Radio GaGa

Remember that Queen song?  Classic.

I have so much fun listening to online radio at work.  I tune into Bassdrive.  I listen to 1xtra.  It’s great to be able to actually hear music you like on the radio.  I just listen to the regular everyday shows on 1xtra and the djs are great and the music is well rounded and good.  Radio in America…  I really don’t have anything good to say about it.  It’s so fucking rubbish.  I can’t even remember the last time I turned on the radio in my car.  It’s all terrible.  Thank god for the internet.

I bought some more records today. *shakes head* I’m a pretty disciplined adult.  I’m really responsible about budgeting and all that shit.  Then payday comes and it all goes out the window cuz all I wanna do is spend my money on tracks.

Still in same ipod situation as yesterday, so I don’t really have any new mixes to big up.  I’ve just been steady listening to Bassdrive cuz you can’t go wrong there. 😉

I found this Physics mix that I’ll burn when I get home.


Physics Live @ Basso FM – May 11, 2008


01. Calibre – Try [CRITICAL]
02. Visionary – Rockers Rock [HORIZONS]
03. Smote – Living Soul [RED MIST DUB]
04. The Insiders & Soul Intent – 128 miles [MAC II DUB]
05. Mindscape & SKC – ???
06. SPY – ???
07. Eveson – Hotwax [CHANNEL 82 DUB]
08. Logistics – Dreams [HOSPITAL]
09. Donnie Dubson – ???
10. Greg Packer – Hi Tension [INTERPHASE DUB]
11. Physics – Spellbound [MAC II DUB]
12. Atlantic Connection – Situations (Stress Level & TC 1 Remix) [DISPATCH]
13. Mutt – Draw On Me [SPEARHEAD]
14. Stunna & Kubatko – ???


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