DUB)
    14. My Sentimental Moods – Makoto (DUB)
    15. Mr. Joseph -Mad Selecta (Influence DUB)
    16. Eveson – Dark Art (DUB)


    Eek. I think I’m getting sick. Scratchy throat etc. Boo.

    Telmo A feat. Double J – Novum (track is in player)

    SwitchDays Of The Week (track is in Rubik Records player)

    Today’s Oldie:
    Kemal & Rob DataKonspiracyIndustry Recordings 2001
    I was a huge Konflict fan. This track is no exception. Dope.

    Aaron JayInfluence Records Podcast #3 March ’09


    01. Simplification – Humanity (DUB)
    02. Instra:Metal & D-Bridge – Translucent (DUB)
    03. Jynx – Skeleton Man (DUB)
    04. Lenzman – Afraid of Jazz (Remix)
    05. Seba – Snow (DUB)
    06. Mix Master Doc & Random Movement – Follow my own path, dig my own grave (DUB)
    07. Bal – Out There (Influence Records DUB)
    08. K-Dan – This is Drum & Bass (DUB)
    09. Beta 2 – Close Call (DUB)
    10. Delta & Format – Guiding Star (Influence Records DUB)
    11. Derrick & Tonika – Crème Brule (DUB)
    12. Henree – Spell Bound (DUB)
    13. ? – ? (DUB)
    14. Eveson – Lost Isles (DUB)
    15. Kjell – Black Lodge (DUB)
    16. Mutt – Pin Drop (DUB)
    17. Oak – Mongoose (DUB)
    18. Subterra & Dekko – Torrent (DUB)
    19. Squash – Crawlers (DUB)
    20. Furney – Hurachies (DUB)
    21. Atom – Jazz Fudge (DUB)
    22. Jaybee – Cold Day (Influence Records DUB)
    23. Spirit – Eastern Promise (DUB)
    24. Survival & Sabre – Omega King (DUB)
    25. Dan Marshall – Zulu (DUB)
    26. Data – The Brink (Influence Records DUB)
    27. Bladerunner – Changes (DUB)
    28. DJ Madd – My Rocky Mountains (DUB)
    29. Blocks & Escher – Shadow Casting (DUB)
    30. Chris Inperspetive & Diamond Eye – Bulla Smash (DUB)
    31. Eveson – Dead Man’s Chest (DUB)
    32. A-Sides Feat. MC Fats – What You Don’t Know (Eastside)

    Oh Hello 2009

    Happy New Year Folks! 🙂

    Aaron JayInfluence Records Podcast #2


    01.Deadline – Douglas Greed and MC Kemo (DUB)
    02.Forever – Paul SG & Eros (DUB)
    03.Untitled – Dave Owen (DUB)
    04.The Score – Specific (DUB)
    05.Look How Long – Serum & Bladerunner (DUB)
    06.Venus in Furs – Bal (DUB)
    07.Division Point – Mix Master Doc & Random Movement (DUB)
    08.Be Sincere – MJ Cole (Eveson Remix) (DUB)
    09.Breaking Through – Commix (31 Records DUB)
    10.Lost Love – Glenn E Swan (DUB)
    11.Robot Fight – Atom (Influence Records DUB)
    12.Back Room Chillin – DJ Clart (DUB)
    13.Miller – Blocks & Escher (DUB)
    14.The Deadzone – Instru:Mental (Darkestral DUB)
    15.Abstractions – Data (DUB)
    16.Still Waters – Dave Owen (Influence Records DUB)

    *** Guest Mix By Soul Intent ***
    *** End of Mix ***

    24.Without You – Atom (Influence Records DUB)
    25.SHK – Spirit (DUB)
    26.Last Straw – D-Bridge (Exit Records)
    27.Photek – The Bleeps Tune

    President Kiki

    Yesterday was pretty fucking cool. Yay Obama! I know people don’t like it when you stuff politics down their throats so that’s all I’m going to say about it. 🙂

    I’m actually considering going to Lava tonight. I said considering… LOL. I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. Raving out just doesn’t seem to be on my agenda these days. I really have to get my rowdy ass in gear. I will be attending Junglefly on thursday though so that should make up for it. Anything that has the headline “a liquid funk dnb revival session!” you know I’ll be at.

    I gotta catch up on some mixes so I don’t have any new tunes to chat about today. I’ve been procrastinating again… Surprise surprise. There must be some deep seeded issue that I’m not dealing with cuz I’ve been taking procrastinating to a whole new level lately!

    Today’s Oldie:
    M-Beat feat. General LevyIncredibleRenk 1994 I couldn’t have an oldie section without putting this track in there. I remember hearing this track non stop when I was in London. It was fucking everywhere. If you didn’t like it, they were going to make you like it. LOL. Does anyone actually know what General Levy is saying besides “wicked wicked junglist massive” and “incredible?” You know that you can rely on me to make up a bunch of lyrics. 😉

    I downloaded this podcast ages ago but only actually got to listen to it last night. Really great tracks. I was completely entranced as I was listening to it.


    Aaron JayInfluence Records Podcast #1


    01. Intro – Calibre (DUB)
    02. Reconnaissance – Data (DUB)
    03. Light Speed – Bladerunner (DUB)
    04. Blow Up – Bal (Influence DUB) not Marquee Moon!
    05. What you won’t do – DJ Clart (DUB)
    06. Finding the right words – Paul SG & Eros (DUB)
    07. Damascus – Zero T (DUB)
    08. It could happen – Specific (Influence DUB)
    09. Rattled System – Mix Master Doc & Random Movement (DUB)
    10. On the Hush – Dave Owen (DUB)
    11. Apologize – Henree & Hiten (DUB)
    12. Zumbi dos palmares – Mjazzy (DUB)
    13. Buried – Spectra Soul – (DUB) ❤
    14. Photograph – Instru:Mental (DUB)
    15. Pray 4 Me – Bladerunner (DUB)
    16. This is Real – Furney (DUB)
    17. Breath In – Atom (DUB) ❤
    18. Rotation (REMIX) – Marky & XRS (V Records)
    19. Park Ave – Sinistarr (DUB)
    20. Bear Hug – Lenzman (DUB)
    21. Out of Reach – Specific (Influence DUB)
    22. Red River Valley – Bal (DUB)
    23. High Rise – Spirit (DUB)
    24. Untitled – Serum & Vapour (DUB)
    25. 80’s Lick – Bladerunner (DUB)
    26. Switch – Edward Oberon (DUB)
    27. You Need Me – Rikki Blue (Aqua Sonic Records)

    Just Do It

    Do what you ask? Do your fucking work. LOL. I’ve been procrastinating like nobody’s business.

    I need to buckle down. Geez.

    This one is dope.

    Command Strange – Touch The Sky (track is in the player)

    Today’s Oldie:

    Digital Spacefunk 2000 (Nasty Habits Remix)Timeless Recordings 2000 Don’t have anything profound to write about this track, it’s just a good oldie. ‘Nuff said. 🙂

    I really have to get back to work. Yay tomorrow’s friday.

    Toodloo for now.

    These Sonorous Podcasts are amazing. I already listened to this one and it’s great.

    HayzeSonorous Podcast 10/27/08



    Data – Muted

    Loxy – Ancients

    Sinistarr – Your Thoughts Exactly

    Commix – Bear Music

    Naibu – Here Now

    Furney & Tayla – You Must Stand Still

    Lynx & Aaron Jay – The Mule

    ST Files – Eight Six

    Bal – Eight & A Half

    Calibre – Oh Please

    Random Movement – Reasoning With The Weeds

    NuTone & Logistics – Trademark

    Survival – Headwaters

    Marcus Intalex – Astro Dance

    Eveson – Crying

    Zero Tolerance & Calibre – Diamonds & Pearls

    Bal – The Mysterian

    Random Movement – A Quick Thought

    Luca – Eastern Highway