I Object Your Honor

The one thing about my job is if one person doesn’t come to work it fucks up everything for the other lawyers.  Each lawyer has their own assistant so if they don’t show up they are fucked and have to find someone else to do their work.  There’s only 4 employees at my firm.  1 of them is out sick.  Now I’ve got a bunch of shit on top of my other shit and it’s actually not hard stuff to do, it’s just that it makes for a really long fucking day and it’s only 9 am. *sigh*

I’ve been listening to that Format mix that I posted before that had all the new Zero T tracks on it over and over for the past couple of days.  Dnb is really great to work out to, so that’s been my elliptical machine mix.  I’ve actually been listening to some of the same mixes on repeat for the past 5 days so I feel like I don’t have that much to report in the new tracks department.  I feel like when I listen to Bassdrive today I might have some stuff to discuss cuz that’s where I’ve been hearing all my new shit lately.

One that sticks out is that Dave Owen – On Point tune.  Definitely digging that one.  It’s just a party tune.  I don’t know why I didn’t write about that one before because I’ve actually been into it for the past month.  I don’t have a sample sorry.  I’m loving Tyler Straub’s stuff too.  Easy Does It?  That’s a complete summer jam.

I could rant forever but I’ve got a bunch of work to do.

Method One is at Seminar today.  It’s him and Submorphics.  I’m looking forward to good music and my friends.  Shout out to Greg, play Desperate Times dammit. 😉


PhysicsLive @ Basso FM 6.21.08


01. Alix Perez – Stray – Shogun Audio
02. Physics – Dreamworld (D-bridge Remix) – Blindside
03. DJ ATP – unknown – ?
04. Human Factor – Misery – Dreamsound Dub
05. Saburuko – Love Sensation – ?
06. Smote – Living Soul – Red Mist?
07. Eveson – Hotwax – Channel 82
08. Physics – Love Forever – Dub
09. Human Factor – Sunnyside – Good Looking
10. ??
11. Physics – Race Car Driver – Vibez dub
12. Logistics – Dreams – Hospital
13. DJ ATP – Dreaming – Liquid Brilliants
14. Mark Slavin – Insomniac – Dub
15. Physics&S.P.Y – Miles Above – Blindside Dub
16. Soul Intent – Kings Roller – ??
17. Physics&S.P.Y – Urban Assault – Dub
18. Peyo&Cloud Nine – That`s what You Do To Me (Random Movment Rmx)- Blu Saphire


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