President Kiki

Yesterday was pretty fucking cool. Yay Obama! I know people don’t like it when you stuff politics down their throats so that’s all I’m going to say about it. πŸ™‚

I’m actually considering going to Lava tonight. I said considering… LOL. I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately. Raving out just doesn’t seem to be on my agenda these days. I really have to get my rowdy ass in gear. I will be attending Junglefly on thursday though so that should make up for it. Anything that has the headline “a liquid funk dnb revival session!” you know I’ll be at.

I gotta catch up on some mixes so I don’t have any new tunes to chat about today. I’ve been procrastinating again… Surprise surprise. There must be some deep seeded issue that I’m not dealing with cuz I’ve been taking procrastinating to a whole new level lately!

Today’s Oldie:
M-Beat feat. General LevyIncredibleRenk 1994 I couldn’t have an oldie section without putting this track in there. I remember hearing this track non stop when I was in London. It was fucking everywhere. If you didn’t like it, they were going to make you like it. LOL. Does anyone actually know what General Levy is saying besides “wicked wicked junglist massive” and “incredible?” You know that you can rely on me to make up a bunch of lyrics. πŸ˜‰

I downloaded this podcast ages ago but only actually got to listen to it last night. Really great tracks. I was completely entranced as I was listening to it.


Aaron JayInfluence Records Podcast #1


01. Intro – Calibre (DUB)
02. Reconnaissance – Data (DUB)
03. Light Speed – Bladerunner (DUB)
04. Blow Up – Bal (Influence DUB) not Marquee Moon!
05. What you won’t do – DJ Clart (DUB)
06. Finding the right words – Paul SG & Eros (DUB)
07. Damascus – Zero T (DUB)
08. It could happen – Specific (Influence DUB)
09. Rattled System – Mix Master Doc & Random Movement (DUB)
10. On the Hush – Dave Owen (DUB)
11. Apologize – Henree & Hiten (DUB)
12. Zumbi dos palmares – Mjazzy (DUB)
13. Buried – Spectra Soul – (DUB) ❀
14. Photograph – Instru:Mental (DUB)
15. Pray 4 Me – Bladerunner (DUB)
16. This is Real – Furney (DUB)
17. Breath In – Atom (DUB) ❀
18. Rotation (REMIX) – Marky & XRS (V Records)
19. Park Ave – Sinistarr (DUB)
20. Bear Hug – Lenzman (DUB)
21. Out of Reach – Specific (Influence DUB)
22. Red River Valley – Bal (DUB)
23. High Rise – Spirit (DUB)
24. Untitled – Serum & Vapour (DUB)
25. 80’s Lick – Bladerunner (DUB)
26. Switch – Edward Oberon (DUB)
27. You Need Me – Rikki Blue (Aqua Sonic Records)

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