I work six days a week, monday thru friday at my 9 to 5 and every saturday at adidas.   When sunday gets here I try my hardest to be the laziest person ever.  Most of the time I succeed quite beautifully.  Yesterday I was in rare form.  I’m pretty sure I laid in my bed watching tv online for about 5 hours.  That’s what happens when you find a whole series online and it’s actually good and you really can’t find anything better to do with your time. 😉

I’m actually having a pretty chill day today.  It’s a lot easier to get shit done when you’re in a good mood.

Here’s Some tracks I’m loving…

ModemellowCodian Moon

Atlantic ConnectionTrue Love [I can’t seem to find an mp3 that doesn’t sound shitty and crackly:(]

Valiant & PouyaFeel The Flow

BBS Bookings Podcast has my friend Pipeline on it.  I already listened to it and I love it.  I have reached that point on my ipod where I need to add some new ish so this will be a welcomed delight.

Toodloo for now

BBS Bookings Podcast #10 – Pipeline


01. Chase & Status – Take Me Away

02. Spectrasoul – Dark Hour

03. Survival – Forget Tomorrow

04. London Electricity – Southeastern Dream

05. Saburuko – Clintos Basement

06. Marky & Makoto – Secret Place

07. Blu Mar Ten – Head Hunter

08. Blu Mar Ten – Starting Over

09. Trei & Dose – The Other Part Of Me

10. State Of Mind & Chris Su – Flawless

11. C4C – Dropout

12. Phace – Rehabilitation

13. Phobia – Hatcher

14. Fortress feat. Generic – Lurkers

15. Psidream & Pacific – Run Away

16. Fortress – Captivity

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