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I’m digging that Lynx tune Envy on Sonorous.

No amazing dnb insights today.  I’m just too busy and the overload of work is making me crabby.  I’m not as crabby as I was yesterday, just a bit miffed that’s all.  I’m so happy that the weekend is finally here and I can relax.  Yay.

Stunna turned me on to his buddy Ros’s mix.  Check it out.


Homework by ROS


FURNEY – You Must Stand Still (dub)
ESS – So Close (fokuz dub)
OPERON ft. STEPH LEES – Futility Man /vip/ (golden orb dub)
LENZMAN & SUBMORPHIC – Heat Of The Night (dub)
CLART – No Soul (dub)
WELL BEING – Lend Me Your Troubles (fokuz dub)
AK – Take me (dub)
AKIRA – Only You (dub)
SABBIA – Rhythm Blows My Mind /NOOKIE rmx/ (addiction dub)
LENZMAN – Diamond In The Rough (dub)
PAPA G – She Knew (phuzion dub)
OPERON – It Is What It Isnt (dub)
HOBZEE & ZYON (fokuz dub)


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