Music Melee

Sometimes my mind gets lost in music world and I’m not quite sure what it is that I really want to listen to. My 17 year love affair with dnb is still going strong but there are days where I don’t feel like listening to it. Also I stepped on my ipod dock and broke it and now I can’t put any new mixes on there until i go get a new one. Surprisingly I still am shocked that the ipod isn’t broken yet but the dock isn’t expensive to replace so I don’t mind paying for a new one. So basically I’ve been listening to the same mixes all week…. *shudder* “Oh the horror!”

I do know that silence isn’t one of my choices of what to listen to though. Not that I have a problem with silence, (others may beg to differ since I am that person that never shuts up) I just think that it’s nice to have music as a soundtrack to tedious activities. Since activities that one usually takes part in during the work day are usually tedious, music is a welcomed addition.

My best friend’s wife made a comment once about how I always have to have music on and I was genuinely shocked that she found it strange. I guess I never think that other people don’t automatically put music on when they have a free moment. I just assumed that’s what everybody does it since I do know that there aren’t many people who don’t like music. I don’t have any stats on that but I feel like it’s safe to make that assumption.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Roll Deep today. Don’t ask me why because I don’t have a proper answer. *shrugs* Sometimes you just have to be ruff and tuff and become a grime emcee I guess. “Celebrate That” is one of my faves. I’m actually looking forward to the Bass Goes Boom show next weekend with Chef. I haven’t been in town for the last two so it’ll be nice to make an appearance.

Anyways I guess dubstep is the genre choice for the afternoon a la Plastician and Nomad.


Plastician & Nomad 5/26/08


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