I Hate You..

And by you I mean everyone and everything. Well not really. I’m just really tired and in a bit of a strop. I’ve been overexerting myself lately and I feel like my body and mind are not happy with me. I need some serious meditation time.

I’ve been scouring the new releases. Ugh, there’s a pretty horrible Lifting Spirits tune on the list. Sad. I used to really like Lifting Spirits. Not anymore I guess. There was an Atlantic Connection release with Lynx. I thought it was okay, nothing mind boggling though. I actually really like a lot of AC tracks, but I think Water is one of my tops for sure. It’s one of my “I’m depressed” tracks that I love to listen to. Sometimes when I’m a bit down in the dumps I just need some melancholy dnb to accompany in my misery. There was also a Q Project on the list. Meh. I used to be totally obsessed with Q Project. I felt like he had a really good run for a while a couple of years back. That’s totally my personality. I’m quite the extremist. It’s kinda all or nothing for me. I’ll be super into something and exhaust it to all ends and then just eliminate it from my life.

Man, I’m totally Negative Nelly today.

I won’t inflict my crabbiness on you any longer. Storm should get me back on track. She’s awesome and one of my faves.

Eternally yours,

Sourpuss Sally

Storm DOA Mix June 2008


01. Alix Perez – Crooklyn (Allegiance ep) [Soul R]
02. The Invaderz – 32 Bit-Bass [Invaderz]
03. Blame – Stay Forever [Charge Recordings]
04. Nu:Tone – Troopers [Brand Nu]
05. Calibre – Overeaction (Overflow LP) [Signature]
06. Utah Jazz – Rhythm Track (It’s Jazzy LP) [Liquid V]
07. Lynx & Alix Perez – Allegiance (Allegiance EP) [Soul R]
08. Zero Tolerance – Walk Away (Cheapshots LP) [CIA]
09. Lynx – Randy (Allegiance EP) [Soul R]
10. Breakz – Headz Up [Metalheadz]
11. Goldie – Lovers Deity (Memoirs Of An Afterlife LP) [Metalheadz]
12. Goldie – Letting go (A.I. Remix) [Metalheadz]
13. Break – No Going Back [Revolution Recordings]
14. Dkay & Lee – Wax’d (DKay remix) [Metalheadz]
15. Lenzman – Ever So Slightly [Dubplate]
16. Jem 1 -The Red Mist [36th Chamber]
17. Spirit – Connected [Inneractive]
18. Mc System – Pressure Release [Dubplate]
19. Q Project – Why [Machine Funk]
20. Subwave – Dreamcatcher [Metalheadz]


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