It’s Jazzy

I totally didn’t know Zero T had an album coming out. That’s definitely something to look forward to. I haven’t finished listening to that Bailey mix but I liked what I heard so far. Something I didn’t like on the mix though was that Nu:Tone “It’s Jazzy” remix. It’s the fifth track in. Eek. I like Nu:Tone but that track is very sacred to me. It was one of the first records I ever bought and one of the first ones I learned to match beats with and I just don’t think that remix does it justice. 😦 On a nicer note though I really do like Balaclava. That’s a sweet track.

I saw that Ill Logic & Raf have a new track coming on Double Zero Recordings. Be Free/Smash Daddy. I think I missed the promo round but hopefully will pick up the full release. I miss Ill Logic & Raf. I was a big fan of the Syracuse EP.Β  I’m glad they’ve got some new stuff coming out.

Found this Dan Marshall mix. I’m not as crazy about that “Crazy” track as everyone else is but I do like some of his other stuff.

Pretty chill day today, just working diligently and listening to music. Depressed about the weather going back to 55 degrees but I’m not gonna harp about it. Sometimes there is such thing as too much complaining. πŸ˜‰


Dan Marshall & Props – LIve @ Aperture (Cardiff UK) May 16, 2008


  1. Bad Company – Colonies [BC]
  2. Break & Hydro – Immaculate [QUARANTINE]
  3. Stress Level & TC1 – Indigo Run [DISPATCH/HORIZONS]
  4. Dan Marshall & Fluxem – Blue Chicane [DUB]
  5. DJ Spectrum – I Need You [DUB]
  6. Cybass & Qumulus – In The Sunshine (Remix) [DUB]
  7. Icicle & Switch – Do I Move You? [LUCKY DEVIL]
  8. Mutt & Outlook – Dreams [XTINCTION AGENDA]
  9. Dan Marshall – Words Can’t Explain [DUB]
  10. Saburuko – Stay [SONOROUS DUB]
  11. Breakage – Forgot The Name [CYANTIFIC WAX]
  12. Peyo & Cloud Nine – That’s What You Do To Me (Random Movement Remix) [BLU SAPHIR]
  13. D-Kay & Kasra – Babylon [CRITICAL]
  14. Logistics – Together [HOSPITAL]
  15. Sci Phi – No One [RUBIK]
  16. Cause 4 Concern – Research [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
  17. Decem – Don’t Sleep [BIOS DUB]
    >> Snoop Dogg Acapella
  18. Mixmaster Doc – Renegade Master (Remix) [DUB]
  19. D Bridge – Pipe Dreams [BINGO]
  20. Naibu – Back Engineering [AVALANCHE]
  21. Zero Tolerance feat. Steo – Walk Away [CIA]
  22. Dan Marshall & Mixmaster Doc – Exodus VIP [DUB]
    >> DJ Zinc – 138 Trek [BINGO]
  23. Zero Tolerance – The Original R [CIA]
  24. Silent Witness & Break – Invasion [No U TURN]
  25. Atlantic Connection – The Frighteners [WESTBAY]
  26. Dan Marshall & Prime8 – Entity [DUB]
  27. Lomax – Dil Cushi [CRITICAL DUB]
  28. Instra:mental – Rogue [DARKESTRAL]
  29. Seba & Krazy – Consciousness [SECRET OPERATIONS]
  30. Lynx & Aaron Jay – The Mule [31 DUB]
  31. Mixmaster Doc & Focus – Strike At The Wind [DUB]

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