I am not ridiculously gadget oriented. I like them but I’m clumsy and I break stuff all the time so there’s no use in getting excited about a new toy when I know there’s a 98.27% chance it’ll be broken soon. Where am I going with this? My ipod. No it’s not broken. I just have a shuffle and I got that for a Christmas present from my boss cuz I can guarantee you that I wouldn’t buy one. Surprisingly I still have it 2 years later. The only reason it’s not broken is because it’s obviously drop proof… made up word alert. Thanks folks, my dictionary will be out next year. I drop that thing at least six times a day. I’m surprised I haven’t stepped on it. I’m babbling. Basically I love my ipod because I can store mixes on it. I don’t have a single lone song on my ipod which most of my non-electronic music loving friends find quite funny. It’s just chocablock full of mixes. When I used to bring my ipod to work at Adidas, I would put on some songs that I wouldn’t mind hearing at work so I could join the ipod rotation but now that I only work there once a week, I put the kibosh on that plan and now it’s mix city!

To keep up with my dnb obsession I am constantly in need of mixes to listen to. Breaksblog definitely takes care of that for me. There’s always a ton of good mixes on there. Another one I’ve recently started frequenting is Drum & Bass Links cuz not only do they have loads of mixes but they also have good variety. To be honest I go all over. I’ve become pretty adept at searching for mixes so even though those two are my regular go-to sites I tend to go anywhere and everywhere cuz I’m a fiend.

One mix I’ve had on heavy rotation is Aaron Jay’s April mix for Breaksblog. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve actually not been too happy with the past few Aaron Jay mixes. Last year I feel like they were really good and I would download without hesitation and then they just got really bloody boring. The tracklist would look decent and then I would find myself fast forwarding through the mix. This one I’m really into though. The tracklist is nice and it’s just an all round nice public transportation mix. I would never dream of driving my car to work as I work downtown so the ratings for most mixes that I put on my ipod are on a “public transportation mix” scale. We’ll have to get to the “partying at my house while doing laundry or pretending to clean” scale some other day.


Aaron Jay April Breaksblog Mix


01. Sinth – Redeyes (DUB)
02. Lectro – Calibre (Signiture) *Lovin’ this track!!*
03. Lower East Side – Brother (DUB)
04. Lose You – Lenzman (DUB)
05. She Should Be Mine – ICR (DUB)
06. Deadly Rumours – Sabre & Zero T (DUB)
07. Dream World – Physics (D-Bridge REMIX) (DUB)
08. Brooklyn – Eveson (DUB)
09. Untitled Housey – Bal (DUB)
10. Leeroy Jenkins – Sinistarr (Influence Records DUB)
11. Sensibileia – Furney & Big Bud (DUB)
12. Production of Space – Ill Logic & Raff (DUB)
13. Why Time – Calibre (Signiture)
14. Dawn – Survival & Break (DUB)
15. Studio Pressure – Soul Intent (Influence Records DUB)
16. Turn Around – Redeyes (DUB)
17. Other Voices – RawQ (DUB)
18. Near Miss – System (DUB)

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