DnB Overload! Pt. 1

I woke up this morning and just knew it was gonna be a good day. It’s rare when that happens. It’s almost like all the planets have to be aligned or something just to make sure that it does. I actually slept really well. I went running. I had a good breakfast. I watched some tivo. I replaced all the mixes on my ipod cuz it was about that time and I checked all the new releases to see if there was anything I wanted to buy. All this before I left for work at 8:05a.m. Not bad huh?

The only annoying thing that happened this morning was it was one of those times where people won’t stop staring at you. I know you’ve all had those days. I spent my train ride staring at the floor and pretending to focus on the mix I was listening to cuz there were like 4 people that were being totally relentless about it. It’s weird cuz I’m like, I see you staring… You’re looking right at me so how do you think I’m not going to see you??? At least I have the decency to master the art of secretly staring at someone. It would be nice if others learned to do the same! 😉 It makes you think that something is wrong with you and it’s totally bothersome so please stop doing it. I double checked the mirror when I got to work and there wasn’t anything wrong with me. No hair out of place, no food on my shirt, no random unidentifiable objects on my face. Maybe I was giving off the aura of being in a good mood and they could sense it and were annoyed. Everyone knows that a majority of people that are on their way to work at 8 a.m. are probably not happy about it. *end of rant*

Back to dnb… 🙂 It was like Christmas for me this morning cuz I managed to find a bunch of mixes that I actually was excited to listen to. I hadn’t checked out the new Marcus Intalex yet. My buddy Stunna said it was a must download and once I realised D-Bridge was on it too, it was a no-brainer. Right now I’m really digging that D-Bridge remix of “Dream World.” It’s on that Aaron Jay Mix I posted before.

Marcus Intalex Feat. D-Bridge @ RBMA May 2008


Commix – Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Mix)
ST Files – Fat Soul
Calibre – Remedy
Data – Muted
Commix – Life We Live
D-Bridge – Creatures Of Habit
Marcus Intalex – Cabin Fever
Lomax – Res
S.P.Y. – 8 Bits
Lynx And Hellrazor – Shady Pastimes

– D-Bridge In The Mix –

Calibre – Out Of The Box
Marcus Intalex – Pole Dance
Random Movement, Mixmaster Doc & Focus – My Sentiments
Lenzman – I Still
Naibu – Newport
Commix – Underwater Scene
Bop – Searching The Truth

One thought on “DnB Overload! Pt. 1

  1. Maybe I was giving off the aura of being in a good mood and they could sense it and were annoyed.

    …this made me LOL at work.

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