That’s what I’m doing. Sleeping, being bored, sleeping some more…. all with my eyes open and sitting at my desk and lurking in the Bassdrive chatroom. I should draw eyes on my eyelids like Martin did in Knocked Up.

Sorry for the crap post. Just not on it today I guess. Hopefully Mav and Sabre are gritty enough to help me make it to 4:30.


Kensai – Mav vs Sabre

Mav – Divine Interaction
Icicle – That Tune
Mav – Cruise Control
Sabre – Colony Assault
Mav – Scientific Way
Silent Witness – Eternal Cycle
Mav – The Curse
Sabre – Love Is Gone
Mav – Special Forces
Sabre – Language Barrier
Mav – Out of the Blue
Mav & ASC – Too Deep
Autumn – Redemption
Sabre – Riverside
Mav & ASC – Skeptical
Sabre – Cellar Dweller
Mav – Ocean Phantom
Sabre – Dojo
Autumn – Pair of Grins

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