I Get So Weak….

I’m beat down. I’ve had this horrific cough along with numerous other annoying symptoms for like five days. I’m pretty sure I’m dying. Web MD says I might have walking pneumonia or hypersomnia. Of course I can guarantee you that I really have neither. Web MD is good for turning people into hypochondriacs.

I was running around a lot this weekend so I don’t really have much dnb to write about… Well actually let me be honest, Stunna sent me this track that him and Tyler Straub did and I’m way too into it and have just been listening to it on repeat all weekend.  That’s why I have no other dnb to write about.   It’s called So Weak and it’s dope. I don’t remember being able to go anywhere in 1993 without hearing that SWV song so I’ve become a wee bit obsessed. Sorry but I don’t have a sample to give you right now.

I did get my D-Bridge : Gemini Principle LP so at least I accomplished something.

I’m still ailing and feeling a bit lazy so I’m just gonna listen to this SabreShogun Audio Mix on Pyro Radio and dream about not having hypersomnia and walking pneumonia.


Sabre Shogun Audio Show May 15, 2008

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