I have a tendency to take things one step too far. Nothing hateful or mean really, more like I’m that person who’s always saying to myself “I shouldn’t have eaten that last gummy worm,” or “it would have looked a lot better if I didn’t add that red stripe,” or “I should have only cut the neck of that shirt once cuz the second cut looks crazy.” You get the idea.

I tend to apply that philosophy to listening to tracks but fortunately the outcome is usually positive because I’m satisfied with the result. The only negative outcome is I could officially be dubbed insane since it’s absolutely abnormal to listen to the same song over and over like I do. I always want to ask people if they do it to the extreme that I do but i try not to point my weird tendencies out to others if I can help it.

I’ve seen people rewind songs a few times here and there but definitely never witnessed the approach that I have. This is no exaggeration… I could, and have listened to the same song on repeat for a whole day. I’ll make up a number, 15? 20 times? I’m being lenient because I’m sure it’s more than that but we’ll leave it there cuz I don’t want anyone bringing in the white coats.

The song that I’ve been doing that to this week is A-sidesLustrous.” I will fully admit that I totally slept on this track. It’s on the flipside to Nu:Tone’s remix of Lenzman’s “Caught Up.” I didn’t particularly like the remix so I just kinda dismissed it and didn’t even really bother to listen to the other track. I do that a lot actually. Mostly because I don’t really mix out anymore and even though I like to keep up my vinyl collection it’s quite an expensive habit. So I can’t just be buying tracks willy nilly.  Instead I try to only buy records that I feel I will die, yes die, if I don’t own.

I was at Lava and my buddy Pipeline played it and it sounded really good. Now I can’t get it out of my head. Yesterday I sat in my car and listened to it on repeat instead of getting out and putting the groceries in my apartment. There was ice cream in there dammit!! I have no sense of priority at all! I don’t know why I felt such a sense of urgency about it. I have the record upstairs in my place it wasn’t like I wasn’t going to ever hear it again. *shakes head*

In a nutshell A-sides is awesome. I don’t only say that cuz he’s my friend. I was obsessed with EastSide Records way before I even became friends with him.

I’m gonna get back to work and go listen to Lustrous one more time.



3 thoughts on “A-sides

  1. haha u fool 🙂 u like the track so much u cant spell the name properly 🙂


    nice blog anyway. see ya in july for a shop up hopefully 🙂

  2. bah, blame Chemical Records! That’s where I got the spelling from. I thought you were trying to be all fancy with the spelling. I changed it. 🙂

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