I’m quite the miserable cow today. I had a crap night last night and don’t really have anything exciting to say.

Don’t know the dj on the mix but I do like Dkay, so that’s enough for me to take a listen. I have an unnecessarily large pic of Dkay that my old roomate Kali blew up and printed on my bookcase in my place…. bah come on, we think he’s cute! šŸ˜‰

Dkay 1 hour mix


D Kay – Rain
D Kay – Devotion
D Kay – Serenade
D Kay – Interlude
D Kay & Lee – One Nation
D Kay & Epsilon – Barcelona (High Contrast Remix)
London Elektricity – Out of This World (D Kay Remix)
D Kay – Planet Music
D Kay – Tuning
D.Kay & Kasra_- Spider
D Kay & Epsilon – Platinum
D Kay & Lee – Wax’d
D Kay & Lee – Desire
D Kay & Rawfull – B There 4 U
D Kay & Blacksun Empire – Bullet In The Head


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