Windex Used To Be My Best Friend…

I’ve been really enjoying these days off. I have the apartment to myself as my roomate is out of town and I’m actually just loving the alone time.

My place reached a point where even after you straighten up it still seems dirty so I’ve been doing a thorough cleaning. I went to the supermarket and got really into buying all these great supplies. I used to just use windex to clean everything in my apartment when I was like 19. Now I’m super into the results of new cleaning supplies. Mildew remover, lysol bathroom cleaner, clorox disinfectant wipes, vanish, the list is endless but the end result is a shiny, happy clean place. It’s so clean I almost don’t want to touch anything. Hee hee.

The best part about cleaning was that I got to listen to mix after mix after mix. I think I’m all caught up now. Side note, that Marcus Intalex mix is a great mix to clean your place to!! So is that Sabre Pyro mix. There’s a Survival tune on the Sabre mix that I’m really digging but Sabre doesn’t say the name of it so I guess I’ll just have to hope I hear it again some time soon.

I was cleaning for so long I started running out of mixes that I wanted listen to so I started go back looking for old gems that I had downloaded but never listened to. I found the Bcee Spearhead podcast from March and it’s lovely. It has some bits from Redeyes’ upcoming album. I was quite in love with his track “I Live” on Creative Source. There’s also some stuff from the Moodswings LP on there. I really do like Spearhead Records. They have some really good releases.

I also saw that Zero T was on Bailey’s show on 1xtra, so I’ll definitely be checking that one out.

Hopefully it’s nice and sunny wherever you are and you can enjoy the holiday.


Spearhead March Podcast 3/18/08

Bailey Feat. Zero T @ 1xtra Intabeats 5/21/08

Influx UK – Take My – Formation
Utah Jazz – Back In Time – Liquid V
Matt Doubt – Stop On By (NexGen)
The Invaderz – All The People (Liquid V)
It’s Jazzy – Roni Size (Nu Tone Rmx) (V)
Iron Hands – Cripple Fight (Muzik Hertz)
DJ Vapour – Shut Up (White)

***Zero T In The Mix***
Zero T -Why Would You (CIA)
Zero T Ft Beta 2 & Steo – Inside Man (CIA)
Zero T Ft Icicle & Steo – Go For Yours (CIA) *Exclusive*
Zero T – Angel Heart (CIA)
Zero T Ft Mosus – Headspace – DUB *Exclusive*
Zero T F Steo – Refusal (Calibre Rmx) –(Integral) *Exclusive*
Zero T Ft Alix Perez – Thrgads (CIA)
J Rawls Ft Middlechild – Music Over Madness (Zero T Rmx)
Lemon D – I Can’t Stop (Zero T Rmx) (V)
Zero T Ft Conrad – Morning Sex (CIA) *Exclusive*

*** End Of Zero T Set**

Zero T Ft Bailey – Robots (CIA)
Jubei & Tyrone – Tremor (Invaderz Transmissions)
Goldie Ft Jenna G – Lettin Go (Metalheadz)
Selector Moldy – Assassin (Counter Intelligence)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Special (White)
Shy FX Ft Bailey – Lion Sound (White)


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