Carpal Tunnel Kiki

I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome.  Boo.  It is actually more painful and annoying than I had imagined it would be.  I could whine forever but I’ll spare you.

I actually had a pretty good weekend.   Friday was Bass Goes Boom’s second anniversary and 16 Bit were the headliners.  Party boys indeed.  Good times.

Saturday I reconnected with my old old friend as she was passing through Chicago.  I hadn’t seen her in years.  The best friendships are definitely the ones where even though you may not see each other all the time, you are still able to pick up as if you just saw each other the day before. 🙂

Sunday I spent bumming around with Reisha and Jessica.  Had some drinks, made some food, got a cute clutch at this vintage sale.  Perfectly lazy yet pleasant day.

My L.A. trip is this week.  I’m happy  to get out of Chi.  I keep having the urge to just go on holiday.  Who cares where!  I just want to travel.  I’m obviously just restless.

Mikal – Just Disappears (track is in player)

Today’s Oldie:
Dj SappoSquatRinse Out 1995

PhysicsJune 09 Promo Mix


01.Lynx&Kemo – Global Enemies (Physics remix)
02.Dirrrty B – Circles On The SurFace – Dub
03.Resound – Kindred Mind – Horizons dub
04.Smote – Genteel Poverty – Good Looking
05.Physics – Future Planet – Dub
06.Mr Joseph – Back On Earth – Dub
07.Chris Inperspective – Enter C – Midnight Sun
08.Atom – Breath In – ?
09.Calibre – Try – Critical
10.Scientist – Lost Kiss – Dub
11.Stunna & Place 42 – Run
12.Furney – Life Begins at 40 – Good Looking
13.Smote – Silence – Telluric Recordings
14.Physics – End Of An Era – Dub
15.LM1&Operon – Crazy Nights – Midnight Sun
16.Soul Intent – Orbit – Midnight Sun


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