Flight – Live @ Swerve

Just in the process of listening to this one but I’m sure it’ll be wicked cuz Flight doesn’t disappoint.

Had a pretty good weekend. Makoto was in town. Really good show. I must say that I’m really into my Chicago dnb scene. I may harp on about being old but it’s just that I think I would be pretty miserable if my city’s dnb scene was ravetastic. I really am not that into partying with young people and being around a million people at a time. I have reached the age where me and an eighteen year old really have nothing in common, so partying with one would seem pretty silly. I think it’s nice to be in my thirties and be able to go to an intimate bar, listen to music I like on a nice sound system, have a drink and be around my friends. I know that other people wanna hype it up and rave til the break of dawn but that totally sounds nightmarish to me. To each his own, right?

I’m kinda swamped with work today so this mini post will have to do. Be prepared for more of my “eye-opening” (kidding of course) dnb ramblings tomorrow.


P.S.  My day just got a lot cooler because this Peyo track that I’ve been in love with for ages just came out.  🙂

Peyo & Cloud Nine – That’s What You Do To Me

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