Chicken Party Kiki

It was my friend Ron’s bday party on saturday and he decided he wanted to have a chicken party and it was awesome.  Everyone just made different kinds of chicken wings to bring to the party and we just hung out and ate and drank.  I made teriyaki wings and some breaded wings.  It was really fun.  I have never eaten so many different types of wings in one setting.  Such a good idea for a  party.  Good times.

Today’s Oldie:
Basic OperationsDrifting On An AspectLiquid V 2006
Only 4 years old but I was listening to it yesterday and remembered how much I loved it.  My criteria for oldies is really just that it can’t have been released in the current year. 😉

Fabio on Radio 1 with Special Guest Sabre


DJ Die & Interface – Bright Lights (Rollers mix) [Clearskyz]
Apollo Two – Return to Atlantis (Marky & S.P.Y Remix) (Good Lookin)
Blame – Let It Go [Newstate]
Dave Owen – Yo girl [Creative Source]
Omni Trio – Renegade Sneers [Moving Shadow]
Total Science & Dj Lee – Relentless [White label]
[unknown] – Secrets [White label]
Dub Phizix – Hammerhead [White label]
Alton Miller – Time One (Flaco Remix) [White Label]
Dramatic & dbAudio – Subtle Shaking [Phuzion Records]
Foul Play – Being With You [Moving Shadow]
Lenzman – Unknown [White label]
Mortem – Stratos [Dub]
Sabre – The Intrepid [Critical]
ASC – Phobos [Non-Plus]
Sabre – Peril (Stray Remix) [Critical]
Sabre & Alix Perez – avelin [Critical]
Sabre – One Hundred Teeth [Critical]
Sabre – God Fearing [Metalheadz]
Data & Keza – Surveillance [Dub]


Aaron D. – Premonition [Unsigned]

Breakage – Temper [Digital Soundboy Recordings]
Modified Motion – Now More than ever [White Label]
Zero T – Tavistock dub [White Label]
Rodigan – Mr Joseph [White Label]
Renegade & Ray Keith – Terrorist [Dread Recordings]


Peacoat Kiki

Boo.  The peacoat is back out.  It is cold outside!  Pretty sunny weather please come back. 😦

SabreOne Hundred Teeth (Furi Anga Remix)

Today’s Oldie:
Lenny FontanaSpread Love (Nu:Tone Remix) – Hospital Records 2003

KluteCommercial Suicide Mix


01. Dom & Klute – Buy More Now (forthcoming Music for prophet LP)
02. Mindscape & Jade – Razorsharp (SUICIDE049)
03. Nymfo – Bionic Fingers (forthcoming)
04. Klute – Blackpony (forthcoming Music for prophet LP)
05. Klute – Autumn Stone (forthcoming Music for prophet LP)
06. Amit – Slug (forthcoming)
07. Mindscape – Damn Tough (forthcoming)
08. SKC & Chris SU – Crash (forthcoming)
09. Dose, Trei & Menace – Valium Express V.I.P.
10. Tactile & Trace – Body Move (SUICIDE026)
11. The Upbeats – Ionized (forthcoming)
12. SKC & Hydro feat. Munk – Head First (SUICIDE047)
13. Insight – Bomb Factory (forthcoming)
14. Nymfo – Matchstick (forthcoming)
15. Klute – Fools Love (forthcoming Music for prophet LP)

Over-age Kiki

So me and Daniela went to see Caspa at Smart Bar yesterday.  I like dubstep.  I don’t listen to it as much as dnb but I do enjoy the genre and all its sub categories.  Yesterday I was up for some rowdy party dubstep.  Apparently no one told me and Daniela that it was a 22 year olds only party.  LOL.  I don’t know why I keep being surprised every time I go to his shows.  He has a huge following.  He’s totally grabbed the new ravers crowd.  Me and Daniela were some of the oldest people there.  These kids love him.  Camera phones, autographs, etc.  It’s awesome.  I love watching it but at the same time it’s definitely a reminder that we are old.  It was seriously like a rave in there except we were in a club and it’s 2010.  I had fun nonetheless.  Caspa is  a good dj.  Good times.

Total Science & SPY – Gangsta (track is in both players)
I’ve been digging this track since I heard Friction play it on the first Shogun Audio podcast.

Today’s Oldie:
CalibreRun Around – Defunked 2003 

SabreGRAM Agency Podcast


01. Notion – Even Now [N/A]
02. Data – Burning Paradise [Blackout]
03. Sabre – 100 Teeths [Critical]
04. Zero T & FD – After All [Subtitles]
05. Hybris – Of Two Minds [N/A]
06. Sabre – Peril (Stray Remix) [Critical]
07. Data & Keza – Surveillance [Inside]
08. Cern & Dabs – What Remains [N/A] Cern LP
09. Dot – Secure Zone [N/A]
10. Alix Perez & Zero T – Enemy Of Reason [N/A]
11. Hybris – Dirty Money [N/A]
12. Judda – Pressure Plate [Critical]
13. Cern & Teknik – Wasabi [N/A] Cern LP

Visually Challenged Kiki

Being poor doesn’t allow you to do normal things… like see. LOL. My eye exam is not current and therefore I cannot get a new box of contacts and am practically blind right now. Thank god for my friend Marissa who works at an eye place and is gonna hook me up today.

ElectrolyteRay of Light (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
TactileThe MistFunction Records 2004

SabreCritical Music Podcast 6


01. Mixmaster Doc – Cancellation Dub – Dub
02. Sabre and Alix Perez – Javelin – Critical
03. Dub Phizix – Handmade – Dub
04. Sabre – Marvel – Critical
05. Alix Perez – The Observer – Dub
06. Hybris – The Cleaner – Critical
07. Jose James – Warriors (Rockwell Remix) – Brownswood
08. Ena – Slip Into Ur Mind – Dub
09. Sabre – Follow Polaris – Critical
10. Kryptic Minds – Wondering Why – Osiris Music
11. Icicle – Xylophobia – Dub
12. Sabre – The Gazette – Critical
13. Jack Sparrow – Torment – Tectonic
14. Sabre – Levelling Out Pt. 2 – Critical

Ailing Kiki

I’m not feeling too well.

Sabre feat. TuereOriginal Sin

Today’s Oldie:
Gang Related & MaskBitersDope Dragon 1996
Continuing with the Dope Dragon oldies.  Love ’em.  This was the second record I ever bought.  I learned some tricks with the intro and thought I was cool.  Love the sample.

JebarDnB Spring 2009 Mix


01.FLARE – Body Baby
02.Total Science Featuring MC Conrad – Soul Patrol (Lenzman Remix)
03.Zinc – Film feat. Slarta Jon – Calibre Vocal
04.Crystal Clear & Netsky – King Of The Stars
05.Submorphics & Chino – Infused
06.LAOS – Everything
07.UnderSound – Body Breathe (Liquid Brilliants)
08.Steve Angello, Laidback Luke – Show Me Love – Blame Remix
09.UnderSound – That Feelin – feat. Amy Whittle (Liquid Brilliants)
10.LAOS – Back No More
11.BEARD – Unstoppable
12.Ross D – The Music (Liquid Brilliants)
13.High_Contrast – Racing Green
14.DJ Deekline, Ed Solo & Simon M – Sugar Me
15.FLARE – Solid As A Rock
16.NW2 – Ala Bama
17.BLAME feat SELAH – Because Of You
18.DJ Panik & M Rode – I Miss You
19.Sigma – Something Special
20.Human Factor – What A Shame
21.DJ Marky, XRS – LK feat. Stamina MC
22.Human Factor – It’s No Use

Meh To The Max

(Jay is this what the cat looked like when it ignored you?) 😉

I’m kinda of excited for the weekend to come cuz this week has been pretty boring.

Sabre & Zero TDeadly Rumours
Ooh I like this one.

Today’s Oldie:
CLS & WaxWhy Don’t YouHospital Records 2004
I ❤ CLS & Wax.  They make nice liquid.

EHL Shakedown Mix #1 April 2009



Melancholy Kiki

There’s always that strange sense of longing after you come back from a trip.  No matter how little the trip is.  Once you have to get back to your regular life it just doesn’t seem as exciting.  I’m gonna have to come up with some interesting things to stop my week from being so bloody boring.

Electrosoul SystemWhale Dance
This one is a bit odd but I’m  a big ESS fan so I reckon I’ll probably like anything he puts out.

Sabre – Global (track is in player)
I like Sabre’s grittiness.

Hobzee & Zyon BaseSad Song (track is in Hobzee player)
Love this one.  So pretty and chill.

Today’s Oldie:
KonflictRoadblockRenegade Hardware 1999

There seems to be a mix drought.  I’m not finding them as easily as I usually do.  I commend my buddy Doddi cuz he always seems to find a bunch of mixes that I have never even seen.  I found this one and listened to it and it’ll do for today.

NeroElements of Bass 04/04/09


London Elektricity – All Hell Is Breaking Loose – Hospital
London Elektricity – Rond The Corner (Origin Unknown Rmx) – Hospital
Zero Tolerance + Survival – Cold Blood – Revolution
Digital – Street Biz (Drum Cypha Rmx) – Function
Biz Markie – Let Me See U Bounce (Beat Box Mix) – Tommy Boy
Drumsound + Bassline Smith – Harder – Technique
Lomax + Kasra – Warrior – Critical
Pendulum – Vault – 31 Recs
Blame – Hindsight – Hospital
Commix – Rack it – Hospital
Chris Inperspective – Herb Minus – Nu Directions
Raw Q – Vital Soul – Bingo
Jazz Thieves – We Keep The Funk – Pushin Wax
CLS – Tell Me What You Want – Med School
Nympho – Common Gateway – Inneractive
Soul Intent – Cold Blooded – Samurai Music
Logistics – Wide Lens – Hospital
Serum – War Cry – Timeless
Stranjah – 20/46 – DNBArena
Xample ft. Lomax – Contra – RAM
Fresh + Pendulum = Kingston Vampires – Breakbeat Kaos
Icicle – Echoes – Subtitles
Digital – B.U.R.N.Y. – Violence
Specific – Tell Me (Zero T Rmx) – Phunkfiction
SKC – Offguard Rmx – Commercial Suicide
Lynx – The Fonz – Bingo
High Contrast – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Hospital
Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down – Breakbeat Kaos
Icicle – Just A Moment – Crunch
Audio Unit – Running – Vandal
Gridlok – Labrat – Project 51
Naibu – AKI – Breakin
Martsman – Vontamin – Trust In Music
Break – The Drone – Symmetry
The Insiders – Stepdub – Intrigue
Craggz, Parallel Forces + Mosus – Boogie Down – Product
Mathematics + Spinline – Tempest – Hard:Edged
Saburuko + Brother – In Control – Horizons Music
SKC – Do That Thing – Social Studies
High Contrast – Basement Track – Hospital
High Contrast – Racing Green – Hospital
Cubist – Live + Let Die – Blueprint
Calibre + Singing Fats – Drop It Down – Signature

Snuggle Bunny Kiki

Over Christmas was when I saw the snuggie commercial for the first time.  It brought me much amusement.  I feel like the commercial is made in the same way as the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” ones were.  Pure hilarity.

I was talking to my friend Mike’s gf, Erin the other day and she showed me something that one ups the snuggie, the couch sack!!!  What!  Ten times better than the snuggie.  I like to be as cozy as the next person but this shit is out of control.  LOL.


Sabre – God Fearing (track is in audio player)

Today’s Oldie:
CalibrePesoSignature Records 2003
Was listening to this one this morning.  Dope.

Raw QJanuary 2009 Studio Mix

01. Commix – Underwater Scene (Soul:R)
02. Sinistarr – Golgo 13 (Dub)
03. Calibre – Roundhouse (Signature)
04. D-Bridge – Dreamworld [Rmx] (Blindside)
05. Henree & Eveson – Lomo (Deep Kuts)
06. Random Movement – Scotch Bonnet (Dub)
07. Brother – Junction (Influence)
08. Logistics & Nu:Tone – Trademark (Hospital)
09. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – Rattled System (Dub)
10. Soul Intent – The Funky Creeper (Influence Dub)
11. J-Majik – Blame [Rmx] (Infrared)
12. Break and Survival – Dawn (DNAudio)
13. Lomax – Come and See (Critical)
14. The Insiders – Burning Deep (Burn Recs)
15. Random Movement – Change for the Train Home (Dub)
16. Dj Die – On Time (V Recs)
17. Lynx vs Hellrazor – Shady Pastimes (Soul:R)
18. Bal – Blow Up (Influence Dub)
19. Atom – Breathe In (Dub)
20. Lomax – Too Real (Soul:R)
21. Commix – Rack It (Soul:R)
22. Atom – Night Flight (Sonorous Dub)
23. Random Movement & Mixmaster Doc – The Self-Aware Convection Oven (Dub)

24. Subwave – Think (Shogun Audio)
25. Breakage – Come Back (Bassbin)
26. ST Files – Eight Six (Soul:R)
27. Calibre – Trip It (Digital Soundboy)
28. Raw Q – Mandala (Dub)
29. Instra:mental – Comanche (Darkestral)
30. Data – The Causeway (Influence Dub)
31. Mutt & Visionary – Lady Love (Future Retro)
32. Raw Q – Summer Rain (Influence)


That’s what I’m doing. Sleeping, being bored, sleeping some more…. all with my eyes open and sitting at my desk and lurking in the Bassdrive chatroom. I should draw eyes on my eyelids like Martin did in Knocked Up.

Sorry for the crap post. Just not on it today I guess. Hopefully Mav and Sabre are gritty enough to help me make it to 4:30.


Kensai – Mav vs Sabre

Mav – Divine Interaction
Icicle – That Tune
Mav – Cruise Control
Sabre – Colony Assault
Mav – Scientific Way
Silent Witness – Eternal Cycle
Mav – The Curse
Sabre – Love Is Gone
Mav – Special Forces
Sabre – Language Barrier
Mav – Out of the Blue
Mav & ASC – Too Deep
Autumn – Redemption
Sabre – Riverside
Mav & ASC – Skeptical
Sabre – Cellar Dweller
Mav – Ocean Phantom
Sabre – Dojo
Autumn – Pair of Grins

Bangers & Mash

Can we talk about how exciting today is?! Well okay not that exciting, I do love to exaggerate, but exciting enough when you’ve been inquiring about a track to no avail and you finally have a breakthrough. 😉

There’s this Survival tune that I’ve been loving since I heard it on Sabre’s Pyro Radio Mix. It’s the ultimate banger. Sabre said he had forgotten the name of it and then it seemed like other’s kept playing it and wouldn’t say what it was called. Fortunately I now I have the name of it and I can add it to my scroll of tracks that I’m waiting for. It’s called The Right Way and it’s on his Audiotactics page and I obviously didn’t look that hard for the name of the track cuz I’m pretty sure that tune has been up there the whole time. *sigh* Gimme a break, I have a short attention span. I never look for stuff for too long because I space out and forget and start doing something else.

I’m going to Seminar tonight. Sable Gray/Memory Trace is playing.

Sorry this is just a quick post. The work pile doesn’t seem to be letting up yet. Breaksblog hasn’t been posting mixes as often as they usually do. I’ll check out this Wilsh one though.

Wilsh Jungle Train

Chris Inperspective – It’s Been Fine {Dub}
Macc – Boomer {Immerse Dub}
Buzz – Subsonic {Dub}
Saburuko – Latency (Insight remix) {Horizons Dub}
June Miller – Malkovich {Dub}
Wilsh – Deep Set {Dub}
Madcap – Red October {Fokuz Dub}
Wilsh & Physikal – Outsource {Dub}
Seba & Krazy – Inkasso {Secret Operations)
Soul Delay – Ustad {Subtle Audio}
Shogun – Nautilus {Renegade Recordings 1996}
Phuture T – Singularity {Dub}
Instra:mental – Rogue {Darkestral}
Amplicon – My Nerves {Dub}
Nympho & Proxima – Headless Housefly {Frequency}
Dance Conspiracy – Dub War (A bootleg remix!!)