I belong to this blog for this research marketing group.  Basically there’s a group of us that they ask questions to once a week and we get paid for our opinions.  I haven’t answered the questions in like  forever so I figured it was time to get to it.  I’ve been writing for what seems like eternally too long since my answers are always super detailed and now I can’t be bothered to write anything interesting in here.  Boo.  Alas there’s always tomorrow.

I’m digging this Utah Jazz on Liquid V.  Great stuff.

Mesmerize/ Riddim Track

I was having a hard time finding something I wanted to post today so I decided to go through some mixes I had downloaded but not listened to and found this Dj Trax mix and it totally went along with the mood I’m in.  Lovely mix.  All his tunes.

Dj Trax – All Trax Mix


0:00 1/ `SunLight` (Unreleased)
6:15 2/ `Tommorows New Dawn` Exclusive Instrumental Mix (Crisis recordings)
11:33 3/ `The Drummer Is The Heatbeat` (Outsider Music)
17:34 4/ `Depths`(Offset Recordings)
23:25 5/ `This One` (Subvert Central Recordings)
27:38 6/ `My Response` (Unreleased)
32:30 7/ `Lost My Tears` (Defcom Dub)
39:17 8/ `Creation` (Unreleased)
42:45 9/ `Lay Back` (Outsider Music)
49:41 10/`Warmth` (Paradox Music)


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