Oi! F Ur Bike

I have quite the affinity towards grime. There’s something about it that is so much like my secondary school days in London that I just love it. Me and Brandon were talking about More Fire Crew’s Oi! the other day and it totally made me think of the Sway and $tush video of F Ur X that I’d been meaning to post for a while. I just kinda spaced it but I was listening to the song this morning and decided it was a proper way to start my day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sway feat $tush – F Ur X

Mo Fire Crew – Oi!

I completely fucked my leg up on my bike yesterday. I have old school pedals and it was one of the things I need to change out but haven’t gotten around to it.ย  Yesterday was my warning cuz I scraped the fuck out of my calf.ย  It went pretty deep and all the way up my leg and there was blood everywhere. It hurt pretty bad but I figured it wasn’t that big of a deal and I could moan about it for a minute but when I woke up this morning my leg is really badly bruised and very swollen and I can barely walk on it. Lame.

Overfiend is in Chicago this week. He’s playing at Seminar tonight alongside my bff Pipeline, so if you’re around you should come hang out at Lava, should be good times. ๐Ÿ™‚

Busy work day. Hopefully I can get into the Spirit of actually being productive… yeah yeah, pun intended, sometimes it’s necesary to be silly and unfunny, you can’t be perfect all the time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spirit @ Icon 06.14.08

01. Goldie – Lettin Go (A.I. Remix)
02. Phobia – Voltage
03. Spinline – Secret Mission
04. Amit – Dual sense – Commercial Suicide
05. Break – Destiny comes Ringing – commercial Suicide
06. A-sides – Tokiado
07. Marcus Intalex – Konspiracy
08. Spirit – Rendition – Inneractive
09. Proxima & Nymfo – Secret Lab
10. Phobia – Spooks
11. Kraken – Side Effects – Underfire
12. Keaton & Hive – The Plague (Hive remix) – Hardware
13. Spirit – 1471 – Inneractive
14. DJ Vapour – Karma Club – Inneractive
15. Vapour Vs Serum – True Calling
16. Icicle – Spartan – Shogun
17. C4C – Sleeper Cell (C4C)
18. Break – Groundwork – Commercial Suicide
19. Keaton & Hive – Bring It On – Violence
20. Tactile – Mekanik
21. Chris Su – Exodus – Inneractive
22. Total Science – Donโ€™t Lose Your Head
23. Phobia & Jubei – Overdub
24. Phobia & Jubei – Guillotine
25. Jonny L – Wish u Had Something (Jonny L Remix) – XL
26. C4C – Dropout (C4C)
27. Goldie – Monkey Boy (Doc Scott Remix)

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