Original Sin Kiki

There’s an Original Sin Cider pin up contest at work today so I reckon it will be a fun shift at least.

Jubei & Alix PerezUntitled
I’ve been loving this one for a minute.  I don’t know if the track is untitled, or is titled untitled…  LOL.  Whatever it is I love it. 🙂

Today’s Oldie:
High ContrastMagicHospital Records 2005

PhysicsBeatniks Show @ Basso FM 09/17/2010


01. Mr Joseph -True Love-Fizzy Beats
02. BCee & Spy-is anybody out there?-Spearhead
03. Bungle-The Source-Innerground
04. Grado&Janky-The Flow-White
05. Savage Rehab-Tiger Moth-V Recordings
06. Atom-Dolly-Sonorous
07. Seba & Physics-Before I Can BReathe-Secret operations
08. Data-The Black Padoga-metalheadz
09. Trisector-Failsafe-DUb
10. Seba & Physics – ?
11. Eveson-Marley-Spearhead
12. Mr Joseph-Rodigan-White
13. Total Science & riya-Redlines-CIA
14. Electro Soul System-Doom Star-Kos Mos Music
15. Zyz & Ruffen & Oak – ?
16. Physics-Last Breath-Midnight Sun
17. Outrage & KIrsty Hawksaw – ?
18. Seba-Never Let You Go-Warm Communications
19. Spy-By Your Side-Spearhead
20. Furney-Delasoul-Dub
21. Chris Inperspective-Herb Minus-Nu Directions
22. John Legend & The Roots – The Fire

Whirlwind Kiki

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday.  I was trying to get myself back in gear after my trip.  It was quite busy and went by so fast.

The rave was pure insanity.  It was like it was 1995 yet I was 33 not 19.  I had a blast though.  My set was awesome and it was really great seeing my crew.  I couldn’t believe how many kids were there.  One candy raver ridiculously adorned in about 25 candy necklaces asked me if this was my first rave.  When I replied that I was 33 so no, he responded with “what were raves like back then?”  LOL.  Yes people I am a geriatric. 😉

I had a really good time with all my Minneapolis people too.  Went trick or treating with my friends kiddies and they were adorable.

I have a bunch of mixes to catch up on so I don’t really have any tunes for you just yet.

Today’s Oldie:
Matrix & FierceClimateMetro Recordings 2000

PhysicsDOA Promo Mix


01. Physics – Talk The Talk – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)
02. The Burbs – South London Sound – Brand:Nu Plate
03. Soul Intent – Babel – ?
04. Friction & K-Tee – Set It Off
05. Physics – Life Ending – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)
06. Resound – Kindred Mind – ?
07. Physics – Lifeline – Vampire Records
08. Mr. Joseph – She Drives Me Mad – ?
09. Bcee – Goat Tickler – Spearhead
10. Physics – Feelings – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)
11. Eveson – Without You – ?
12. Physics – Born Again – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)
13. Smote – Deeply In My Soul – ?
14. Mr. Joseph – The Final Points – ?
15. Physics – End Of An Era – Midnight Sun (Life In Cycles LP)

Carpal Tunnel Kiki

I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome.  Boo.  It is actually more painful and annoying than I had imagined it would be.  I could whine forever but I’ll spare you.

I actually had a pretty good weekend.   Friday was Bass Goes Boom’s second anniversary and 16 Bit were the headliners.  Party boys indeed.  Good times.

Saturday I reconnected with my old old friend as she was passing through Chicago.  I hadn’t seen her in years.  The best friendships are definitely the ones where even though you may not see each other all the time, you are still able to pick up as if you just saw each other the day before. 🙂

Sunday I spent bumming around with Reisha and Jessica.  Had some drinks, made some food, got a cute clutch at this vintage sale.  Perfectly lazy yet pleasant day.

My L.A. trip is this week.  I’m happy  to get out of Chi.  I keep having the urge to just go on holiday.  Who cares where!  I just want to travel.  I’m obviously just restless.

Mikal – Just Disappears (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj SappoSquatRinse Out 1995

PhysicsJune 09 Promo Mix


01.Lynx&Kemo – Global Enemies (Physics remix)
02.Dirrrty B – Circles On The SurFace – Dub
03.Resound – Kindred Mind – Horizons dub
04.Smote – Genteel Poverty – Good Looking
05.Physics – Future Planet – Dub
06.Mr Joseph – Back On Earth – Dub
07.Chris Inperspective – Enter C – Midnight Sun
08.Atom – Breath In – ?
09.Calibre – Try – Critical
10.Scientist – Lost Kiss – Dub
11.Stunna & Place 42 – Run
12.Furney – Life Begins at 40 – Good Looking
13.Smote – Silence – Telluric Recordings
14.Physics – End Of An Era – Dub
15.LM1&Operon – Crazy Nights – Midnight Sun
16.Soul Intent – Orbit – Midnight Sun

Dirty Kiki

Dirty Diana is one of my favourite Michael Jackson tunes.  Lovesit.  I mean when we’re talking Michael Jackson there are loads of tunes but I love me some Dirty Diana.  I remember making up some weirdo gymnastics routine for it when I was a kid cuz I hated using the music that was usually supplied for my floor routines, so I would just create routines out of the instrumentals of tunes I liked.  I guarantee you the only people that were entertained by me rolling around on the floor and doing leap jumps to Dirty Diana were my parents.

Why are we talking about Michael?  This super cute store, Kokorokoko, just opened up like 4 doors down from my place (I live on a busy main street) and I got this red leather jacket that reminds me of Michael Jackson in Beat It.  I said reminds me, so don’t go thinking I’m gonna be rocking some white glove a la some MJ fan circa 1983.  Anyways it’s just too cute so I felt compelled to write about it. 😉

Still sick.  Boo.  My best friend is coming this weekend so this ish needs to be gone asap.

Final Seminar tonight.

Madmen & PoetsAfraid Of Jazz (Lenzman Remix)

Craggz & Parallel ForcesWomen

Today’s Oldie:
M.I.S.TOuterspaceSoul:R 2003
I was listening to one of my old mixes this morning and this was on there.  This never stops being an awesome tune.  It’s newer than some of the other oldies but still an amazing track.  The way it rides in when you mix it is so awesome.  Lovesit.

PhysicsMarch Mix 2009


Cern – Eastern Gates – Samurai music dub
Electrosoul System&Sunchase – Alluvion
Smote – Deeply In My Soul – ?
Data – Muted – Metalheadz dub
Physics – Back To The Day – Dub
Physics – Dreamworld (D-Bridge rmx) – Blindside
Seba – Planetary Funk Alert 2008 – Good Looking?
Atom – Breath In – ?
K-Dan- Particle Collision – ?
Phil Source & System – Fearless – Vampire
Physics – Lifeline – Vampire
Atom – Dolly – Sonorous Digital
Physics – Revolution – Telluric
Jem One – Stalker – Metalheadz?
Muffler – Mankind – ?

Just Like I Like It

I’ve been listening to techno for the past couple of days. They have that As You Like It mix of Claude Young’s from back in the day on the Internet Rave Archive and I pretty much lost my mind. I was so into that mix. I remember it was quite a sad day for me when my tape player ate the tape. For all you old skoolers you should definitely check out the site. There are soooo many good mixes on there from our rave tape pack days.

Right now I’m listening to an Optical mix that I gave Dan to add to the site. Socom is on. That was another one of my faves for a really really long time. It came out during my obsession with Optical phase. That phase lasted a ridiculously long time. LOL. I couldn’t help it. Ed Rush and Optical had a really long run going at that time and I loved every track. I’m gonna have to dig out Socom when I get home.

Speaking of Ed Rush and Optical, I saw there’s another remix of Pacman… Meh. Nothing to write home about. It’s not even remotely close to being as awesome as the Ram Trilogy Remix or the original.

Talk about bloody miserable day huh? Rainy, cloudy. All I’ve wanted to do all day is lie on my couch and watch telly and I’ll be doing exactly that tonight.


PhysicsDigital Tunes Show @ Basso FM 08/30/08


01. Data – Encore – Deep Soul Music Dub
02. Smote & Gabanna – Slowly Down – Midnight Sun dub
03. Survival – Warnings – Dispatch Dub
04. Atom – Dolly – Sonorous Music
05. Soul Intent – Loved – dub
06. Physics – Send Your Neighbour to Space – Dub
07. Nookie – Stone Groove – Phuzion dub?
08. Trisector – Love Stays – Dub
09. A-Sides – One Love – Metalheadz dub
10. Physics&Keza – Insomnia – Dub
11. The Burbs – South London Sound – Metalheadz
12. Eveson – Spirit Song (Silent Witness rmx) – Digital Tunes
13. Nookie – Sunset Over Sopot – Phuzion dub?
14. Mijatoho – Jazgal – Jerona Fruits
15. Furney – Forward Bound – Camino Blue
16. Physics & C.A.B.L.E – Deep Down Inside – Dub

I Object Your Honor

The one thing about my job is if one person doesn’t come to work it fucks up everything for the other lawyers.  Each lawyer has their own assistant so if they don’t show up they are fucked and have to find someone else to do their work.  There’s only 4 employees at my firm.  1 of them is out sick.  Now I’ve got a bunch of shit on top of my other shit and it’s actually not hard stuff to do, it’s just that it makes for a really long fucking day and it’s only 9 am. *sigh*

I’ve been listening to that Format mix that I posted before that had all the new Zero T tracks on it over and over for the past couple of days.  Dnb is really great to work out to, so that’s been my elliptical machine mix.  I’ve actually been listening to some of the same mixes on repeat for the past 5 days so I feel like I don’t have that much to report in the new tracks department.  I feel like when I listen to Bassdrive today I might have some stuff to discuss cuz that’s where I’ve been hearing all my new shit lately.

One that sticks out is that Dave Owen – On Point tune.  Definitely digging that one.  It’s just a party tune.  I don’t know why I didn’t write about that one before because I’ve actually been into it for the past month.  I don’t have a sample sorry.  I’m loving Tyler Straub’s stuff too.  Easy Does It?  That’s a complete summer jam.

I could rant forever but I’ve got a bunch of work to do.

Method One is at Seminar today.  It’s him and Submorphics.  I’m looking forward to good music and my friends.  Shout out to Greg, play Desperate Times dammit. 😉


PhysicsLive @ Basso FM 6.21.08


01. Alix Perez – Stray – Shogun Audio
02. Physics – Dreamworld (D-bridge Remix) – Blindside
03. DJ ATP – unknown – ?
04. Human Factor – Misery – Dreamsound Dub
05. Saburuko – Love Sensation – ?
06. Smote – Living Soul – Red Mist?
07. Eveson – Hotwax – Channel 82
08. Physics – Love Forever – Dub
09. Human Factor – Sunnyside – Good Looking
10. ??
11. Physics – Race Car Driver – Vibez dub
12. Logistics – Dreams – Hospital
13. DJ ATP – Dreaming – Liquid Brilliants
14. Mark Slavin – Insomniac – Dub
15. Physics&S.P.Y – Miles Above – Blindside Dub
16. Soul Intent – Kings Roller – ??
17. Physics&S.P.Y – Urban Assault – Dub
18. Peyo&Cloud Nine – That`s what You Do To Me (Random Movment Rmx)- Blu Saphire

Radio GaGa

Remember that Queen song?  Classic.

I have so much fun listening to online radio at work.  I tune into Bassdrive.  I listen to 1xtra.  It’s great to be able to actually hear music you like on the radio.  I just listen to the regular everyday shows on 1xtra and the djs are great and the music is well rounded and good.  Radio in America…  I really don’t have anything good to say about it.  It’s so fucking rubbish.  I can’t even remember the last time I turned on the radio in my car.  It’s all terrible.  Thank god for the internet.

I bought some more records today. *shakes head* I’m a pretty disciplined adult.  I’m really responsible about budgeting and all that shit.  Then payday comes and it all goes out the window cuz all I wanna do is spend my money on tracks.

Still in same ipod situation as yesterday, so I don’t really have any new mixes to big up.  I’ve just been steady listening to Bassdrive cuz you can’t go wrong there. 😉

I found this Physics mix that I’ll burn when I get home.


Physics Live @ Basso FM – May 11, 2008


01. Calibre – Try [CRITICAL]
02. Visionary – Rockers Rock [HORIZONS]
03. Smote – Living Soul [RED MIST DUB]
04. The Insiders & Soul Intent – 128 miles [MAC II DUB]
05. Mindscape & SKC – ???
06. SPY – ???
07. Eveson – Hotwax [CHANNEL 82 DUB]
08. Logistics – Dreams [HOSPITAL]
09. Donnie Dubson – ???
10. Greg Packer – Hi Tension [INTERPHASE DUB]
11. Physics – Spellbound [MAC II DUB]
12. Atlantic Connection – Situations (Stress Level & TC 1 Remix) [DISPATCH]
13. Mutt – Draw On Me [SPEARHEAD]
14. Stunna & Kubatko – ???