Isn’t hullabaloo a word that everyone uses?  My coworker was dying of laughter when I used it on saturday and I could swear it’s a regular word that everyone uses but maybe not.  I just don’t remember it being a strictly British term.  Now he won’t stop using it.  He doesn’t even care what it means, he just throws it into every sentence.  LOL.

I had a pretty good weekend.  Westfest was fun.  Went to the Hatcha show on Friday.  Great music.  Hatcha was just killing it.  I love dubstep.  It’s my little treat to myself cuz it’s not completely part of my being like dnb is so every little event I got to or mix I download I cherish immensely. 🙂  I’m so cheesy but I can’t help it.  I just love dirty basslines.

Worked at Adidas on saturday.  I only have two shifts left there.  Eek.  I thought it was more than that!  I have no desire to work there anymore but when discussing my final shifts with my boss, the finality of it kinda freaked me out.  I’ve worked there for 3 years.  That store is very much a part of my life.  I’m really good friends with my coworkers and hang out with them quite frequently.  Then as I stood around waiting for customers to make decisions about items, waiting to close the store, I remembered why I was quitting and the nostalgia disappeared really quickly!

I’ve just exhausted my retail life.  I have no desire to get anyone anything for an hourly wage.  Salaries are where it’s at yo!  My regular 9 to 5 pays well and is pretty much stress free.  I like the idea of getting my work done and then going home.  Standing around in a clothing store waiting to help people that come in is definitely not my cup of tea anymore.

It will be weird to have to pay for clothes though.  I’ve been getting free clothes for the past 3 years cuz it’s part of our “uniform.”  I’ll still get the discount so it’ll be ok and to be honest i’ve kinda outgrown that style.  I still like the trainers but I’m gonna be 32 in a couple of months and I’ve figured out that I can’t wear shit with writing all over it or cartoony type characters without feeling a wee bit ridiculous and all the multicoloured items I own now is where it stops, I’m not adding anymore to the collection.  I’m sure you thought I was joking when I said I had reached senior citizen status, well I wasn’t at all. 😉

I bought some records this past weekend.  Managed to buy some that were on my wish list so that made me happy.

Don’t really have any dnb news today.  I kinda lazed out this weekend and didn’t even really listen to music, just read and watched tv.


Aaron JayAugust 2008 Mix


01. Unknown – Untitled
02. Spirit – Connected
03. Random Movement – Hotter Measures
04. Seba – Crockett
05. Saburoko & Brother – In Control
06. Sinistarr – Golgo 13
07. Atom – Night Flight
08. Data – Termite
09. Spectrasoul – Tectonics
10. Brother – Junction – Eveson remix (Influence)
11. Lomax – Come & See
12. Hobzee & Zyon Base – One Thousand Paper Cranes
13. Data – Delicate (Influence)
14. Soul Intent – Sax Me (Influence)
15. Kjell – Point Taken
16. Eveson & Henree – Lomo
17. Breakage – Lightweight
18. Data – The Causeway (Influence)
19. Carl Craig – Highest

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