I Have Zero Tolerance… For This Weather

I slept well last night and I’ve totally done everything I need to do so I’m feeling quite serene today. Also I’m excited at the prospect of 77 degrees on sunday and having three days off in a row.

Even though I post mixes everyday I don’t really get time to listen to all of them on that day and then we have the whole problem of me constantly listening to things on repeat so sometimes it takes a while to get through all of them. I’m currently stuck on that Dj Presha mix I posted last week. That’s a good one. 🙂

I’m also loving “Creatures of Habit” on the D-Bridge album. I’m not writing a review on the album. It’s good. Go get it. I didn’t really start this blog to review stuff, I’m not a music journalist. It’s just a soundboard to talk about my love of dnb. I think I was just so excited to finally receive my Calibre album that just I wanted to talk about it, so I wrote a review on it.

It’s grey outside and I’m over it. I’m in a pretty melody, cozy, lay on your couch and think about shit mood… Obviously since I’m at work, I’ll have to improvise. I’ve decided Zero Tolerance is just the guy to be the soundtrack to this setting. All of his collaborations are just so pretty. I don’t know what I’d do if someone told me I wasn’t allowed to use the word pretty to describe liquid funk! 😉

I’m a huge Zero T fan. One of my favourite tracks is Refusal. I also really really love Round Table. I found this mix and I’ve got no idea who it’s mixed by but it’s all Zero T tracks so it serves the purpose.


Zero T Tribute


01 – Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – Minder [Reinforced]
02 – Naphta – One Time (Zero Tolerance Remix) [Bassbin]
03 – Zero Tolerance – Rift [Skunkrock]
04 – Zero Tolerance – Pace Maker [Advanced]
05 – Zero Tolerance – Natural Selection [Subtitles]
06 – Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – Give It Up [Commercial Suicide]
07 – Calibre, Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 – Riverside [Industry]
08 – Zero Tolerance – Taken Over [Bassbin]
09 – Zero Tolerance – Goes Around [Shogun Audio]
10 – Beta 2 – Kinetix [Skunkrock]
11 – Calibre & Zero Tolerance – One Word [Liquid V]
12 – Zero Tolerance feat. Steo – Refusal [Integral]
13 – Mos Def – Panties (Zero Tolerance Remix)
14 – Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 – Round Table [Advanced]
15 – Zero Tolerance & Survival – Back East [Revolution]
16 – Zero Tolerance – Serpico [Skunkrock]
17 – Zero Tolerance & Mosus – Run Time [Liquid V]
18 – Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 – Saturate State [Bassbin]
19 – Calibre & Zero Tolerance – Waterfall [Signature]
20 – Zero Tolerance – Brace [Subtitles]
21 – Zero Tolerance & Mentality – Last Resort [Breakin]
22 – Dillinja – Sky (Zero Tolerance Remix) [V]
23 – Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 – Bizzy Time [Advanced]
24 – Calibre & Zero Tolerance – Lion Dub [Liquid V]
25 – Beta 2 – Kinetix (Calibre Remix) [Skunkrock]
26 – Zero Tolerance & Alix Perez – Anyone But You [Liquid V]
27 – Zero Tolerance & Mosus feat. Steo – Call Waiting [Liquid V]
28 – Beta 2 – Changes [Skunkrock]
29 – Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – Secada [Advanced]
30 – Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – The Beaten Track [Progress]
31 – Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – Lip Service [Reinforced]

I Get So Weak….

I’m beat down. I’ve had this horrific cough along with numerous other annoying symptoms for like five days. I’m pretty sure I’m dying. Web MD says I might have walking pneumonia or hypersomnia. Of course I can guarantee you that I really have neither. Web MD is good for turning people into hypochondriacs.

I was running around a lot this weekend so I don’t really have much dnb to write about… Well actually let me be honest, Stunna sent me this track that him and Tyler Straub did and I’m way too into it and have just been listening to it on repeat all weekend.  That’s why I have no other dnb to write about.   It’s called So Weak and it’s dope. I don’t remember being able to go anywhere in 1993 without hearing that SWV song so I’ve become a wee bit obsessed. Sorry but I don’t have a sample to give you right now.

I did get my D-Bridge : Gemini Principle LP so at least I accomplished something.

I’m still ailing and feeling a bit lazy so I’m just gonna listen to this SabreShogun Audio Mix on Pyro Radio and dream about not having hypersomnia and walking pneumonia.


Sabre Shogun Audio Show May 15, 2008

DnB Overload! Pt. 1

I woke up this morning and just knew it was gonna be a good day. It’s rare when that happens. It’s almost like all the planets have to be aligned or something just to make sure that it does. I actually slept really well. I went running. I had a good breakfast. I watched some tivo. I replaced all the mixes on my ipod cuz it was about that time and I checked all the new releases to see if there was anything I wanted to buy. All this before I left for work at 8:05a.m. Not bad huh?

The only annoying thing that happened this morning was it was one of those times where people won’t stop staring at you. I know you’ve all had those days. I spent my train ride staring at the floor and pretending to focus on the mix I was listening to cuz there were like 4 people that were being totally relentless about it. It’s weird cuz I’m like, I see you staring… You’re looking right at me so how do you think I’m not going to see you??? At least I have the decency to master the art of secretly staring at someone. It would be nice if others learned to do the same! 😉 It makes you think that something is wrong with you and it’s totally bothersome so please stop doing it. I double checked the mirror when I got to work and there wasn’t anything wrong with me. No hair out of place, no food on my shirt, no random unidentifiable objects on my face. Maybe I was giving off the aura of being in a good mood and they could sense it and were annoyed. Everyone knows that a majority of people that are on their way to work at 8 a.m. are probably not happy about it. *end of rant*

Back to dnb… 🙂 It was like Christmas for me this morning cuz I managed to find a bunch of mixes that I actually was excited to listen to. I hadn’t checked out the new Marcus Intalex yet. My buddy Stunna said it was a must download and once I realised D-Bridge was on it too, it was a no-brainer. Right now I’m really digging that D-Bridge remix of “Dream World.” It’s on that Aaron Jay Mix I posted before.

Marcus Intalex Feat. D-Bridge @ RBMA May 2008


Commix – Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Mix)
ST Files – Fat Soul
Calibre – Remedy
Data – Muted
Commix – Life We Live
D-Bridge – Creatures Of Habit
Marcus Intalex – Cabin Fever
Lomax – Res
S.P.Y. – 8 Bits
Lynx And Hellrazor – Shady Pastimes

– D-Bridge In The Mix –

Calibre – Out Of The Box
Marcus Intalex – Pole Dance
Random Movement, Mixmaster Doc & Focus – My Sentiments
Lenzman – I Still
Naibu – Newport
Commix – Underwater Scene
Bop – Searching The Truth